MedTouch Mobile Healthcare for MHSCN Spring Conference 2011


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Outlining the mobile revolution in healthcare and the impact that it will have on hospitals.

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MedTouch Mobile Healthcare for MHSCN Spring Conference 2011

  1. 1. The  Mobile  Revolu-on  Is  Coming…  To  Healthcare     h:p://   Matthew Dillingham, Managing Partner
  2. 2. The  Four  Pillars:  Interac3ve  Healthcare   Web   Search   Social/   Self     • Tell  the  story   • Reach  new   Mobile     Service   • Explain   pa-ents   • Always   • Cement  loyalty   advantages   • Build  a   accessible   • Lower   and  benefits   following   • Immediate   opera-onal   • Build  trust   • Increase   response   costs   relevance   • PlaPorm  for   • 1-­‐to-­‐1  dialog   • Improve   online   with  hundreds   process   processing   watching   • Empower   • Engage!   clinicians  
  3. 3. h:p://  What’s  driving    the  frenzy?  
  4. 4. 85%  of  American  adults  use  a  cell  phone.   h:p:// 5629514216/  
  5. 5. 68.1%  of  U.S.  mobile  subscribers  use  text  messaging  on  their  mobile  device.   h:p://  
  6. 6. Approximately  60.7  million  people  in  the  U.S.  own  smartphones.   h:p://  
  7. 7. In  the  U.S.,  4  of  the  top  5  acquired  devices  in  2010  were  smartphones.  (comScore)   h:p://  
  8. 8. There  will  be  1.4  billion  people  with  smartphones  worldwide  by  2015…. h:p://  
  9. 9. And  500  million  of  them  will  be  using   mobile  health  applica-ons.   h:p://  
  10. 10. 17%  of  cell  owners  have  used  their  phone  to  look  up  health  informa-on.   h:p://  
  11. 11.  We  have  just  begun…   h:p://  
  12. 12. Website  Design…  Social  Media…  Search  Marke-ng…   h:p://  
  13. 13. Mobile  and  wireless  connec-vity  increases   access  to  health  informa-on   h:p://  
  14. 14. Mobile  Applica-ons    And  Healthcare    Consumers  
  15. 15. 9%  of  cell  owners  have  “apps”  on   their  phones  to  track  or  manage   their  health   15
  16. 16. Smartphones  and  health  apps   Most  health  apps  are  consumer  focused              …and  there  17,000  available    …and  74%  are  paid     43%  of  apps  target  healthcare  professionals     A  surprise?   Doctors  are  s-ll  overwhelmingly  the  most  trusted  in  terms   of  gejng  health  informa-on   1 6
  17. 17. What  are  physicians   A Presentation fordoing  with     HealthSouthsmartphones?  
  18. 18. 94%  of  doctors  use  smartphones  to   communicate,  manage  personal  and  business  workflows,  and  access   medical  informa-on.   h:p://­‐news/ news-­‐thumb/100118/doctor-­‐with-­‐iphone.jpg  
  19. 19. Physicians  and  Smartphones…  Physician  adop-on  of  smartphones  is  experiencing  exponen-al  growth  and  occurring  more  rapidly  than  with  members  of  the  general  public.  
  20. 20. The  annual  market  for  m-­‐health  in  the  healthcare  enterprise  alone  will  hit  $1.7  billion  by  the  end  of  2014.  
  21. 21. The  Consumer  for A Presentation  Mobile  Experience   HealthSouthh:p://  
  22. 22. Mobile  Customer  Experience  Consumers  expect  the  mobile  experience  to  be  beHer  or  equal  to  in-­‐store  and  online  (using  a  laptop  or  desktop  computer)  experience.   Pa-ents  =  Consumers        
  23. 23. Implica3ons  You  may  be  losing  pa-ents  due  to  poor  mobile  experiences.  63%  of  all  online  adults  said  they  would  be  less  likely  to  buy  from  the  same  company  via  other  purchase  channels  if  they  experienced  a  problem  conduc-ng  a  mobile  transac-on.    
