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year 10 ideals challenge week to Cambodia. RISS - Renaissance International School Saigon. Offers from pre-school to secondary curriculum under the structure of the British system. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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RISS - international school - year-9-ideals-challenge-week-to-cambodia-1

  1. 1. The Cambodia trip was absolutely awesome! I had agreat time with my friends, we get to know each othermore! We had so much fun with each other. My fa-vourite time of all is when we live in the small camp.We were given a tent between 3 people! Cambodia wasso hot and quite barren. On the first few days, we hadto dug to build the basketball court for the local schoolfor the whole morning under the hot sun. We were ex-hausted! We also played lots of games with the stu-dents in the local school such as: volleyball, football,throwing ball games, and the games that we have to runaround. After that we had to walk the whole way backto our tent and rest. At night we had a little competi-tion between groups, we dancing, acting and mostly wehad fun!! I loved those days that we stayed at camp!I also loved the days that we visiting Angkor Watt.I learnt a lot from there, especially their history!Overall I loved this trip, loved the time we all hadfun and we learnt lots more new things!!
  2. 2. Cambodia trip! I would say it was a great trip ever! Ihad so much fun, with all my friend, stay with them for aweek. The very good time that I will never forget wasthe 5 days in camp. It was hard, tired, but FUN! Wehad 3 days of working, hot sun made us feel terrible, butapart from that, all the time we had together was so muchfun. After a tired day of working, we rested by havingfun. On the first night, we had three groups to perform aspecial talent: dancing, singing and laughing. Those thingsmade my tiredness fade away. For the first two days, weworked very hard, so that, after that two tired days, wehad some fun with children in the local school. There wasdifferent games for students to participate. There are [ Tired but fun]football, volleyball, and also a game that made from avery big group of people which we could run around!That day was really amazing. And the last day of camp,the different feeling came top me. I felt like I dontwant to leave this place. There was something pulled meback. There was so many memories and fun and laughs Ihad. All of them, all of them came back to me at thattime, the time that I know I will never for get this L [Boys playing volleyball] A S T D A Y O F C A [This is the big game!] M P
  3. 3. Khiem—Nhat 9LV Fun at Angkor Watt-Angkor Tom-Ta PhromYesterday was a cold and freezing night. Everybody woke upand must have carried ablanket at least. After15 minutes, we trav-elled for 15 minutes totravel to Angkor Watt.First step we visit tothe entrance gate totake photo to appliedto the ticket.After that we meet ourtourist guide in theAngkor Watt, he is very nice and he guided us to Ta Phromand he introduced us the place and the most attractive thingsare trees and broken pillar of the empire.Next we travelled to Angkor Watt and is a massive place andvery gorgeous place to visit. The tourist guide explained to usa lot of things about Angkor Watt.We also visited the famous Angkor Tom, but it is not as bigas the Angkor Watt.Then we headed to the lunch section and then headed to theshop to buy some souvenirs. Later we head back to the camp!
  4. 4. Last few months, we were in theSIEM REAP province in theUNESCO Heritage Temple, butwhen we’re bored, thereis………….. I might sing for around 20-30 songs but everybody enjoyed it! Those are the best moments through- out the trip! First of all, we went to stay in Camp Bengmealea for 4 nights, where it was UNCOMFORTABLE AT ALL!!! Mosquito bites everywhere in my body!! We only spent 2 nights in a hotel in Phnom Penh, then we went back to our school, we spent around 1 week in Cambodia.
  5. 5. iCambodiaSix hours to Phnom Penh—we were all energetic and hyper the moment we first got on thebus. And with the help of the early morning packs of Doritos, our stomachs were evenfuller than ever.Our recreational electronic items were all snatched out of our bags and were immediatelyconsumed by our fiddly fingers. Across the aisle were the sounds of slicing fruits, shootingpea shooters and groaning zombies, the latest Korean hit songs and, of course the devour-ing of early morning snacks.Two hours later—We were all frantically lowering the brightness of our screens and turn-ing off the Wi-Fi to prevent our batteries running out before we get to the hotel. But even-tually, our iPods, iPhones, and unknown MP3 players were all completely running out ofbattery, and the games played on the tiny screens soon became tedious. It was then thatwe looked over our seats to find Van uncovering the shiny, magnificent, revolutionary andheavenly *whispering* iPad.Chaos swept across the banks of seats as everyone tried to get their hands on the glowingscreen. Behind us we can hear the screaming and begging of the famish Year 9s to touch itfor only a split second.In the following days the iPad eventually became the center of our attention. Everyday,after a tiring session of digging at the local primary school, we’d all dive into Van’s tent tofinish another game of Tap Tap Revenge or Plants vs. Zombies. As the generators wereturned on at 8, the iPad immediately received a VIP plug-in space at one of the only threepower outlets. After the generator shut down again for the night, the iPad was strictly off-limit to anyone but Van, as every droplets of battery were valuable in this electricity-lacking environment.The iPad was a real savior for us and it was something that kept us going on through thedays under the scorching Cambodian sun.
