Civil War Timeline


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Civil War Timeline

  1. 1. Timeline of the Civil War By Yangho Cho, Eujene Yum, Jonathan Bai, and Yoon Kim
  2. 2. Denmark Vesey 1822 (made an enormous plan to end slavery and revolt, but failed due to betrayal of colleagues; 35 men including him were killed); Union.
  3. 3. Nat Turner 1831 (He led the slave rebellion, was captured, and killed); Union
  4. 4. William Lloyd Garrison 1831 ( Wrote the Liberator, an abolitionist newspaper); Union.
  5. 5. Henry Clay 1850 ( He made the Great Compromise of 1850); Union
  6. 6. Harriet Beecher Stowe 1852 (wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin); Union; her book led to the Civil War in a sense.
  7. 7. Stephen Douglas 1854 (proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which provoked the Civil War); short; had many debates with Lincoln; Confederate.
  8. 8. John Brown 1856 (Bleeding Kansas); he was hanged in 1859 because of another rebellion- raided the Harpers Ferry; Union.
  9. 9. Dred Scott 1857 (Dred Scott vs Sandford); Lost the lawsuit; Union.
  10. 10. Abraham Lincoln 1861 early march (became president); reelected in 1865; Union
  11. 11. Jefferson Davis 1861-1865 ( president of the Confederacy); Confederate.
  12. 12. Battle of Fort Sumter 1861 April 12 This battle marked the beginning of the Civil War, took place in South Carolina, and the Confederates won.
  13. 13. Stonewall Jackson 1861 (He saved the Confederates from losing by maintaining his troops until reinforcement arrived); Confederate.
  14. 14. The First Battle of Bull Run/ First Battle of Manassas 1861 July 21 McDowell vs Stonewall Jackson; Although the Unions were winning, Jackson held his line until reinforcement came. The Confederates won.
  15. 15. Harriet Tubman Early 1862 (joined the Northern abolitionists); She hid slaves and led them to the North; Union.
  16. 16. Seven Day’s Battles 1862 June 25-July 1 McClellan vs Lee; takes place in Virginia; both sides have heavy casualties; The Confederates win.
  17. 17. The Second Battle of Bull Run 1862 August 28-30 John Pope vs Lee; More people killed than the first battle; The Confederates win.
  18. 18. Battle of Antietam 1862 September 17 McClellan vs Lee; fought in Maryland (one of the first battles fought in the North); Result not determined because both sides suffered terribly.
  19. 19. Battle of Fredericksburg 1862 December 11-15 Burnside vs Lee; Burnside plans to take the capitol, Richmond, but meets General Lee, and the Confederates win.
  20. 20. Frederick Douglas 1863 (spoke to President Lincoln about black suffrage); Union.
  21. 21. Battle of Chancellorsville 1863 April 30- May 6 Hooker vs Lee; Stonewall Jackson died because his soldiers thought he was someone suspicious; Lee grieves over him, but still the Confederates win.
  22. 22. Ulysses S. Grant 1863 ( he skillfully took over Vicksburg by cutting off the roads); the 18th president; Union.
  23. 23. Siege of Vicksburg 1863 May18- July 4 Grant vs Pemberton; One day before the end of the battle, General Lee surrenders at the Battle of Gettysburg; Unions win.
  24. 24. Robert Gould Shaw July 18th 1863 (died in Fort Wagner); 1st Lieutenant of Second Massachusetts Infantry; supported idea of black soldiers; Union.
  25. 25. Robert E. Lee 1861-1865 (He fought in the Civil War, had many wins, but lost a crucial battle- the Battle of Gettysburg); Confederate.
  26. 26. 1863 (fought in the Battle of Gettysburg); famous for his Pickett’s Charge; Confederate.
  27. 27. Battle of Gettysburg 1863 July 1-3 Meade vs Lee; Took place in Pennsylvania; about 51,000 casualties; The loss of this war caused the Confederates to fight a losing battle. The Union wins.
  28. 28. Battle of Wilderness 1864 May 5-7 Grant vs Lee; Union lost 18,000, Confederates lost 11,000; Inconclusive result.
  29. 29. Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain 1864 May 9 Crooks vs Jenkins (dies); Union wins, and destroys one of the important railroads of South
  30. 30. Battle of Cold Harbor 1864 May 31- June 12 Grant vs Lee; takes place in Virgina; Lee’s last win in the war; Confederates win.
  31. 31. Sojourner Truth 1864 October (She met President Lincoln); black spokeswoman; Union.
  32. 32. Battle of Wilmington 1865 February 11-22 Schofield vs Bragg; Confederates have to close its last port; Union wins.
  33. 33. Clara Barton 1865 (Earned the title “Angel of the Battlefield”, looked for missing soldiers); Found the Red Cross; cured both Northerners and Southerners; Mostly Union, but partially neutral.
  34. 34. Battle of Petersburg 1865 April 2 Grant vs Lee; The siege on Petersburg ended when Grant captured it; Union wins.
  35. 35. Battle of Sayler’s Creek 1865 April 6 Sheridan vs Ewell; takes place in Virginia; Ewell is captured; Union wins.
  36. 36. Battle of High Bridge 1865 April 6-7 Confederates tried to burn some bridges to stop the Union, but failed; takes place in Virginia; result undetermined.
  37. 37. Battle of Five Forks 1865 April 1 Sheridan vs Picket; General Lee retreats due to Picket’s loss; Union wins.
  38. 38. Battle of Appomattox Station 1865 April 8 Grant vs Lee; preparation for the next battle; lasted several hours; Union wins.
  39. 39. Battle of Appomattox Courthouse 1865 April 9 Grant vs Lee; final Civil War battle; takes place in Virginia; Lee surrenders; Union wins.
  40. 40. Battle of West Point 1865 April 16 Wilson vs Tyler; takes place in Georgia; Tyler dies; Union wins.
  41. 41. John Wilkes Booth April of 1865 (he assassinated President Lincoln); Confederate.