  24. 24. Don’t  sacrifice  your  pa-ents  to  impa-ence  with  your  mobile  site…   43%  of  mobile  consumers  who  experience  a  problem   will  abandon.    16%  would  become  more  likely  go  to  a  compe-tor.   14%  would  email  or  log  a  complaint  with   customer  service.  
  25. 25. When  people  encounter  problems  with  their  mobile  transac-ons,  they  don’t  keep  their  experiences  to  themselves.     Nearly  4  out  of  every  5    people  who  experience   problems  comple-ng  mobile  transac-ons  share   those  experiences  with  others.  
  26. 26. 40%  share  their  nega-ve  experiences  via  a  social    media  channel  (Facebook,  Twi:er,  blogs,  etc.)     h:p://  
  27. 27. 60%  share  via  in-­‐person  conversa-ons   with  friends  and  family.   h:p://  
  28. 28. Just  how  frustra-ng  are  customer   struggles  on  a  mobile  device?   h:p://  
  29. 29. More  adults  are  extremely  or  very  frustrated  by  failed  mobile  transac-ons  (58%)  vs.  the  DMV  (50%)  or  wai-ng  in  traffic  (56%).     h:p://  
  30. 30. The  survey  also  found  that  mobile  consumers  oren  resort  to  interes3ng  ways  to  vent  their  frustra-ons. What  ways,  you  ask? h:p://  
  31. 31. 23%  cursed  at  their  phones.     h:p://  
  32. 32. 21%  deleted  the  poorly  func-oning  app.     h:p://  
  33. 33. 11%  screamed  at  their  mobile  device.   h:p://  
  34. 34. 4%  threw  their  mobile  device. h:p://  
  35. 35. That’s  pre:y  bad.   This  is  a  healthcare  organiza-on’s  mobile  traffic   over  the  last  year.    
  36. 36. Top  devices  sending  traffic  to  a  typical  hospital  website    
  37. 37. Mobile  traffic  up  +  consumer  frustra-on  =  Recipe  for  change  in  healthcare  organiza-on     The  change?    Meet  consumers  where  they  are  with   op-mized  mobile  websites  and  mobile  apps  
  38. 38. MedTouch  2011     A Presentation forHealthcare  Mobile  Survey   HealthSouth
  39. 39. Mobile  Healthcare  Survey  2011  Results   Healthcare  organiza-ons  are  thinking  a  lot  about  the  mobile  web  in   2011     Budgets  are  s-ll  small     Majority  have  websites  that  can  be  viewed  from  a  mobile  device     The  rest  are  planning  to  make  their  website    mobile-­‐accessible  in  2011  
  40. 40. What  are  people  doing  today?  59%  of  the  respondent  organiza-ons’  websites  are  accessible  from  a  mobile  device  such  as  a  smartphone  –  iPhone,  Droid,  Blackberry,  etc.       Is  your  website  accessible  from  a  mobile  device?   By  “accessible”,  we  mean  the  website  looks   “okay”  on  such  a  device.    
