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Genoa Science Festival 2011


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Genoa Science Festival 2011

  1. 1. Since 2003, 13 days crossing the fascinating winding paths of science 2003: “BEYOND” / 2004: “EXPLORATION”/ 2005: “FRONTIERS”/ 2006: “DISCOVERY”/ 2007: “CURIOSITY” /2008: “DIVERSITY” / 2009: “FUTURE” / 2010: “HORIZONS” / 2011: “150 and beyond”
  2. 2. 2011: “150 and beyond” Genoa, October 21st – November 2ndCelebration of 150 years of Italian Unification Guest Country : United States
  3. 3. Festival della ScienzaThe Festivals formulaGenoa, one of Italy’s more fascinating coastal cities, transformed into the stage of a thrilling journey intothe world of scientific research.High-quality contents and interdisciplinary languages, with the aim to overcome the traditional oppositionbetween scientific and humanistic culture.Festival program combines hundreds of diverse initiatives and events, designed to fulfil and stimulate theinterest of visitors of all ages and all levels of knowledge.Events include scientific exhibitions, art and science exhibitions, workshops, interactive educationalexperiences, photography and art exhibitions, conferences, round tables, performances, music and films.The array of international events is particularly rich and consists of exchanges with other top scientificpopularisation events worldwide.
  4. 4. Festival della ScienzaThe Festivals formulaNot only hard sciences, but also soft sciencesGreat attention to innovation & technology themes : energy, computer science, environment, health,economics, nano-technologies, etc.Public and private companies and national research institutions play a key role in the Festival, by bringingtheir contributions in terms of eventsSpecial events are organized to present research and products from innovative start-up companies
  5. 5. Festival della ScienzaThe Festivals formulaSince 2003 the Genoa Science Festival has becomea main international event of science dissemination, proposing events inspired by the mostcontemporary and burning questionsa benchmark for science communication, introducing a “hands on” approach to science and researchand becoming a boost for researchers involved in a new way of communicating sciencea chance of meeting for researchers, people keen on science, schools and families, hosting scientistfrom all over the world and offering events for all age groupsan added value for all the city, increasing the number of people using accomodation facilities during thedays of the Festivala creator of positive outcome on science and research, helping to increase applications to scientificfaculty in University
  6. 6. Festival della ScienzaAbout the festival“In 2005 I was asked to speak at the science festival in Genoa (…) and the atmosphere in the city was amazing– the excitement at the lectures and in the streets was palpable.”Brian Greene“Never seen something like this in my life”Gehrard Ertl“Scientific exploration deserves a celebration, and in Genoa, they’re doing so with great style”J. Bohannon“The Genoa Science Festival is so impressive. I couldn’t think of anything better”Simon Gage“I was recommended to come! Never seen something like that, a city totally involved in science!”Freeman Dyson“In Genoa… how I want the world to see science: as an integral part of culture, accessible to anyone interested”Lisa Randall“We need that everyone could understand science, and the Festival helps filling this need”Luca Cavalli Sforza
  7. 7. Festival della ScienzaNumbers from 2003 to 20102.541 scientists > 9 editions – 8 in Genoa, 1 in Palermo >106 days> 4.146 Scientific explainers> 2.830 events >581 location > 2.732 journalists > 10.246 press&media items> 343.961 tickets > 1.687.152 visits >
  8. 8. Festival della ScienzaBudget, events e scientists from 2003 to 2010 budget events scientists
  9. 9. Festival della Scienzaoctober, 21 – november, 2Each year the Science Festival opens with a big event representing the meeting point between art andscience.This year opening event will be a concert by Beppe Gambetta (an Italian musician born in Genoa in 1955,an acoustic guitar flatpicker and singer, called a “virtual United Nations of influences”: Italian, Ukrainian,Appalachian, Sardinisn, Celtic) and Mike Marshall (one of the most innovative players of new instrumentalmusic) which will be held in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale, the most prestigious hall ofthe city.The organization of a reception event promoted by SVIEC is still in progress.
  10. 10. Festival della ScienzaHighlights to celebrate 150th anniversary of Italian Unification150 years of scienceA project promoted by the CNR National Research Council and the Science Festival Association. Milan,Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Naples, Bari, Rome: six cities celebrate Italian scientific excellence, marking 2011with a series of appointments dedicated to science, technology, tradition and innovation, meeting finally inGenoa for a big final event.LItalia dove èA project in collaboration with the MIT SENSEable city laboratory and carlorattiassociati. A series of talks,video interviews, and an artistic installation celebrate the vivacity of Italian science and technology and showthat the excellence of Italian science is able to cross any geographical frontier.150 years of Italian geniusAn exhibition promoted by the Italian Institute for Culture in New York “Italian genius” through theprotagonists of development and worldwide - and American- technological innovation, with the aid of 150 ofthe most important Italian patents registered from Italian Unity until today. A show that will cross from Genoato New York and then to the Italian Institutes for Culture throughout the world.
  11. 11. Festival della ScienzaSpecial events to celebrate MITs 150th anniversaryMIT150 Symposia: Brains, Minds and MachinesIn collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyA second meeting of the symposium organized in Boston in May 2011 as part of MIT150 (MITs150th anniversary). The event runs over two days, October 22nd and 23rd, with panel talks involvingpersonalities from academia and industry.Two symposia to understand the role of intelligent computer systems and of R&D and Technologyinstitutes in future society, organized in collaboration with Tomaso Poggio, Professor at McGovernInstitute, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Brain Sciences Department ofMassachusetts Institute of Technology, graduated in Physics at Genoa University.
