Sarah Meek | Empower Older Adults


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Sarah Meek | Empower Older Adults

  1. 1. Building a National Movementto Empower Older Adults
  2. 2. National Neighbors SilverSarah Meek, Program ManagerApril 18, 2012
  3. 3. National Neighbors SilverNational Neighbors Silver is a multi-yearcampaign to empower, organize and supporteconomically vulnerable older adults. Combiningadvocacy, organizing and direct service, thecampaign promotes access to responsible bankingservices and adequate housing for older adults.Working with the banking industry, aging networkand housing experts, National Neighbors Silveroffers a platform for policy and program solutions tobuild economic security and preserve wealth foraging America.
  4. 4. National Neighbors SilverNCRC: National Neighbors Silver• National Community Reinvestment Coalition – bridging networks and building on expertise• A multi-pronged approach – organizing, advocacy and direct service• Building a grassroots movement – successes, challenges and lessons
  5. 5. National Neighbors SilverThe older population expected to grow from 35 million in 2000 to 72 Add Slide Header Heremillion in 2030 and represent nearly 20% of the total U.S. population.
  6. 6. National Neighbors Silver
  7. 7. National Neighbors SilverOrganizing: Establishment of up to 15 local campaigns, including one full-timeorganizer and 5 community Ambassadors. Collectively, these community leaderswill reach thousands of older adults.Advocacy: Development of a national platform – including a federal policyagenda and an “age-friendly banking” standard.Direct Service: Direct services to older adults offered via the HousingCounseling Network and trainings for service providers, housing counselors,advocates and the broader NCRC network.
  8. 8. National Neighbor SilverNCRC: Building Our Movement
  9. 9. National Neighbors Silver
  10. 10. National Neighbors Silver
  11. 11. National Neighbors SilverPARTNER: Causa Justa :: Just Cause• Recent merger of St. Peter’s Housing and Just Cause Oakland• Helping members help themselves – activists are developed through direct serviceACTIVITIES –• Foreclosure prevention group• Tenant clinics• Auction actions to disrupt the sale of foreclosed homes• Large-scale action at Wells Fargo shareholder meeting
  12. 12. Add Presentation Title Here PARTNER: ESOP• Blended approach combining community organizing and housing counseling• Community change from the ground up – Concerned CitizensACTIVITIES –• “Arm in the community” working with Dept. of Aging• Visit from President Obama and CFPB Director Corday• Community action to address vacant properties
  13. 13. Add Presentation Title Here PARTNER: Faith Action for Community Equity• Faith-based community organizing affiliate of Gamaliel Network• Incorporating older adults into the fabric of their organizationACTIVITIES –• Equity Summit panel on senior and economic security• Covenanted Kokua Council as member unit of FACE• Racially and ethnically diverse Ambassadors
  14. 14. Add Presentation Title Here PARTNER: Jewish Community Action• Founded in 1995, uniting Jews in Minnesota in the pursuit of social and economic justice• Building organization capacityACTIVITIES –• Testimony before Federal Reserve Board opposing the acquisition of ING by Capital One• Community education and advocacy with city officials for the creation of a drop-in senior center in Minneapolis’ Northside neighborhood• Advocacy on expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to older adults
  15. 15. Add Presentation Title Here PARTNER: United Neighbors• Direct service provider and HUD- certified housing counseling agency• Asking older adults about their financial concernsACTIVITIES –• Working with local Area Agencies on Aging• Ongoing financial literacy at the Center for Active Seniors• Working with banks to provide low-interest home rehab
  16. 16. THANK YOU!To follow up with the speaker:Sarah MeekProgram Manager, National Neighbors 464-2734Presentations will be available at 30, 2012