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Double page spread analysis 2


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Double page spread analysis 2

  1. 1. This page has a horizontal Its tagline “defining hip-hop” separation between the makes it clear to the audience images and the text that what genre of music it is spreads across both pages. The supporting. The black and images highlight the purpose white images consist of the of the article which is that fact artist Solange Knowles posing that Solange Knowles has one slightly differently in each of the year’s best RnB albums, frame which shows her this is quite significant and diversity to the music. controversial as it suggests that her sister, Beyonce, being one of the best RnB singers of all time is better than her.The layout of the double pagespread is relatively simple to The main image of Solangefollow with the columns and Knowle’s shows her wearingthe images; the use of colours a red dress which is a formis also natural and nicely of imagery suggesting she iscontrasted with the use of blue, quite fiery and and grey theme running But her stance seems asthroughout. The subject of the though she is innocent (herdouble page spread is purely feet facing in) but her handsfocused on Solange Knowle’s placed behind her backattitude and personality. represents her confidence.