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Guide for parents to the Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK

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Parent Guide

  1. 1. The Dixie Grammar School Michael Parker & Junior School LibrariesGuide to ourLibrary Services @ Your Library Think...Ask...Read...Imagine...Create...
  2. 2. Guide to our Library Services for Parents and VisitorsWe have two libraries at The Dixie Grammar School: the Michael ParkerLibrary at the Senior School and our Junior School Library. This bookletoutlines of some of the main resources and services our libraries have tooffer. The booklet is also available from our Library Online website.StaffingProfessional Librarian: Mrs Anne RobinsonSchool Library Association School Librarian of the Year 2005 for the UK.Mrs Robinson manages the resources, services and facilities across the libraries atthe Junior and Senior Schools. She works alongside the Library Co-ordinator, MrsEnston, at the Junior School. Her role is to plan and deliver research and study skillslessons, inductions for students and staff, INSET, reading development, ICT skillsdevelopment and extra-curricular activities in collaboration with teaching staff. Wehope to be able to extend this kind of work to the Junior School in the future.Library Co-ordinator (Junior School): Mrs Debra EnstonMrs Enston organises an exciting range of events and activities throughout the year inthe Junior School Library to encourage reading and literacy. She also manages theStudent Helper Team, alongside her very busy teaching commitments.The Michael Parker LibraryWe are very proud of our Senior School Library. It was officially opened in March2010 after extensive refurbishment to create a 21st century library in our historicmain building. It is very popular with our staff and students.1) Resources Developing range of up-to-date books to support and extend the curriculum and encourage reading for pleasure. Other multi-media resources include newspapers, magazines and DVDs. Helpsheets and presentations covering a range of topics including Internet searching, creating bibliographies, evaluating sources. Weblinks: Mrs Robinson collects and organises a range of evaluated websites to support any curriculum subject, linked from the Library Online website.E-resources and future developmentsWe have a series of superb onlinesubscription databases available for use bystaff and students. These databases are
  3. 3. suitable for a range of subjects. We are alsoconsidering adding e-books and e-readers toour services in the future. We have access toListening Books, an online audio streamingservice providing children’s books in audioformat.2) FacilitiesThere is flexible space for class or smallgroup use, plus soft seating and a range ofwell-used ICT facilities. The Library may bebooked by staff for classes or small groups. Mrs Robinson encourages staff to planactivities collaboratively with her to ensure that the library is used effectively.3) Reading DevelopmentEncouraging our students to read:A main focus of our work is to guide and support students in developing and wideningtheir reading. The following activities are offered: Reading Development Programme: Mrs Robinson works with the English Department to design and deliver a programme for students in Years 6 to 8 to encourage reading for pleasure. Individual guidance is offered throughout the day to students to help them with selecting reading materials from a wide range of genres. We utilise technology to encourage reading. Through Library Online, students are supported with the use of wikis, blogs and a range of other web-based services. We are also looking at purchasing e-books and e-readers for the Library in the future! Extra-Curricular Activities: reading is a constant theme throughout the year with author visits, reading groups, World Book Day, quizzes and competitions taking place.4) Information Literacy SkillsDeveloping skills for the future:We feel that all students need to improve these skills to be prepared for adult life: Research and Study Skills: Mrs Robinson offers support with teaching research and study skills such as planning research, locating and evaluating information, citing sources, avoiding plagiarism and creating bibliographies. She works with teachers to plan a lesson or series of lessons to be delivered in the Library using our resources and facilities. All teaching resources that she creates are downloadable from the Library Online website. Library Inductions usually take place in the Autumn Term. These can be tailored for Year 6 classes, students new to the school, and Sixth Form students.
  4. 4. The Junior School LibraryOur Junior School Library is situated on the top floor of our main building inWellsborough. We are now entering an exciting phase in its development. Since theSummer of 2011, our Librarian, Mrs Robinson, has worked together with the Library Co-ordinator, Mrs Enston, to upgrade and improve the library. Many thanks are owed tothe Parent Volunteers and others for their help and to the PTA for their support inpurchasing Junior Librarian.1) Resources The existing books have now been assessed and sorted before being catalogued onto our computerised system, Junior Librarian. Hundreds of new books have been carefully chosen to support the curricular and leisure needs of the school and are now being added to stock. Over the next few years, we will be making further purchases in a range of media to improve our library.2) Facilities and Services The Library can house one class at a time and each class will visit weekly to choose books and read. Students will be taught how to find books in the Library for themselves, facilitated by clear guiding and signage. We plan to deliver research skills lessons in the future, using the combined facilities of the Library and the ICT room next door. Mrs Enston organises a range of activities and events to enthuse the children about books and reading , including the Puffin Book Club. We also have an keen Student Helper Team with students from Year 5.Joint Services1) Library Online ServicesThe libraries have an extensive range of websites designed to support and extend ourservices—Library Online Services. This Virtual Library is available any time anywherewith library news, evaluated weblinks gathered to support staff and students, rollingnews feeds, downloadable resources and much more! Use our QR Code on the frontcover to link to the site.The URL for our main Library Online site is: Leicestershire Services for EducationWe now subscribe to LSE, our local Schools Library Service. This enables us toborrow collections of books support the curriculum and also to tap into furtherexpertise. LSE also has extensive additional services which enhance our work as aschool, such as access to online databases, audio books, artefact collections and so on.We hope this quick tour has been useful to you! DGS Libraries 2011