Luke Robert Mason - Digital Portfolio [2012/05]


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Luke Robert Mason - Digital Portfolio [Updated 2012/05]

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Luke Robert Mason - Digital Portfolio [2012/05]

  1. 1. LUKEROBERTMASON Researcher in Technology & Cyberculture! Director of Virtual Futures! ! 
 @LukeRobertMason! !! ! ! !
  2. 2. PERFORMANCEART2011!1.  ESS [re]Code, University of Warwick (February 2011)
 Online Documentation:!
2010!1.  ‘State Your Date’, Live Art Speed Date, Fierce Festival Interrobang 2, Birmingham (25 September 2010)!
  3. 3. ESS [re]Code, 2011
  4. 4. ESS [re]Code, 2011
  5. 5. ESS [re]Code, 2011
  6. 6. ESS [re]Code – Qlab Programming
  7. 7. Coding Consciousness: Transhuman Aesthetics in Performance, Teleplace (17th November 2010)
  8. 8. Coding Consciousness: Transhuman Aesthetics in Performance, Teleplace (17th November 2010)
  9. 9. ESS [re]Code, Work-in-Progress
  10. 10. State Your Date’ 
Fierce Festival 
presented by Stoke NewingtonInternational Airport
25 Sept 2010
[Photo: Briony Campbell]!
  11. 11. ‘State Your Date’ Fierce Festival - Rehearsal
  12. 12. "Homo-Cyberneticus" 2010 (Video Art Promo Photo)
  13. 13. CONFERENCEORGANISATION1.  Virtual Futures 2011, University of Warwick (18-19 June 2011)!
  14. 14. The University of Warwick’s Virtual Futures conferences occurred in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Dan O’Hara , the original VForganiser, highlighted the mission of VF: “Much of the publicity we did beforehand was […] letting people know that whatwas going to happen was not just a dry academic conference but some kind of chaotic freak show.” The mid-90s nationalpress embraced the hysteria with articles about “cyber-seers” and the “futurists” converging on Warwick for one madweekend of argument, academia and virtual reality.! The revival of the conference in 2011 served as part of a wider research project to discover what was predicted, what was unpredictable and what technologies were overlooked – but have now become part of everyday life.!
  15. 15. When Virtual Futures returned tocampus on the 18-19 June 2011, itaimed to reconnect Warwick with oneof the most important intellectual andcultural developments of our times –the technological extension of thehuman condition. !!This event enabled the attendees tonot only to reflect on lessons learnedin the last fifteen years but, moreimportantly, explore new grounds anddiscover the potential held byadvancements in society, art, politicsand new technology which couldconceivably Ctrl, Alt[er], Enter andperhaps even Delete our bodies overthe next 15.!
  16. 16. An array of world renowned speakers andartists including Stelarc, Dr. Dan OHara, Dr.Rachel Armstrong, Dr. Richard Barbrook andJames Flint, returned to the University ofWarwick, 16 years after appearing at VF 95.Professor Steve Fuller, Professor Andy Miahand Mark Fisher questioned how we will moveforward in our evolution at a time of everimproving technology and WMGs ownProfessor Alan Chalmers and ProfessorJeremy Wyatt shared the latest innovations indigital technology. All of the Virtual Futurestalks listed and more have been documentedand made available via the WarwickKnowledge Centre.!
  17. 17. The revival of Virtual Futures attempted to reclaim acritical framework within which to analyse the web, theconvergence of information technology andinnovations impact on the understanding of what itmeans to be human. The organisers from eachdecade, Dr. Dan OHara and Luke Robert Mason, arenow working towards a publication that will analyse theepistemology of the ‘cyber- prefix charting it’s varioususage in disciplines such as art, philosophy andculture.!
  18. 18. CONFERENCEPRESENTATIONS2012!1.  Augmented Reality Event 2012, Santa Clara Convention Centre (09 May 2012)!2.  TEDxDelMar, University of California San Diego (29 April 2012)!3.  Being Human in an Information Age, University of Warwick (16 March 2012)!4.  LSEsuAMP Annual Conference, London School of Economics (06 March 2012)!5.  Future Human: Transparent Life, The Book Club, Shoreditch London (08 February 2012)!6.  TEDx Warwick 2012 (Homegrown Ideas Event), University of Warwick (30 January 2012)!!2011!1.  Society for Existential Analysis: The Permeation of Technology in Everyday Life, Wellcome Trust, London (19 November 2011)!2.  Multipack Presents: Responsive Web Design, Birmingham Science Park Aston (12 November 2011)!3.  Humanity Plus UK: Beyond Human - Rethinking the Technological Extension of the Human Condition, London (08 October 2011)!4.  International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), Sabanci University (17 September 2011)!5.  British Conference of Undergraduate Research, University of Central Lancashire (19 April 2011)!6.  Humanity Plus UK: Making a Human Difference, Conway Hall, London (29 January 2011)!!2010!1.  Coding Consciousness: Transhuman Aesthetics in Performance, Teleplace (17th November 2010)!
  19. 19. Augmented Reality Event 2012, Santa Clara Convention Centre (09 May 2012)
  20. 20. TEDxDelMar, University of California San Diego (29 April 2012)
  21. 21. Future Human: Transparent Life, The Book Club, Shoreditch London (08 February 2012)
  22. 22. IATL Student as Producer Showcase(Photos by Peter Marsh at ashmorevisuals)
  23. 23. TEDxWarwick – Homegrown Ideas
  24. 24. PRESS&MEDIA1.  Guardian UK, How bots are taking over the world by Dan O’Hara and Luke Robert Mason. Guardian UK, Comment is Free (30 March 2012)!2., Understanding the Robotic Infosphere by Luke Robert Mason (20 January 2012)!3.  BBC Click (World Service Radio), Interview with Dr. Rachel Armstrong on Virtual Futures (14 June 2011) !
  25. 25. LUKEROBERTMASONResearcher in Technology & Cyberculture
Director of Virtual Futures