Creating a vibrant high school library program


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Creating a vibrant high school library program

  1. 1. VEMA Conference 2011 Creating a Vibrant High School Library Program Presented by Kathy Lehman, Lori Donovan, and Shelley Armstrong, School Librarians, Thomas Dale High School, Chester, VA
  2. 2. About Our School… • Large high school in the suburbs of Richmond. • Over 2400 students housed on two campuses. Our ninth graders are in one building and our upperclassmen are in the main building. Students do travel between the buildings during the day. • We maintain large print collections that students have access as well as a large virtual presence with databases and eBooks. Students also have access to Edline and Gradequick as means of communication with school.
  3. 3. Teaching in the Library • Insert pix here
  4. 4. Teaching in the Library • Library Orientation/Science Fair Orientation – Introduction to library services to new students; use of TRAILS – Lessons about resources for science fair including accessing and EasyBib • Book Talks – SSR time – Book talking based on reading surveys; new books, VRC, and Teen Read Week • Library Science Class – English elective for junior and senior students – Teaches advanced research skills to prepare for life after high school
  5. 5. Collaborating in the Library • Insert pix here
  6. 6. Collaborating in the Library • Collaborating sheet • Teacher Pathfinder pages • Evaluative pieces – Check lists – Exit slips – Rubrics
  7. 7. Teacher In-Services • Insert pix here
  8. 8. Teacher In-Services • • • • • Database instruction Using the Internet Effectively Copyright and Fair Use