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How To Write And Make Money With Reports

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How towriteandmakemoneywithreports

  1. 1. How To Write And Make Money (Online) In 30 Days! ... with my easy to use system for Creating Your Own Money Making Reports!Copyright © 2009 Mark HuberRichmond, British Columbia Canada V6Y 2S3Information in this documentation is the property of Mark Huber andSuccessOnTheFly Enterprises.No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form orby any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying andrecording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, withoutpermission in writing from author or publisher.All rights reserved.OBLIGATORY LEGAL NOTICE: While all attempts have been made to verifyinformation provided in this publication, neither the Author nor the Publisherassumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretationof the subject matter herein. This publication is an information product, andis not intended for use as a source of legal, accounting, or tax advice.Information contained herein may be subject to varying national, provincial,state, and/or local laws or regulations.All users are advised to retain the services of competent professionals for legal,accounting, or tax advice.The purchaser or reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the useof these materials and information, including adherence to all applicable lawsand regulations, federal, provincial, state, and local, governing professionallicensing, business practices, advertising, and all other aspects of doing businessin Canada or any other jurisdiction in the world.No guarantees of income are made. Publisher reserves the right to make changes.If you can’t accept these terms, please return this product. The Author andPublisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of anypurchaser or reader of these materials. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 1
  2. 2. Hello and Welcome!Congratulations for making a great choice!You are now in possession of a very content driven report on how to make yourvery first dollar (and more) online through easy-to-develop reports.Now, if you’re like most individuals you already have a wealth of information thatwould benefit certain segments of the population.However, no one is benefiting from your knowledge and/or expertise becauseyou have yet to create your very first information product that you can profit from.Today – that all changes for you!Why?Because this report will teach you what you can do to quickly develop a sellablereport and how to market it to reach large numbers of potential buyers.You now have in your possession an information product that will take youthrough the steps you need to take to develop, market and profit from yourvery first information product.I have made effort to make this report complete and accurate and asof the writing of this report - all information is based on current strategies.To begin with, I recommend that you put some quiet time aside to read thisentire report. There is so much information on the next 45 plus pages that to tryto absorb it all with distractions will not serve you best.What you will find in this report • What are information products? • Benefits of low priced reports • Creating your first report • Where to start • Before you begin • Pricing • Developing HOT topics • Where to find content • You’re ready to begin • Mind mapping and the list method • Write to a niche ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 2
  3. 3. • Titles that sell • Formatting your report • Delivering your report to the buyer • Landing pages • Sales page copywriting • Words that sell • Testimonials • Promoting your report • Make more money with affiliates • Now go do it!Making money with reportsI am sure that you have heard stories of people making truckloads of moneyonline by selling information products. Yet for most people making their first$100 would make them very happy.You see, once you make your first $100 the next $100 is much easier.It’s called “rinse and repeat”!This report provides you with a great deal of information on how to createyour very first information product – a sellable low cost report!So What are Information Products?Well, the term “information products” include Books, CDs, MP3s, white papers,reports, teleseminars, webinars, Podcasts, etc.However, in the Internet context, the term “information products” refers toelectronically deliverable, knowledge-based products.This means that anything that contains knowledge and that you can deliverelectronically is considered an information product.Now, one of the easiest (and quickest to create) information products around is areport. And yet, many people have no idea where to start, how to marketand how to turn their information into profits.So, let’s start at the beginning.The benefits of low priced reportsThere are many benefits to creating low priced reports!Nowadays, many consumers would rather pay a few dollars for a fast solution totheir problem than have to search around for the information (even if it’s free). ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 3
