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Martin Dudziak Cover Letter And Intro Ft Pt Cons Corp Ngo


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Martin Dudziak Cover Letter And Intro Ft Pt Cons Corp Ngo

  1. 1. Cover letter, Martin J. Dudziak, PhD (USA citizen, multi-national, multi-disciplinary proficiency and track-record) 8 September 2012Good Morning!My objective in writing to you is simple.I’d like to be employed by your institution within one of several senior capacities – fulltime, part-time, consultancy, retainer-based subject-matter-expert, or as a “Red Adair” special operationsproblem solver. In the process of any such relationship I can assure you of being able to bring,into the working environment and for the benefit of the organization, substantive and closecollaborative relationships with a unique set of non-profit research-and education orientedprograms that are organized together already.Some of my current and prior work is now encapsulated into a few organizations in which I havehad a particular “progenitor” role:ECOADUNA Foundation http://ecoaduna.orgInstitute for Innovative Study (IIS) http://instinnovstudy.organd also in the open-ended domain of creating an environment for growing businesses and jobs,EcoSymbiotic Economic Park (ESEP) http://esep.ecoaduna.orgMy resume may be online in your system, but you can find more material including letters ofreference, overviews of recent research, teaching and management, including mycomprehensive CV with “everything included” at (mirror site: you can see, there are several programs and projects on which I have been recently workingor in which I am presently engaged. All of these matters can be brought into a clear andfocused discussion with respect to employment with your organization or your client(s).What I bring to your table is actually a bit more than just myself as one individual. My work overthe past few decades has been carefully focused upon producing what we collectively need inour present times, especially in this post-2008 economy. This is part of my specialty skill-set –dealing with the ramifications of tighter budgets, leaner organizations, complex outlier issues,and emerging uncertainties.I welcome the opportunity to share the strengths and benefits of my past work with yourorganization and business community.Should you decide to hire me in a firm contract to work for your organization, you will be verypleased with the performance and results produced by this person now before you. Sincerely, Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD +1 (804) 740-0342 landline +1 (202) 415-7295 cell +1 (505) 926-1399 satellite/internet Skype: martindudziak et al