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Executive assistant resume


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My virtual resume including some additional information about me that you will NOT find on Google.

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Executive assistant resume

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT resumeOrganizationmeetingDEADLINESPROJECTmanagementMulti-TASKenergyCOMMUNICATIONeventsproblem-SOLVING Dagmara Drab
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTProfessional profile: Supporting the Director in the development and implementation of company strategic plans, assessing and implementing company strategies in order to attain company goals and objectives. Multi-varied high-level administrative duties and other necessary marketing, communication and human resource tasks associated with the operation of the company including: project management, planning, research, personnel, communications, information flow, recordkeeping, e.g.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTObjective: To secure a position related to my professional experience, that offers both a CHALLENGE and a good opportunity for GROWTH.
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTEducation: 2000 -2003 B.A. in Spanish Philology, Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 1996 - 2000 Degree in Spanish Philology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
  5. 5. 7 years of EXPERIENCE as ASSISTANTEmployment history: ASSISTANT to PRESIDENT and Administration Manager, ESEI International Business School, Barcelona, 2004 – 2011 in Logistics at international transportation and logistics company, Strever, Barcelona, 2003 - 2004 Freelance translator and Polish teacher at Institut de llengües i cultures del món, Barcelona, 2001 - 2003
  6. 6. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTMain Duties: ASSIST and report to the President: managing and maintaining President’s busy professional and personal calendar in Outlook, scheduling meetings, telephone conferences and appointments, preparing travel arrangements, planning, organizing and managing all events, monitoring of email, answering calls and handling all types of queries. Problem-solving assistance. Corporate and Internal COMMUNICATION PROJECT management CUSTOMER service SUPPLIER contact and negotiation RESEARCH for further international cooperation PERSONNEL functions: assisting with recruitment, placement and evaluation of staff members. ACCOUNTING Department Support
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTKey Achievements: Developed and coordinated marketing and promotional activities and materials that increased the reputation of the company. (Creating, formatting and editing Microsoft Office templates, PowerPoint presentations, corporate mailings, flyers and a wide range of corporate activities as interactive teambuilding, ice breakers and other social events. ) Expanded the business with several independent agents and initiated marketing and branding for the business internationally.
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTKey Achievements: Reorganized company filing system which significantly increased efficiency of work processes. Developed various written procedures for future improvements. Designed and led implementation of a new admissions system. Set up improved payment system for students which resulted in fewer no-payers.
  9. 9. Good COMMUNICATOR with employees and outside partners COMMUNICATION with all employees through company communication channels including intranet and email - announcing all aspects of company life, including news, executive summaries, memorandums, briefs, events and notices. Marketing events. CORPORATE Communication with outside partners - representing the company to customers, the public, and other external sources in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail. Writing correspondence, preparing presentation materials (PowerPoint presentations, brochures, flyers, posters etc). producing newsletters, and other printed materials, manage company’s website and social media presence, etc.
  10. 10. Highly ORGANIZED with strong prioritization skills Coordinating complex MEETING schedules Managing international TRAVEL arrangements Planning, organising and managing all EVENTS from selecting a venue to catering and invitations. Juggling MULTIPLE PROJECTS simultaneously and adapting quickly to meet changing deadlines and priorities.
  11. 11. about me ability to multitask and plan and organize in deadline driven, stressful environment eye for detail positive, energetic personality discretion and accuracy
  12. 12. My ability to deal with peopleI work very well with all kinds of people.I know how to be firm, accurate but kindat the same time and work effectivelywithin the department, across the companyand with outside partners
  13. 13. I’m a problem solverI optimized many troubling schedules, solved many employeesdisputes and I’m known for being at the same timecreative and practicalInspired by
  14. 14. I’m self motivated and PROACTIVE I found many innovative I use my ways to creative ideas improve on to generate what Ive been new insights handed
  15. 15. I’m an ACTIVATOR. Activator is one of my top 5 strengths. I believe that onlyACTION What new GOALS can make things or IMPROVEMENTS happen. may I achieve? This is a recurring question I love INITIANTING in my life. and ORGANIZING new projects.
  16. 16. My FOCUS forces me to be EFFICIENT I know how to When there are determine projects with PRIORITIES and CRITICAL PROGRESS towards DEADLINE, I’m in my GOAL. CONTROL.
  17. 17. My Top Strengths:ACTIVATOR - FOCUS- COMMAND- IDEATION - INPUT INITIANTING All in all, I love and ORGANIZING projects and FOCUS all my energies on it until it is COMPLETED and if needed I know how to ALLING PEOPLE with me and KEEP them ON POINT.
  18. 18. Technical skills: Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher,Excel Design: Photoshop Web 2.0 applications Inspired by
  19. 19. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTContact information:Name: Dagmara DrabEmail: