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Creating the world of Gen Y


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A talk delivered to Youth to Business, part of AIESEC's International Congress and 65th year celebrations.

What are the challenges and opportunities for Gen Y in creating a better world? How does technological innovation, changing education paradigms and new forms of leadership provide a platform for positive change?

Published in: Business, Education
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Creating the world of Gen Y

  1. 1. “How are you feeling and why are you here today?”
  2. 2. My corporate zombie breakdown.
  3. 3. Positively transforming business.
  4. 4. My world changed.
  5. 5. To help others to create positive change.
  6. 6. Environmental collapse.
  7. 7. Child exploitation.
  8. 8. Systemic failure.
  9. 9. Technology is changing (us)
  10. 10. Fastest machine in the world (1964-69)
  11. 11. $99 phone. Faster, instantly connected.
  12. 12. “We are living in the network society.” Manuel Castells
  13. 13. Jack Andraka, 15. Inventor, scientist, cancer researcher.
  14. 14. (Re)educating ourselves
  15. 15. The de-industrialisation of learning.
  16. 16. Taking education back, making it human.
  17. 17. Learning as massively open and online.
  18. 18. Leadership everywhere.
  19. 19. Management is not leadership.
  20. 20. Participative, situational leadership.
  21. 21. MalalaYousafzai, 16. Blogger, education campaigner, leader.
  22. 22. Over to you.
  23. 23. “What is your role in creating the change that the world needs from Gen Y, right now?”
  24. 24. You’re a steward for these guys.