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Vocab 7.5


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Vocab 7.5

  2. 2. CHARACTERISTICSDictators.No natural rights.Fascism/Communism.Total control.Using fear as a form of control.
  3. 3. FASCISMFascism is derived from a form ofcapitalistic government. Whereas Communism is whereeveryone is treated equallyexcept for the government.Fascism: an authoritarian andnationalistic right wing system ofgovernment and socialorganization.
  4. 4. COMMUNISMDuring Stalin’s rule he was sort of likeHitler, there was the Great Purgewhich was when he killed whoever hethought was plotting against him. Hestarted Collectivization which waswhen he moved farmers out of thereland and made big communal farms.One of the most important men hegot rid of was Leon Trotsky, and he gotrid of him because he was too popularamong the people because he was awar hero. Stalin’s 5-year plan was tobasically modernize in around 5 years.This was of course impossible for mostof his workers.
  5. 5. HITLERIn Hitlers rise to power he basicallytook advantage of people in order togain control. When he went toprison when he was younger hewrote the Mein Kampf. He thenhad the SS which were his personalguards who beat whom ever did notappear to be happy at a Nazi event.When he became the chancellor hetold the president that theCommunist burned down theReichstag. Soon after that thepresident died and Hitler becamethe new dictator.