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This Is GRIT White House Education Datapalooza Presentation


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#ThisIsGRIT is a video campaign showcasing stories of people just like yourselves, who have faced hurdles, challenges and hardships in pursuing their collegiate, professional or development education. They come from widely diverse backgrounds, their ambitions lie in different directions, but they all share something in common: they leveraged GRIT to press through their hard times and onward to success.

Years of research from world experts in psychology show GRIT to be an absolute essential element in success.

This presentation was given at the White House Datapalooza on Jan. 15th, to showcase the amazing work that our team did in just under a month, to take concept from idea to functional web product.

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This Is GRIT White House Education Datapalooza Presentation

  1. 1. Let me tell you a story…
  2. 2. ThisIsGrit.Us
  3. 3. GRIT Stories Matter “…We support the #ThisisGRIT project and are eager to collaborate in collecting and sharing stories that show how much struggle is involved in success.” --Angela Lee Duckworth, MacArthur Genius Fellow and Assistant Prof. of Psychology, UPenn
  4. 4. #GRIT is the story of all of us
  5. 5. Team GRIT Rafiki Cai Joe Black Max Song Chris Gervang Lori McGlone Omoju Miller Lingbo Li Yukhi Yamashita Ryan Atallah