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  1. 1. Civil War andreconstruction Timeline By: Matthew Koen
  2. 2. Ku Klux Klan is createdStarted in the early1860’s.It was an organizationthat practiced extremeshowing of whitesupremacy and anti-immigration.
  3. 3. The South Secedes from The UnionFebruary 1861.The name that wasreferred to the federalgovernment(NorthernStates).The Union wasopposed by the 11southern slaves states
  4. 4. Fort Sumter is attackedIt occurred nearCharleston, South Carolinafrom April 12-14, 1861.It started the beginning ofthe American Civil War.
  5. 5. The Battle of AntietemSeptember, 1862.It was the first majorbattle on Union soil. Itwas considered one of thebloodiest battles of thewar with around 23,000casualties on both sides.
  6. 6. GettysburgJuly 1863Had the Largestnumber of casualties inthe Civil War.Considered the turningpoint of the war.
  7. 7. The Emancipation ProclamationExecutive order givenin January, 1863.It was an executiveorder by PresidentAbraham Lincoln thatdeclared the slavesduring the war free.
  8. 8. The Gettysburg Address is given November 1863. He stated the natural rights of all men and that the slaves were no longer slaves.
  9. 9. Wade Davis Bill is passed July 1864. It was made to repair ties to the Union. Lincoln did not sign the bill believing it would not be able to repair ties to the Union.
  10. 10. Freedman’s Bureau is createdMarch 1865.It was Bureau created toaid distressed freedmenduring thereconstruction era of theUnited States.
  11. 11. Abraham Lincoln AssassinatedApril 1865.Assassinated by JohnWilkes Booth at thePeterson house.
  12. 12. Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse It was the final attack on the Union before they surrendered. It was also the final stand for the Confederates who could not join with reinforcements. April 1865
  13. 13. The 13th Amendment is passedIt was adopted byDecember of 1865.It officially outlawsslavery and involuntaryservitude. It was the firstof the three reconstructionamendments.
  14. 14. First Reconstruction Act is Passed March 1867. It was to establish a military government in the south.
  15. 15. Second Reconstruction ActMarch 1867.It gave any man ofthe United Stateswho was of the ageof 21 years or oldermay join themilitary.
  16. 16. Andrew Johnson is ImpeachedFebruary 1868.It was the firstimpeachment in the historyof the United States.The reason for hisimpeachment was the factthat he was trying to takehold of the reconstructionpolicies in the opposite waythe people wanted.
  17. 17. The 14th Amendment is passedMade black peoplecitizens of the U.S.passed July 1868.
  18. 18. Ulysses S Grant becomes presidentMarch 1869.He was a Union warhero.He was successfullydestroyed the KKKduring his presidency.
  19. 19. The Compromise of 1877 is passedWas a compromise ofthe intense election of1876.The compromise was tomove their troops out ofeach others territories