  4. 4. It doesn’t matter what topic, market or industry, reports are a great way toprovide solutions to readers and generate great revenue with very littlework.Reports are also a great way to build your ‘opt-in” subscriber list. Most peoplehave heard, “The gold is in the list.” This is so true. With a good “opt-in” listof subscribers you can literally make money at the push of a button.Reports are very easy to create!In fact, you can often do so with little or no money out of your pocket. Sure, thereis time involved, but when you consider that you can generate hundreds (and eventhousands) of dollars in revenue from a 10 – 20 page plus report, the timeinvested is worth it!Because your reports will be delivered electronically, there are no storagecosts. With physical products you have to keep inventory on hand, find aplace to store them and often watch them collect dust. This won’t happenwith online reports!After the initial costs of developing your report, there are literally noadditional costs to continue selling them. That is, unless you have an affiliateprogram set up. Then you pay your affiliates based on performance. (Moreon affiliates later).With the right systems in place you can generate fast money – and ongoingincome streams!You are going to learn exactly how this is done so that you can begin generatingincome sooner rather than later.Conveying the Value of a ReportBecause there is so much free information on the Internet you may be tempted toassume that people will not pay for information.This is not true!People will pay for information if they feel there is high value for the purchase.You job is to convey this value. You do this with very tight “sales copy”, an“attractive landing” page and by establishing your credibility and expertise.And of course, the report itself will determine if people continue to buy from you.Everything from A – Z must be stellar in your information product, development,content and delivery. The more you raise your own bar the more likely it is you will ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 4
  5. 5. develop a strong customer base who will buy virtually anything you put on themarket.But again, you must deliver above and beyond expectation.Most people have had the experience of buying a report only to be highlydisappointed in the content. Many a report has been written with little content andovert sales copy throughout the document.Don’t do this. Create high content for your reader!Even if you are selling other people’s information reports, the same holds true.Tight sales copy, an attractive landing page and great content are a must!Creating your first reportThe following is a birds-eye view of what needs to be done. We will go into muchmore detail in each area in the pages that follow.1. Determine what your market needs, wants and is willing to pay for.2. Create a working title that reflects the topic of the report.3. Develop a series of 10 – 15 questions about the topic.4. Either type or record your answers.5. If you recorded the answers have the information transcribed.6. With either the transcripts or what you have typed you will need to edit and clean up as needed.7. Format into a readable document like Word or something comparable.8. Convert to a PDF file.9. Create a Landing Page including graphics, copy and method of payment.10. Create a series of emails you will use to promote the landing page and report. The first email needs to be a thank you message with the download link for the report.11. Notify your affiliates if you are opening the opportunity up to them. I don’t now why you wouldn’t do this as they will bring you business you otherwise may not have gotten. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 5
  6. 6. 12. Begin marketing13. Continue marketing.14. Begin your next report.Before you beginBefore you write your first word, you need to know who you are writing for.Far too often someone will develop an information product before they haveclearly defined who they are writing for, what the problem is for those theyare writing for and what the solution is.Identify your market! Who specifically is your market?What do you know about your market? You also need to know what peopleare willing to pay for. And you need to know if there is enough of a marketfor what you are offering. This often requires test marketing and testingprices.Many people who are new to information product development and sales getfrustrated if they don’t hit the target on pricing right away. The fact is, anyonewho are in the business of “information products”: Tests, tests and tests!PricingReports can range in price from $5 up to $37 plus. The price points I havefound work well are $7 and $9 for short (under 15 pages) reports, $17 forlonger reports like this one (over 15 pages) and upwards of $37-$97 if you arecreating a massive amount of value (over 100 pages).Pricing also depends on your level of expertise, how much the market viewsyou as an expert, what else is available to your potential buyers and theindustry to which you are writing to and/or about.There is no doubt that you will not be able to charge as much for something beingsold to low to moderate income individuals as you would to six figureprofessionals.You must constantly test pricing, titles, subjects and sales copy…and the more youdo this the closer you will get.Back to your marketHere are some essential questions that will help you identify your market. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 6