  6. 6. Abnormal Day By: Yaechan & SeungdooWhen we went to Cambodia, It was really hot. We went tosleep without blankets and some of boys, without clothes. Butwe ended up coming out of the tent with blanket around ourbody and shivering. It was really abnormal that usually wewake up at the morning sweaty but this day we wereshivering.
  7. 7. Written by Eun Jee, Kelly, Giai Du 9LV Member of Cambidge University The Second Last Day in Cambodia After spending days in the But where the king lives Later, we went to the Na- camp in Beng Mealgo, is closed to public so we tional Museum of Cam- helping the local school to visited Silver Pagoda bodia where all the his- build basketball courts compound and the cen- torical artworks are pre- and incinerator. We finally tral compound contain- sented. went back into the city Ku- ing the Throne Hall and la Lumpur by bus for Chan Chhaya Pavilion. about 5 hours. We visited the Royal Pal- ace, the royal residence of the king of Cambodia.. Visiting Kumamoto lions club school! ing in the huge play- On Wednesday 16th for a while and then ground. Soon we went of March was a nice at last we arrived at to played with them. sunny day. We there. The school During that time, we planned to went to looked quite great were all had fun and got local school named and it had a big closer with them. It was Kumamoto lions club house where the stu- a very nice day. school which was dents could study. near the camp at When we went in 3:00pm. We walked everyone were play-
  8. 8. Trip To Cambodia It was fun to go to Cambodia with my friends and teachers CJ sing behind thistemple a few time agoJong Won Cambodia football team (p.s. look careful one person look like Cambodia guy ) First day we go to tent is very hot, but after first day is cool, and we already come back to VN , we meet the Mr. Tome when we come back to Q.7 we go to KFC and eat chips (that day is rain).
  9. 9. Cambodia Camp By Joshua Y9LVY9 went to Cambodia for school trip. It was very hot weather for labor. It was very tired. We dig oot and cut grass. It was really hard work because it was sohot. We had a rest . If we do not have water we could not work. Our skin became black.
  10. 10. Riss Y9 ing students help farmSoo min Chae youngY9 students farmed for a We made basketball When we finish makingfirst time it was very hot court for Kumamoto lion basketball court weand extremely tired school they watched us went to our camp andMs.Laura went to camp farming because we ready for shower. It wasBeng mealea and she were stranger. They really difficult shower so played with the lizard however we were sotook our water bottle and we was really sur- sticky and sweaty weand filled up for us so prise because that was need to shower! Whenwe called her “ water really cool girls was we finished shower welady” we divided by 3 scared and we can’t get ate Our Lunch it wasteam. our teams leader closer together. deliciouswas ms Laura. Mr. Ad-am, and Mr.. James itwas hard time doing thatbut a little bit we hadfun too.Secondary Story Headline We tir- were ing! resting for 5 min its really
  11. 11. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum At the very first day we came to Cambodia, after 8 hours travellingon the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh. Just right after arriveand stay at the hotel for only 20 minutes just to put all our luggage down.“Come on everyone, we have to go to the museum fast because we haveno time left” Ms. Laura said. At first I thought: Oh, a museum..cool.. Andwhen I ACTUALLY went there, it is not as cool as I thought. My first experience of the horror was the torture room, it was terrible. There was blood on the ceiling. The room was small, and there was a window, also small but there was still light went through it. On the wall, a picture was hanged on the wall, describing how the torture happened. I felt sad for them. After that, we went to the picture room. It was full of images of the prisoner who had been executed right here. Their faces looked miserable and worried. Some looked at the camera withanger, pain and hatred. The original of Tuol Sleng Museum is actually a high school is locatedin an ordinary side road of Phnom Penh. Insidethe gates of the „school‟, it just look like anyother normal high school with three buildingsface a grass courtyard with pull-up bars andbowling greens. Any one know how can theKhmer took over the place that used to be ahigh school. The site is a former high school which was used as the notorious Security Prison 21 (S-21) by the Khmer Rouge com- munist regime from its rise to power in 1975 to its fall in 1979. Tuol Sleng in Khmer language means „Hills of the Poisonous trees‟. Most prisoners at S- 21 were held there for two to three months. However, several high-ranking Khmer Rouge cadres were held longer.Within two or three days after they were brought to S-21, all prisonerswere taken for interrogation.
