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A story about the future of housing: relationships with meaning


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A talk given to housing think tank HACT on how housing communities might look and behave in 10 years time, from the impact of technology and network thinking to relationships and shared purpose.

*Narrative in the notes section, all photos courtesy of Flickr users, creative commons licence - see notes for attribution.*

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A story about the future of housing: relationships with meaning

  1. 1. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsA story about thefuture of housing:relationships withmeaningMax St John / @maxwellstjohn / 01273 764023
  2. 2. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsIntroducing the communityof Fiveways Quarter, 2025
  3. 3. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsSocial network and socialcapital thinking is their DNA
  4. 4. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsRapid prototyping is justhow they get things done
  5. 5. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsRealtime, crowd-sourcedfeedback is built in
  6. 6. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsRadically differentrelationshipsRelationships are supportive,enabling, adult, accountable
  7. 7. HACT | Radically Different RelationshipsPurpose drivenbusinessPurpose driven businesscreates shared responsibility