  41. 41. What  are  the  industry  plans  for  2011?   32%  are  planning  to  go  mobile  2011       How?   •  GPS  direc-ons  to  hospital   •  ER  Wait  Times   •  Physician  Finder   •  Physician  referral  apps   •  Pre-­‐Registra-on    
  42. 42. What  are  the  industry  plans  for  2011?   5%        the  amount  most  organiza3ons  budgeted  for   mobile  in  2011,  if  at  all     But,  51%  of  respondents  have  budget  allocated  for   2011…  mainly  to  make  their  exis-ng  website  more   mobile-­‐friendly    
  43. 43. What  are  the  industry  plans  for  2011?  Mobile  adver-sing?     17%              the  number  who  plan  to  start  in  2011     44%                          don’t  know  what  to  do     The  market?                                      Largely  unproven,  untapped,  or  both     …a  wise  marketer’s  opportunity  to  find  growth    
  44. 44. Why  not  invest  in  mobile  in  2011?      50  %    don’t  know  enough,  yet…     38  %      can’t  see  the  benefit  to  their  organiza-on        12%    don’t  have  the  money       Convincing  the  C-­‐suite?       Not  a  factor    
  45. 45. Applying  Mobile  to  Your   A Presentation forOrganiza-on   HealthSouth
  46. 46. Building  a  Mobile  Strategy  •  Measure  first:  Audience,  device,  total  traffic  •  Determine  why  •  Don’t  build  Rome    
  47. 47. 4  Dis3nct  Uses  for  Mobile  in  2011  1  An app to make referrals easier for physicians at thepoint of care 2 Discharging patients gracefully3 Tying your print materials to your website via mobiledevices using QR codes 4 Hospital wayfinding
  48. 48. Mobile  Uses:  Referring  Physicians  A  mobile  site  can  help  community    physicians  refer  pa-ents  into  your  hospital.     –  Direct  access  to     physicians   –  Physician  profiles   –  Special-es   –  Loca-ons   –  Direc-on  
  49. 49. Mobile  Uses:  Discharging  Gracefully   Create  mobile  access  to  discharge   instruc-ons   –  Prescrip-on  medica-on  overview   –  Diet  and  wellness  informa-on   –  Exercises   –  PHR  integra-on  (HealthVault)  
  50. 50. Mobile  Uses:  QR  Codes  Use  offline  channels  to  bring  visitors  to    your  mobile  site.       –  Billboards   –  Magazines   –  Flyers   –  Brochures  
  51. 51. Mobile  Uses:  Hospital  Wayfinding  &    No3fica3ons   Hospital  Way  Finding   –  QR  Code  at  entrance   –  Pulls  up  applica-on   with  a  3-­‐D  rendering   of  your  facility   –  Step-­‐by-­‐step  direc-ons   –  Virtual  tours     –  Facility  no-fica-ons  
  52. 52. But  wait,  what  about  feature  phones?   Text  Messaging   –  Appointment  Reminder   –  Prescrip-on  Refill  Reminder   –  Take  your  Meds  Reminder   –  Facility  Open/Close   –  Disaster  Communica-on  
  53. 53. A Presentation forA  Mobile  Case  Study   HealthSouth
  54. 54. A  Case  Study:  Newton-­‐Wellesley  Hospital     •  The  Strategy:     –  Posi-on  NWH  as  hospital  of  choice   in  Boston  Metro  West     –  Launch  ER  Wait  Time  Widget  on,  followed  by  mobile   website  and  iPhone  app     –  Real  -me  ER  repor-ng  helps   pa-ents  gauge  length  of  hospital   visit;  showcases  efficiency  and   speed  at  NWH  
  55. 55. A  Case  Study:  Newton-­‐Wellesley  Hospital     The  Results,  Arer  Two  Months:       ü 2,014  visits  to  the  mobile  site   ü 922  visits  sent  via  mobile  organic  searches   ü 350  individual  searches  for  providers  on  mobile   site   ü 143  searches  for  direc-ons  to  the  hospital   ü 151  visits  to  the  careers  page   ü 117  comple-ons  of  mobile  pre-­‐registra-on     ü 1:  29  –  average  visitor  stay  on  mobile  site  
  56. 56. A  Few  Final  Quick  Tips…   Op-mize,  op-mize,  op-mize!     Update  your  social  media  profiles…mobile  users   spend  lots  of  -me  on  these  sites.     Ask  your  pa-ents  what  they  want.     Focus  on  ac-on  and  transac-ons.        
  57. 57.  Ques3ons?   Analog:       866-­‐MD-­‐TOUCH   86  Sherman  Street   Cambridge,  MA  02140     Digital:   @MedTouch    
  58. 58.  Enter  our  giveaway   Scan  the  QR  code  below  with   your  mobile  phone,  and  enter  to   win  a  Kindle!         To  download  a  QR  code  scanner  app  for   your  phone,  try:   •   Redlaser  (iPhone)   •   Barcode  Scanner  (Android)   •   QR  Code  Scanner  (Blackberry)