  12. 12. A great experience In March 2011, we left to Cambodia. It took 6 hours. We were tired be- cause of long travel, but when we arrived at Cam- bodia we were so excited.At first, we went a hotel andunpacked. We spent our first day in hotel andwe moved to tent next day. The tent was notcomfortable as a hotel,but it was funny to stay.We went many places.We went Ankor Watt. Itwas a temple and it washuge. We had to wearlong pants so we had tochange pants. Weworked for making basket ball field. Also, wewent a Cambodia school and played with thestudents.It was a good trip to me.
  13. 13. Stella 9PMFun at the school I enjoyed playing with kids in school. We played game and I think everyone can enjoy from this game. The game looks like the photo. And if runner touch or hit your hand, you have to learn with the person next toyou. And if many people play this game, you have to runmore.First, it started with very small circle and thenevery one joined, so the circle got bigger.Beside the circle game, boys playedfoot ball and volley ball and othergirls played Bullying game. And then,girls joined to our circle game.
  14. 14. Above: bus that we road first time. Amusing time with Cambodia studentsBelow: To much overpopulated tent. At bus At campThe trip to Cambodia started with enduring 6 hours The Second days in Cambodia. We arrived atof unforgettable time. On Sunday morning 39 stu- camp place by taking 6 to 7Hours . The campingdents in year 9 gathered at RISS at 7 AM and our trip place quite basic. The internal structure like this;started from the „amazing bus‟. small thatched roof house seem to use for cookingBefore I got on the bus, I was thinking that it was big- and several tent that we going to sleep .ger than what I imagined. But I shocked when I saw After short break to eat lunch ,we unpack our lug-inside the bus. Oh my god! There was a toilet in the gage and bag and than bring simple thing like wa-backside of the bus! ter and hat which were going to be need at longI think the most of us didn‟t go to toilet and waited for time walking to ancient temple of Cambodia .6 hours. When we reach entrance of temple ,we could seeAfter few hours passed, I became bored. So I grubbed the seven headed snake called “Naga” I reallythe bag to find the something to eat. At same time, a enjoy short trip to temple .cockroach fell down from the wall. That was terrible .Ihope this bus would be last time to see.
  15. 15. We, year9 went school trip to Cambodia, and the most impressivething was having a nice time with Cambodian school students. Wehad quite many games that volleyball, football and something else Idon’t know what its name. I was playing football, our team mem-bers were me, Chang hoon, Won sok, Joshua, Jong won. It was ex-citing and this picture, these 3cambodian boys were the best andmost friendly with us. Ken - 9Lv Yr 9 students went to Cambodia. They visited the prison, Angkor Wat, and we visited Cambodia school. Joshua, Won suk, Ken, Chang hoon, and I played soccer with Cambodian children. It was very fun. They are good at soccer. We played soccer during teachers playing volley ball.
  16. 16. Renaissance International School Saigon Year Nine Cambodian Trip 2010—2011 Angkor and the Khmer civili-We had the pleasure to go to the Angkor area of the temples from the Khmer civilization. It was told that Angkor wasthe largest cultural and religious structure in the world. It belonged to theKhmer civilization that had conquered and reigned over the South East Asianparts close to Vietnam and bordering with Northern Malaysia of the currentday. The Khmer civilization was deeply religious and had many religious as-pects about their life.The Khmer Empire believed in the Hinduism and Buddhism. Cambodia has areligious mix of the two religions. The Khmer civilization rose to power in the9th Century to the late 13th Century when the civilization began to decline.However they did not leave without a legacy. The Khmer Empire has builtmany temples to honor their gods, in their temples their can be deities of Hin-duism and Buddhism. The temples were mostly made of sandstone and there-fore are in poor condition, although there are many projects of restorationthat are currently in action. Bengmealeas Main EntranceIn Hinduism there are three main deities that the Khmer worshipped. Therewas Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer. Brahma was the deity that has four facesand four hands; each face was facing in each direction, north, east, south and west to symbolize is all seeing power.Brahma is the one that created the world at first and is one of the gods in the Hindu “Trinity”. Vishnu the Preserverwas also one of the main gods of the Hindu religion; his job was to preserve the world. He was symbolized to be ablue deity and had four arms. Vishnu very much enjoys the affairs of the humans and often interferes with them, andwhen he does, it is said that he would be in the form called an avatar. Shiva the Destroyer is the last Deity of theTrinity. Shiva is the deity that ends the current world and readies a new world to be born. Shiva would perform hisdance of destruction when there is