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PM Digital Nomad (or How to Manage a Totally Remote Team)


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Slides from Outsource People 2017 in Krakow about management of remote teams.
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Published in: Leadership & Management
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PM Digital Nomad (or How to Manage a Totally Remote Team)

  1. 1. PM Digital Nomad (or How to Manage a Totally Remote Team) Alla Klimenko Mad Devs
  2. 2. • Mad Devs – an outsourcing IT company in Bishkek • Our Projects: (are at ) • Most of all we like the projects with Highload, High Availability and Geocoding Who We Are
  3. 3. • Team of 12 people • 1 main project • Strong will to develop cool and interesting projects How It All Started
  4. 4. • Got more projects than were able to manage and develop • Lack of available specialists on the local market • Need to leave the country from time to time • Family circumstances • Personality features of some employees How We Ended up with Remote
  5. 5. 1. No marker boards 2. Limitations of asynchronous communication 3. “What is he currently doing actually?” 4. To write clearly – is also a task 5. Harder to notice burning out of the employee 6. No separation between work and home place Choice with Consequences
  6. 6. • Discussions take less time • No region limitations to find the best employees • No need to expand the office Certain Advantages
  7. 7. • Self motivation of the employees • Access to all the documents and code • Meetings in face from time to time • Discipline Successful Remote is -
  8. 8. • Regular standups (may be asynchronous) • Regular commits • Regular skype calls (every week) • Clear and detailed tasks in task tracker • Payments always on time Discipline is the key
  9. 9. • Process and interaction procedures are all set • The ones who want – work from home wherever they want • All new employees – only remote • We like to meet altogether… sometimes Almost a year later…
  10. 10. • Working in the office is just a habit • Remote employees are generally more effective • It is easier to work with the one who you’ve met in person • Ideal balance is to alternate remote work with work in the office To Conclude
  11. 11. • Contact me: • More about Mad Devs: • We also have a blog: • And Instagram (same as Twitter): @maddevsio