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  1. 1. Elen Movsisyan
  2. 2. When we heard about the trip…   When we heard about the trip to Shushi, we were very happy. It was amazing new for us. We knew that's there we were spend 5 days: 5 mornings and 4 niights. Then we return to Yerevan. Shushi is a town in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in the South Caucasus.
  3. 3. st 1 day  The first day we were very tired because we drove 12 hours. We go to our rooms and spread our beds. Then we go for a walk and go for a dinner. We were very hungry. Shushi is a town where lives very kind people. Our first day we ended with our film. Before we went to sleep we watched a movie. Interesting. It’s named “So Undercover”. In that film the main actor is Miley Cyrus. So first day it was very interesting.
  4. 4. nd day 2   Second day it was interesting, too. We go to school where the children of Shushi study. It’s big school and old but very interesting. They have a stadium for football. That stadium was to be opened to our arrival. We organized a football match. And in this game we won! But that game was in the 4rd day.  Second day we go to Jdrduz. It’s a place where horses running before. On the way we saw many interesting buildings where previously hiding our soldiers in the war.  And the second day was interesting and happy, too.
  5. 5. rd 3 day   The 3-rd day it was our basketball game. But I don’t want to play cause I don’t know play basketball very well. And this time we lost but opponent was very good players. But are not disappointed.  Then we went for a walk to Shusha.  We very often went to church. The church named Xazanchecoc.  And the 3rd day ends, too.
  6. 6. rd day 4   And finally comes day that we were played football. We won. 2:1. It was amazing game. I Like it but in that day I cry because in Yerevan my aunt lost my dog. I love her very much. Her name is Gaby. All day I cry and my friends are calmed me. I love them, too. They are the best friends in the world. All day I was in my bed. Crying.  In Yerevan someone find my dog and returned her.
  7. 7. th 5 day   The last day at Shushi. Early morning we wake up and returned to Yerevan.
  8. 8. Pictures 
  9. 9. Pictures 
  10. 10. About the trip   It was amazing trip. We have have many photos. So we spent very good and interesting time. We learned many information about Shushi.  Thanks to that organizer.
  11. 11.  The End