  12. 12. Festival della ScienzaSpecial events to celebrate MITs 150th anniversaryMIT Symposium “Intelligence Science and Engineering”Anya Hurlbert. Director of Institute of Neuroscience at University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Her maininterests are in human perception of colors and the underlying neural processes from eye to brain.Matt Ridley. English journalist, writer, and businessman, author of The Rational Optimist: How ProsperityEvolves.Alessandro Verri. Professor of Computer Science at Genoa University, His scientific interests includelearning theory and computational methods for 2D and 3D computer vision problems.Heinrich Buelthoff. Director of Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics a Tubinga, in Germany.His group investigate psycho-physical and computational aspects of higher level visual processes inobject and face recognition, sensory-motor integration, spatial cognitionRoberto Cingolani. Scientific Director of IIT (Italian Institute of Technology)Amnon Shashua. Holds the Sachs chair in Computer Science at the Hebrew University.
  13. 13. Festival della ScienzaSpecial events to celebrate MITs 150th anniversaryMIT Symposium “MIT role in present society and economics ”Susan Whitehead. Has served as an active board member of numerous not for profit organizations,spanning two general areas: social justice and higher education (with an emphasis on science andengineering).Rafael Reif. Provost at MIT, is presently working on three-dimensional integrated circuit technologies, andon environmentally benign microelectronics fabrication.Vittorio Grilli. General Director of the Treasury - Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy, President ofIIT (Italian Institute of Technology).Francesco Profumo. Chancellor of the Politecnico di Torino. His areas of professional interest includepower electronics and electric machine drives.
  14. 14. Festival della ScienzaUSA: 2011 Guest CountryThe Genoa Science Festival plans to spot on YoungExcellence, giving the floor to scientists and researchers who,either in Italy or abroad, are fully committed in developingknowledge and research-based contents.The partnership with the U.S.A., started in 2010, perfectly fitsin this frame, as this is the country where many and manytalents from all over the world migrate to, hosted in universitiesand research labs.
  15. 15. Festival della ScienzaUSA: 2011 Guest CountryLectio magistralis with American lecturesClifford Saron. Experimental neuroscientist, Assistant Research Scientist Center for Mind and Brain andM.I.N.D. Institute at California University.Dean Falk. Anthropologist, Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Florida StateUniversity, specialized in the evolution of the brain and cognition in higher primates. Author of Finding OurTongues: Mothers, Infants & the Origins of Language, recently published in Italian.Stephen Hsu. Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oregon. His research interests rangefrom quantum physics and cosmology to financial mathematics and information security. He was co-founder and CEO of SafeWeb Inc., a pioneer in the SSL-VPN security appliance market.Evgeny Morozov. Currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a Schwartz fellow at the NewAmerica Foundation. Author of The Net delusion: the dark side of Internet Freedom.Waleed Abdalati. NASA Chief Scientist, associate professor in CU-Boulders geography department anda fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.His reseach focuses onunderstanding changes in Earths ice cover and what they mean for life on our planet.Robert D. Braun. NASA Chief Technologist. His research has focused on systems aspects of planetaryexploration, where he contributed to the design, development, test and operation of several robotic spaceflight systems. To be confirmed Brian Arthur, Nick Bilton, John Brockman
  16. 16. Festival della ScienzaUSA: 2011 Guest CountrySpecial event : live from the San Francisco Bay Area Science FestivalOn October 31th, a special night to celebrate together Halloween: live from the San Francisco Bay AreaScience Festival, organized by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) at its fist edition fromOctober 29 to November 6, 2011. In collaboration with the Science Festival Alliance.John Paul Holdren, advisor to President Barack Obama for Science and Technology, Director of theWhite House Office of Science and Technology Policy, has been invited to give the Festival openinglecture on October 21st
  17. 17. Festival della ScienzaOther 2011 anniversaries100th anniversary from the Antarctic exploration will be celebrated byRace to the End of the EarthA project by the American Museum of Natural History of New York thIn its 100 anniversary, Race to the End of the Earth recounts one of the most stirring tales in the annalsof Antarctic exploration, the contest to the contest to be the first to reach the South PoleThe International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011) will be celebrated bySpazio alla ChimicaA huge interactive exposition with exhibits, laboratories, special events under the unifying theme“Chemistry—our life, our future,” will offer a range of interactive, entertaining, and educational activitiesfor all ages.Special events will be dedicated to celebrate The International Year of Forests 2011 (Forests 2011).
  18. 18. Festival della ScienzaStart CUP CNR 2011 and Patents and TechnologiesTransfer WorkshopSTART Cup CNR 20112011 will be the 2nd edition of this competition born to encourage the creation of new hi-techentrepreneurial subjects from the results of the research held by CNR and other research organizations.This year edition is part of “Working Capital – National prize for innovation”.The entrepreneurs to be will receive assistance and counselling to arrange the business plan, alsothanks to the many partners of the event.Patents and Technologies Transfer WorkshopCNR, together with representatives of EPO (European Patent Office) and USPTO (United States Patentand Trademark Office), organizes an informative and explanatory day to focus on copyrights protectionabout patents, innovation and technology transfer. An overview on European and American tools onpatents protection and an open confrontation between public research representatives.