the Kali Yuga. These three gods are the three main and the temples often wor-ship one of the three.The very first temple that we went to was the Bengmealea Temple that was about a 20 minute walk from our campwas in a state of ruin. There was a lot statue called the Naga which is usually a nine headed snake or serpent thatrepresented luck. The front gates of the temples are blocked by the wreckage of blocks. We had to enter it’s perime-ters by going one if the side gates. The temple is built is very much to symbolize what the Hindu world ideology islike. There was a moat around the Temple grounds to symbolize the vast ocean surrounding the Hindu existence andthere were many Nagas around the Temple both inside and outside. They represented the gods and the evil oppos-ing them as well. The inside of the temples were mostly wooden paths that lead from one collapsed monument tothe other. The reason for the collapse was the decline in the civilization there in the 10 th Century where all the peo-ple left the temple and nature took over and destroyed the structure slowly. There architecture there was one of themost detailed that I have seen, such detail and precision in carving the reliefs and the walls and yet the Khmer stillmanaged to keep it in symmetry and in the correct proportion all the way around. When we went to the centerpieceof the Temple, it was a mass of blocks that have been collapsed over the years. The guide who was with us
  17. 17. told us that this temple worshipped the god Vishnu the Preserver. The trees have invaded all of temple monu-ments and it seems that nature was everywhere. This is the place where true adventurers would want to go if they wish to experience and see the Khmer culture a millennium back. A window or opening in Ta- Promh that The Second temple that we visited was the Temple of Ta-Promh. It was I have tak- also quite a large temple. Ta-Promh is almost twice as large as the one en over. near camp. The structures there were going to be restored by the joint Poor win- cooperation of Cambodia with India as we know it, so there was a lot of dow. trucks and tools lain out. The trees that took over the compound here are much larger than the ones in Bengmealea. There were more relief crav- ings in this temple than the Bengmealea one. The relief carvings in this temple were telling stories about the gods and their deities. We could see a lot of animals that we did not know; perhaps it was a Garuda, a birdof the Indian culture. Ta-Promh was also the place where the movie “The Tomb Raider” was filmed and sincethen has been a big attraction in the Angkor area. There were a lot of dark areas in the Temple where the lightdidn’t come through and it always makes me wonder how the people of that time navigate through such largecomplex.The third temple what we visited is the legendary and much spoken about Angkor Wat. This is the largest reli-gious structure in the world and was the seat of power for the Khmer Empire. We entered the area through theback entrance, which was impressive already. The back en-trance looks very symmetrical and proportional. There Angkorwere spires erecting from sides of Angkor Wat. As we en- Wats backtered the through the temple the steps of the stairs kept entrance.going steeper and steeper. When we reached the inner This is thecomplex there were a lot of mass relief carvings which inner gate of Angkorwere about a few miles worth in length. There was a lot to Wat.see and it was indeed an impressive sight. As we ap-proached the inner center monument of Angkor Wat, thestairs were now so steep to go up and there were con-structed stairs so that the tourists can walk up. The steep stairs symbolizes the difficulty on the road to Nirvanaas they would call it in Buddhism which is the equivalent to enlightenment or heaven. Then when we exited themassive complex, we went through the main gate the path was very long. It was about one kilometer I wouldassume and with the sin in the sky it was torture, although the visit was worth the heat.Finally in the afternoon when all of us were beginning to get tired, we visited the temple of Angkor Thom. Ang-kor Thom I must say has the most base-relief carvings of all the temples that I have visited. The compound ismade with 4 entrances to the centerpiece. The centerpiece is surrounded by a wall of an impressive base-reliefcarving that stretched to every corner of the walls surrounding the center area. The base-reliefs told a lot ofabout the Khmer civilization including sports, entertainment, gods and great battles that they did against otherkingdoms and empires such as the Chinese. As you entered the the center area of the compound, there are a lotof statues of the god Brahma, there were so many faces of Brahma and there were also some statues of thesleeping Buddha as well. One thing that I regret about that visit was that we were too tired to actually appreci-ate the view on of of the center building and we were all shining about how our feet hurts.One thing that I would say that I don’t like about the temples was that the doors were too small and I had a lotof bumps to the top of it and it hurts.