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  1. 1. To see & hear this deck presented in 4min:http://vimeo.com/ownlocal/ownlocal• In January 2010, Jason Novek and Lloyd Armbrust started Seeing Interactive as a Y Combinator-backed company.• In June 2010, we received seed funding from Baseline Ventures (Steve Anderson), Lerer Ventures (Ken Lerer), Paul Buchheit (Gmail & FriendFeed), Joshua Schatcher (Delicious), Alex Moore (Palantir), and Trevor Blackwell (Anybots).• In January of 2011, we started using the name OwnLocal. 1
  2. 2. • In 2010, we traveled to different markets to discover what small businesses need to be successful online.• We learned that SMBs just want someone they trust to make the internet work for them.• The result was a consultative sales process and product development strategy that takes the pain out of getting online and winning new business there. 2
  3. 3. Small businesses outside of the top Urban areas are stuck. They need to participate in anever increasing number of areas online, but they havent figured out how to master thebasics. Its confusing. 3
  4. 4. Conclusions:Most SMBs cant dedicate the time and resources to do all the workthemselves.Self-service solutions are too time-consuming and confusing. Options aboundand no clear steps of what to do next.Local Contractors and national direct sales groups like ReachLocal are tooexpensive.Companies like Yelp and Groupon are point solutions that can solve certainpieces of the puzzle but still leave many essential services to the SMB to figureout. 4
  5. 5. We know it’s not sexy. We know it’s not exciting. But we leverage localnewspapers because it gives us four things that cost our competitors toomuch time and money to succeed:1. We have access to small businesses2. We have immediate relationships3. We have immediate trust4. We have a large existing sales force that can bring us leads.Everyone else stands outside these communities ramming the door. Wepartner with local groups, share the revenue and are welcomed in to thecommunity with open arms. 5
  6. 6. The sales machine1. We launch our white-label directory with the publisher’s brand2. The publisher markets our directory for free with Print, Web, Radio, and TV Ads. We organize multiple e-mail blasts and each publisher sales rep calls their top 20 SMB accounts. The goal of this marketing is to get SMBs to claim or add their business listing to the directory. This gives them control of the listing and access to analytics.3. Our reps in Austin, TX then call to verify the listing. We use this process to convince these SMBs to come to a future online consultation located at the publisher’s office.4. We train the publisher’s sales agents to close sales based on a highly consultative sales process by presenting an 80-point inspection of the SMBs online presence. 53% of SMBs who attend this meeting sign up for paid services. 6
  7. 7. • It’s almost impossible to pursue local markets nationally.• The blue area is worth almost half the total advertising dollars spent in the United States.• Our team understands small towns having lived there. The needs are different. The business owners are looking for different things. 7
  8. 8. • Our average publisher generates $120,000 in annual revenue the first year• We have identified over 4,300 daily and weekly newspapers in the US who could execute on this level• This network should generate $516,000,000 per year.• We can also work with Chambers of Commerce, Radio and TV stations. 8
  9. 9. • Lloyd Armbrust is a problem solver who is half sales and half technical with 10 years experience in the newspaper industry. Lloyd believes that OwnLocal has the right recipe to do what no one else has done: break into local markets, dominate them, and expand.• Jason Novek is a hardcore technologist, data geek, and Rails hacker. He is one of our two founders and runs our technical team.• Lamar Romero is our VP of Sales and comes to us from 10 years of enterprise sales experience at Dell where he ran their Fedex & International Paper account teams with $30m annual sales quotas. In 8 weeks at OwnLocal, Lamar took our 4- person enterprise sales team and developed a sophisticated sales pipeline with $2.22m in added annual revenue so far.• Jeremy Mims is an entrepreneur and former Y Combinator founder from Frogmetrics. He has acquired large sales accounts and handles marketing.Our original hypothesis was that we could save local publications by helping thembolt on our suite of products. What we discovered was that we were looking at theproblem backwards. By helping local businesses first, a byproduct would be to helplocal publications survive. 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. We make a suite tools that make small businesses succeed on the web.Long-term were the one stop shop for small business everywhere to be successful (evenmajor markets). We’re like a Heroku AppStore for media or an iPhone AppStorefor SMBs.For more information request an intro on AngelList: http://angel.co/ownlocal 11