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Natural fibre-composites


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Natural fibre-composites

  1. 1. Natural Fiber CompositesNatural Fiber Composites(Hemp)(Hemp)
  2. 2. HistoryHistory Plant based car inPlant based car in19401940 Henry Ford developedHenry Ford developednatural fiber-basednatural fiber-basedmaterialmaterial Hit car with axeHit car with axe Today companiesToday companiesincluding Ford areincluding Ford areputting the concept toputting the concept touseuse Ford Focus door trimFord Focus door trimpanelpanel Under hood soundUnder hood sounddampenerdampener
  3. 3. Method of ProductionMethod of Production General processGeneral process Hemp fibers cleanedHemp fibers cleaned HeatedHeated Strands of hemp areStrands of hemp areglued togetherglued together Resin can be natural orResin can be natural orsyntheticsynthetic
  4. 4. AdvantagesAdvantages LighterLighter 30% less than current materials30% less than current materials BiodegradableBiodegradable Low energy to manufactureLow energy to manufacture Excellent energy absorptionExcellent energy absorption Replace current plastics and even steelsReplace current plastics and even steels Non-ToxicNon-Toxic
  5. 5. AdvantagesAdvantages "Hemp fibers have higher strength-to-"Hemp fibers have higher strength-to-weight ratios than steel and can also beweight ratios than steel and can also beconsiderably cheaper to manufacture" -considerably cheaper to manufacture" -Alan CroskyAlan Crosky Only traces of tetrahydrocannabinolOnly traces of tetrahydrocannabinol
  6. 6. UsesUses Car bodiesCar bodies Less weight = greater fuel economyLess weight = greater fuel economy ToysToys LuggageLuggage Building materialBuilding material
  7. 7. FutureFuture By 2010 the New Jersey consulting firmBy 2010 the New Jersey consulting firmKline & Company anticipates natural fibersKline & Company anticipates natural fibersto replace a fifth of the fiberglass in currentto replace a fifth of the fiberglass in currentU.S. car models.U.S. car models.