Double page spread overview


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Double page spread overview

  1. 1. Double page spread OverviewWithin each of these Vibe double page spreads, they have all been designedand published in order to attract, draw in and entertain its readership from theRnB genre of music. By comparing these five double page spreads the brandidentity of repeated patterns and shared features will be evident.
  2. 2. In all of these five double page spreads, in every issue the main image of theartist appears to take up 50% of the spread displaying their authority as anartist but also engaging with the reader. In most of Vibe’s double page spreadsthey don’t have big bold titles or headlines they generally tend to usequotations of some of the interview or passage and make it bold so it standsout to the reader, making them want to read more. Another repeated patternwithin these double page spreads is the main image tends to always be a soloartist as there are rarely any groups in the RnB music industry. In both pages ofthe spreads the artist seems to always dominate and control as in quite a lot ofissues they are given a whole page to themselves, for example the Usherdouble page spread is a prime example whereas the Ciara spread she has notbeen given a whole page to herself however she is standing nude which willautomatically draw attention to her especially from the male readers. Thereare many different ways in which a magazine can catch the reader’s attentionand Vibe achieves this flawlessly.Throughout all of these six double page spreads, the layout of each appears toremain that simplistic structure as they have with their content pages, coloursalso being very similar in the way they are simple, yet it still manages toengage its readers just by its simplicity. The main image seems to be the mainsimilarity as they are portrayed that the article features around the image thusstrengthening the uniqueness and creativity in every issue. The double pagespread issue with Solange Knowles featuring within it is the perfect examplewhere the text is arranged around her giving Solange that authority. The stripof images at the top of the issue make it more effect especially as they areshown in a black and white effect just like the text, then Solange being in themiddle her image is in full colour giving the spread the effect that Solange ismeant to be ‘standing out’. The pose Solange Knowles appear to be doing isvery innocent and almost childlike as she is standing with her hands placedbehind her back with her feet turned in, like a child would reinforcing aninnocent feel to the double page spread.The article fonts are always generally the same in every issue either placed onthe left or right hand corner of the page displaying “Vibe” reinforces themaintained brand identity throughout the magazine. This not only allows thereadership to identify and understand the magazine but also creates a bond
  3. 3. between the readers and the magazine as it’s something the readers gets usedtoo.Both the male and female gender is very much involved and equal within theRnB music industry, however women are presented as sex objects such as theCiara double page spread she is posing in the nude suggesting Ciara is beingprovocative as the camera shot has been done in a way so that the readershave the view of her whole body introducing a sexual and provocative tonereinforcing the stereotype of women within the industry. However men arepresented as masculine such as the Usher issue, he is posing with a cigarette inhis hand with the smoke in the air reinforcing his authority as a man but also awell known RnB artist.