Horror Film Presentation


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Horror Film Presentation

  1. 1. The proceedings
  2. 2. Narrative- Plot • Four college girls have heard an urban myth that a demonic possession curses anyone who enters the woods, and that they have never lived to tell the tale. • The girls refuse to believe the rumours and decide to find out themselves. • When exploring the woods the girls start to see and experience weird and mysterious happenings. • They hear voices coming from the forest. • The demon begins to curse the four girls.
  3. 3. Characters Main characters- Fiona, Louise, Abbie and Suebera. The girls are all friends that attend the same college. Character Types Louise- Calm associate. Fiona- Non believer in curse. Suebera- Female victim- targeted by demon. Abbie- Mentally disturbed by curse.
  4. 4. Key Influences Our key influences are Paranormal activity and The Blair witch project. Both films include a lot of handheld camera shots as well as still shots. The films both show the characters own experience with the demon which is documented on a handheld camera. This gives more of a realistic and believable storyline. The Blair Witch project is set in a large forest which influenced our choice for our horror setting. We felt the woods was the most suitable place to set our horror film as we plan on using the outside surroundings to create a spooky and intense atmosphere. We have used Paranormal Activity for inspiration for our plot. Using the idea of a demon taking over the human mind we plan on recreating a disturbed storyline. The films use a lot of short duration shots that help to keep the audience interested throughout. The fast flash shots also help to create tension and suspense.
  5. 5. Marketing strategy Existing marketing strategies for Paranormal Activity include: Social listening- through market research into popular topics at the moment. Word of mouth marketing- recommendations to one another. Sharing information- globally recognized through the help of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube. • Low budget film marketing- used for Paranormal Activity. This strategy allows the consumers to drive the buzz for the film, it lets them promote it by themselves without the help of large distributing companies.
  6. 6. Target audience The target audience for our horror film is teenagers aged between 15-20 year olds. 55% of 15-24 years olds watch horror films which makes teenagers an obvious choice for our target audience. Through research we found that women have more of an interest in the horror films than men only by 2%. Middle class citizens are more attracted to the horror genre. The image to the right shows a chart of the audience score for paranormal activity and also shows what ages scored what.
  7. 7. Distributing company name