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Train The Trainer


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Its about the Curtain Raiser or Orientation about "Train The Trainer" program. Its give a brief overview of the need to train the front-line management & supervisors. This is a try to instigate the passion to Re-Invent and going back to school after years & years to cope up with new challenges with new techniques and developments. As if we don't go or try to re-invent, re-explore, re-locate & re-expose ourselves.....than the best place for those would be the dust bin only.....what U think?

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Train The Trainer

  1. 1. “Train The Trainer” (Orientation-Curtain Raiser) Member: International Society of Training & Development Affiliate: International Society for Trainers & Developers Affiliate: American Society of Training & Development Mansoor Khan Team Lead-Training & Development -Cirin Skype: Mansoor.lahore Cell: +92-331-5494769
  2. 2. Why to Train the Trainer? • It's not enough only to train the SPOs, We also have to train the trainer.(Regional Managers-Front Liners) • Train the trainer workshop give us the practical platform skills and confidence we need to succeed. • The simulated workshop puts us on the track to make things happen to the optimum level. • Every thing is latest & Every technique is new…. (…but for those who don’t apply the basics)
  3. 3. i. Nothing latest & Nothing New……bcz its Back to Basics & to the grass root level. ii. The Job of SPO can be done by SPO only, but Regional Manager can direct SPO to the right direction. iii. Job of Regional Manger or Frontline Manager is the Most Important one in any Organization. (The Captain of The Team) iv. Regional Manager Coaching & Mentoring role is very much important. v. Regional Manger is the only “Organization” for SPO. (Is that really true?)
  4. 4. A train-the-trainer model enables experienced RMs to show a less-experienced/New SPO/SR how to deliver Optimum at work? • Objective: • Learning through Simulations, Case Studies, Practical scenarios. • Our collective aim is to trouble shoot every challenge, we are facing in our journey to success, in a convenient, rational & practical way…