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Indicators of motivated students


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By Shahid Ali Bangash

Published in: Education

Indicators of motivated students

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONEducators often show concern aboutstudents lack of motivation to learn andattribute. Failure to low motivation. In schoolfailure mainly due to low-motivatedstudents. All most all educators agree thatmotivating students towards academic isone of the crucial and critical task ofteaching.
  3. 3. DEFINITION Motivation is derived from a Latin word ‘‘emovere’’ that mean to move or to do an action. The motivation is a force that in energized behavior gives direction to behavior and willingness to exert high levels of efforts to reach on goals. Crow & Crow describes motivation as a regulator, which controls time and speed.
  4. 4. TYPES OF MOTIVATION Extrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation
  5. 5. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTCooperates A motivated student always remains cooperative and loyal to his studies He remains interested and active in his studies. A motivated student always interested in his task.
  6. 6. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTKeeps Positives Motivation keeps the student in positive move and trends interest and always remain positives His efficiency always runs smoothly A motivated student does his work with keen
  7. 7. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTFinishes Task In Time We know that motivation keeps the student positive i-e why a motivated student always does his work efficiently. He finishes his task in time with full confidence and efficiently. He never feels tiredness and boring during studies. He does his work with willingness and intelligently way.
  8. 8. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTPsychologically Socially A motivated student does his work in willingness and with confidently so he remains psychologically socially happy. He always does his work with hardworking so he faces less difficulties. His accuracy always 100%.
  9. 9. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTPhysical Fatigued A motivated student feels less physically fatigue as happiness empower fatigue, so his efficiency remain 100% He has confidence in his studies. He does his work with happiness and remains positives in his direction. He makes conscious efforts to develop desire able attitudes in his studies.
  10. 10. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTPsychological Edge A motivated student will be better cultured person He has psychological edge over his other class mates due to motivation.
  11. 11. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTReads, Writes And Learns All tasks assigned to individual mentioned above are being completed accurately and efficiently that is, an a task so that rout cause of the topic may clear.
  12. 12. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTMove, Talk And Participate The strength of the motivation is the amount of time the learners are able and willing to spend in academic pursuits. The learner who spends his more time intelligently and willingly is a better achiever as compared to the one who refrain from spending his time otherwise willing. Above features shows perfection of the individual being a motivated student
  13. 13. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTBecomes Thoughtful A motivated student works hard toward achieving performance goals. With adequate ability and under standing of studies, such a student be highly productive and becomes thoughtful of others students.
  14. 14. INDICATORS OF MOTIVATED STUDENTBecomes Better Person Motivated student becomes better person in his thoughts, skills and values. His ego will be satisfied.
  15. 15. SUMMARY
  17. 17. THANK YOU