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Branding in the Digital Age by Mary Elise Chavez


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"The internet has squeezed the end user to the product" - this has fundamentally changed how brands are built today. My presentation, originally given at the WinWin Business Accelerator Conference 2014, explores the many facets that make up a truly great brand of today.

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Branding in the Digital Age by Mary Elise Chavez

  1. 1. Back to the Future Branding in the Digital Age maryelisechavez Creative Director at Oysterlabs
  2. 2. New Models of Invention Out with the Old, In with the New maryelisechavez
  3. 3. “The internet has squeezed the end user to the product.” -Gary Vaynerchuk maryelisechavez
  4. 4. A Day in the Digital Economy Wake Airbnb Switch WeMo Eat Seamless Play Babolat Drive Uber Assist Zirtual Want On-Demand Buy Shopkick Clean FlyCleaners Pamper Zeel Watch Roku Toast Lot18 maryelisechavez
  5. 5. maryelisechavez
  6. 6. What’s Mine is Yours In the Sharing Economy maryelisechavez WinWin B2B matching Skillshare Everyone is a teacher Lyft Share your ride Airbnb Share your home Zirtual Remote Assistants Poshmark Closet-swap CharityBuzz Help out Kickstarter Help fund Airbnb’s HQ in SF, CA
  7. 7. Brand It’s in the details maryelisechavez
  8. 8. Be consistent with all assets, online and off. No ui is good ui. Focus on well-designed utility. maryelisechavez Know Yourself. Nike’s Find Your Greatness Campaign
  9. 9. Customer Experience Is this an experience worth having? maryelisechavez Suit Supply
  10. 10. Would you be a customer? Audit your own customer experience. What bumps can be ironed out? maryelisechavez Suit Supply
  11. 11. Technology Enable and Propel maryelisechavez Apple - Lincoln Center, NY
  12. 12. Hal wasn’t real. And that’s good for all of us. Mobile. Web. Print. In-store. POS. Workforce. Avoid bad habits with legacy systems. Streamline tasks and communication. Be agile. Iterate often. maryelisechavez 2001: A Space Odyssey
  13. 13. Advertainment Speak with, not at, your customers maryelisechavez J.Crew Ludlow Suit Campaign
  14. 14. Old form is Projecting maryelisechavez Cold Calls Sales Demos Qualify Leads
  15. 15. New form is Participatory maryelisechavez Social Educate Engage Meatball Shop
  16. 16. Storytelling Be an open book. maryelisechavez Tiffany’s Love Stories Campaign
  17. 17. A great story has the power to motivate consumers to action. Use the Visual Web to deliver this story. maryelisechavez Tap into your brand heritage. How does your past inspire your future? Are you a disruptor? Speak to solutions and needs you’re filling. Chipotle’s Back to the Start Campaign
  18. 18. Take Part New Communities maryelisechavez
  19. 19. maryelisechavez WinWin   Skillshare   Quirky   TechShop   Shapeways   Etsy  
  20. 20. maryelisechavez Experiment Don’t be afraid to try new things. Forever21 Interactive Billboard – Times Square, NY
  21. 21. maryelisechavez Kate Spade BaubleBar Warby Parker Mast Brothers J Crew Liquor Store Pop Up   Warby Parker Store, NY, NY
  22. 22. Toolbox Always. Be. Testing. maryelisechavez
  23. 23. maryelisechavez Have an arsenal of intelligent tools: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, MailChimp, Hootsuite In order to win with digital, Be committed.Stay true to your brand. Develop and implement a strategy Define measurements of success
  24. 24. Get started now. Audit Yourself Start with a fresh pair of eyes. Identify areas of improvement. Create an action plan. Run. maryelisechavez
  25. 25. Thanks! maryelisechavez