Is this finally the year of mobile?


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This presentation looks at the growing popularity of mobile phones and their impact on marketing. It looks at the increased emergence of applications across platforms, the merging of social and mobile, the bridging of offline and online worlds via mobile devices, mobile marketing case studies and some tips on getting started with mobile marketing.

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Is this finally the year of mobile?

  1. 1. Is it finally the Year of Mobile Marketing? Presented by: Jeff Hilimire, Chief Digital Officer Blog: - Twitter: @jeffhilimire -
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 1to1toEveryone Mobile: The facts Apps, apps and more apps The intersection of social and mobile Bridging online and offline worlds Case studies (this stuff works!) Things to consider when getting started
  3. 3. Jeff Hilimire Blog: Chief Digital Officer @jeffhilimire Engauge
  4. 4. Are you smarter than a 5-year old?
  5. 5. Introducing the marketing of the future: 1to1toEveryone
  6. 6. Embrace this concept: YOU are the least credible person to be talking about YOUR company
  7. 7. The MOST credible person to be talking about your company Your Your Company Customer
  8. 8. Your goal is to reach your customers at the most relevant time and place... ...and then get them to become your best marketing channel.
  9. 9. What exactly is mobile marketing? According to Wikipedia: Mobile marketing…is meant to describe marketing on or with a mobile device. So what's a "mobile device"? A mobile device is a pocked-sized computing device, typically having a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard. So then is the iPad a mobile device?
  10. 10. Mobile phones are used for so many things today...
  11. 11. Where’d I park?
  12. 12. Question If you had to leave the house with the bare minimum, what would you take? 14
  13. 13. What’s the big deal with mobile marketing? TIME + PLACE RELEVANT MARKETING
  14. 14. il e: ob ts M f ac T he
  15. 15. About 2.4 billion mobile phones have been sold around the world last year, and globally there are more mobile phones than PCs. 28% of US mobile phone users access the mobile internet at least once a day. Americans spend nearly 3 hours online via their mobile devices each day. Worldwide over 350 billion text messages are exchanged every month. 60% of U.S. mobile traffic is to social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  16. 16. Most popular activities Yikes
  17. 17. In terms of mobile marketing, SMS still rules... SMS is still king of mobile messaging with 5 trillion messages sent in 2009. Despite the popularity of mobile e-mail, IM and MMS - SMS is predicted to exceed 10 trillion in 2013. How will consumers use their mobiles in the future? The key drivers for mobile usage are expected to be (in order of importance) 1. money transfer 2. location-based services 3. mobile search 4. mobile browsing 5. mobile health monitoring 6. mobile payment 7. near-field-communication services; 8. mobile advertising 9. instant messaging 10 mobile music 19
  18. 18. Mobile Commerce
  19. 19. Mobile Commerce - Food Purchases 7% of consumers currently use their mobile phones while in the store to perform the following food-shopping activities: • 53% compare prices. • 44% get/redeem coupons/discounts. • 28% get nutritional information. • 22% read product reviews. • 22% visit the food company’s website for information.
  20. 20. 22
  21. 21. What does the iPhone4 mean for mobile commerce? HD retina display will finally move luxury brands into the mobile space. iAd Network creates More powerful ads (essentially apps) Purchase directly from an ad Ads can be mini-networked games Allows developers to monetize their apps Improved HD video input, allowing advanced offline recognition services (scanning, etc.) 23
  22. 22. US is a little behind...
  23. 23. ...but the future is bright.
  24. 24. Mobile Usage by Hispanics Hispanics lead all other groups in wireless-only households. And while Hispanics lag behind other ethnicities in having broadband Internet access at home, a full 78% of Hispanic mobile Internet users have some form of Internet access at home.
  25. 25. Healthcare Professionals & Mobile 73% of physicians consider electronic promotion— including e-details, online seminars, opinion leader events, web conferences and group discussions—to be equal or superior to face-to-face promotion. (SDI)
  26. 26. Apps, apps and more apps
  27. 27. 31
  28. 28. 32
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. - 14% of mobile phone users have downloaded an application in the past 30 days. Games were the most frequently downloaded apps by all users, downloaded by 65% of past-30-day smartphone downloaders and 59% of past-30-day feature phone downloaders. Among smartphone users, the next four most frequently downloaded apps were: - news/weather (56%) - maps/navigation/search (55%) - social networking (54%) - music (46%) June 4, 2010
  31. 31. Top recent iPhone apps Take advantage of popular events
  32. 32. Mobile Medical Apps Medical apps are the 3rd-fastest growing category for Apple, which saw a 133% jump in downloads. 66% of physicians use mobile devices to look up medical info between patient visits, and 33% during consultations. 92% use the Internet to gather medical info in a clinical setting. (Google)
  33. 33. Top Medical iPhone Apps 39
  34. 34. Social + Mobile = real “socialability”
  35. 35. "Social networking is by far the fastest-growing mobile activity right now," said Mark Donovan, comScore's senior vice president of mobile. "With 20% of mobile users now accessing social networking sites via their phone, we expect to see both application and browser usage continuing to drive future consumption of social media."
  36. 36. ~500+ Million Users
  37. 37. Over 100 Million Mobile Users
  38. 38. Mobile is forcing people to change the way they communicate with each other
  39. 39. 48
  40. 40. Bridging Online & Offline
  41. 41. Ever since we’ve had phones with maps we’ve been trying to bridge offline & online
  42. 42. Checking-in
  43. 43. Shopkick has signed up Best Buy Co. and Macy's Inc. as launch partners for a new kind of app for iPhone and Android handsets that detects when shoppers are in or near stores and offers rewards targeted to them. Shopkick exploits the phones' location-sensing abilities—and cameras that customers can use to scan bar codes on items—to offer product information, coupons or other marketing offers when shoppers are in a convenient position to buy.
  44. 44. Case studies (this stuff works!)
  45. 45. Over 100,000 downloads Over 90,000 toilets reviewed
  46. 46. Belle Tire SMS Campaign 55% Opt-in rate for their mobile advantage club 20% coupon redemption 79
  47. 47. Target Launches First-Ever Scannable Mobile Coupon Program 82
  48. 48. Target Launches First-Ever Scannable Mobile Coupon Program 83
  49. 49. JCPenny’s Lets Shoppers Redeem Mobile Coupons at POS 84
  50. 50. JCPenny’s Lets Shoppers Redeem Mobile Coupons at POS 85
  51. 51. Red Cross Raises $5,000,000+ for Haiti Through Text Message Campaign 86
  52. 52. 25% response rate - with more than 1.5 million participants in 5 weeks 87
  53. 53. Jiffy Lube Launches Geo-targeted Mobile Coupon Campaign Mobile Coupons Bring 50% New Households 88
  54. 54. 89
  55. 55. - 21% increase in store traffic and redemption of mobile coupon - 17% forwarded coupon to friend - 35% more likely to buy product 1to1toEveryone 90
  56. 56. Things to consider when getting started in mobile
  57. 57. DON’T pretend its not happening... 92
  58. 58. FAIL FAST (then get right back up)
  59. 59. And the question you have to ask yourself is....
  60. 60. Do you really want to 97 be an “immobile” brand?