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History vocab 8.1


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History vocab 8.1

  1. 1. WORLD WAR II 1939-1945
  2. 2. HITLER’S BEGINNINGLebensraum means livingspaceAnschluss was the merger orthe annexation of austria byGermany.The event that started WorldWar II was when Germanyattacked Poland andCzechoslovakia.
  3. 3. HITLER STALIN PACTThe pact was signed in 1939.It was basically an NEP, or aNon Aggression Pact.Hitler was the one whobetrayed the pact.
  4. 4. APPEASEMENTAppeasement is adiplomatic policy aimed atavoiding war, by makingconcessions to anotherpower.Britain and France gave into Hitler’s demands for theSudetenland.“We have peace in ourtime” -Neville Chamberlain
  5. 5. THE AXIS POWERSGermanyItalyJapan
  6. 6. THE ALLIESFranceGreat BritainUnited States
  7. 7. BLITZKRIEGBlitzkrieg was literally“lightning war”, it was whenGermany took over landquickly after they entered theireconomic collapse.Luftwaffe was the generic termfor the German air force.