  7. 7. You may not need to answer each and every one, but the more you knowabout your market, the better. • What do you know about your market? • What is your market’s age group? • Gender? Primarily male? Female? Both? • What is their family structure? (Number of children, extended family, etc.) • What is their lifestyle like? • What methods do they prefer for online payment? • What type of web sites, forums and social networks do they visit? • How do they want their product delivered? • Where do they live? • What do they do for a living? • What keeps them awake at night? • How do they like to spend their spare time? • What motivates them? • What do they invest in specific to your offerings? • What are they likely to spend money on? • What is their annual income?Identifying your market is an ongoing process!Who your market is today may not be who they are a year from now. As you growand change, so does your market.How large is the market you are targeting? In order to have a profitable businessyou have to have a large enough market of people who will buy from you.Also consider this: • Who will buy your product? • Is there a primary or secondary target market? • What factors influence their decision to buy? • Who is involved in the purchase decision? • How often will they buy? • Where do they currently buy, when and how much? • Is there opportunity to turn casual buyers into loyal buyers? • Can you build a long-term relationship with your market?Developing HOT TopicsIndentify the problemIt’s amazing how many people will develop information products before theyeven know if there is a problem and desire for a solution. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 7
  8. 8. Some people have spent months, thousands of dollars and tons of energydeveloping very complex programs only to find out what they thought theMarket wanted is not at all what they wanted.Low cost reports are one of the most cost effective ways to see how yourmarket will respond to solutions you offer. If there is not an interest fromyour market for a low-priced report how do you expect to sell a high pricedprogram to them?Developing a low priced report will give you a good indication if people areinterested in what you are providing a solution for.Not only can you make money with the report, you can learn a lot aboutwhat your market wants this way.It’s actually quite easy to identify the problem a specific market has. • Survey potential buyers • Visit Forums specific to your market • Notice what your clients are asking for • Social networks such as “Facebook” and “LinkedIn” • Micro blogs such as “Twitter” • Pay attention to what’s happening in mediaFinding content by surveyingLet’s start with surveying.You can develop a very short, simple and easy to answer survey by utilizing freeservices on the Internet.I am a firm believer in utilizing free resources whenever possible as long as theyserve your purpose.Initially, you don’t need to invest in a lot of high priced programs, servicesor subscriptions. Get a feel for what you are doing before spending moneyunnecessarily.Here are just a few of the available online survey tools.http://www.surveymonkey.comhttp://www.freeonlinesurvey.comhttp://www.zoomerang.comObviously, the free version will have limitations such as how many responsesyou can collect, how many questions you can ask and customization of thesurvey. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 8
  9. 9. However, all do offer upgrades to their paid version which will then give you moreflexibility.But to begin the free version of each can work very nicely. I just happen to useSurvey Monkey and am very happy with this service. The paid version runs about$20 per month.Below are sample survey questions I developed for a survey for a teleseminarprogram I was working on. The answers to the following questions gave me theinformation I needed to know what to add to the sales copy, what to focus onregarding problems and solutions and if those responding would be a good matchfor my products and/or services.1. What is your level of experience with hosting teleseminars? Minimal Moderate Above average Outstanding2. Do you currently use Teleseminars in your business? Yes No3. If yes to #2 do you generate revenues with Teleseminars? Yes No4. What is your greatest challenge with hosting teleseminars?Check as many as you want. Time Money to implement Too much competition Knowledge Lack of resources such as software Someone to help with the tech stuff Managing everything5. What are your current revenue streams? Consulting Coaching Brick and mortar Information products Writing Professional speaker Other (please specify)6. If you could learn one thing about teleseminars and making ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 9
  10. 10. money with teleseminars, what would it be?7. Are you familiar with Mark Huber’s information products andservices? Yes No8. How did you hear about TalkAndMakeMoney withTeleseminars? Check as many as you want. Blog posting Media release Twitter Someone else’s ezine or email message OtherHere is a “screen shot” of the Survey Monkey online survey… ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 10
  11. 11. The information you can extract from a survey like this is priceless in developingyour topic matter.Create your own survey questions based on your market and what solutionsyou offer. You can survey your current opt in subscribers, members of groupsyou belong to online, in your social networks and in forums.Questions you might ask your market?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ForumsA great place to ferret out information is in any forum your market participates in.This is why the more you know about your market; the more likely you will be ableto find forums specific to their interests.For example, let’s say my market happens to be ragdoll cat owners. Thereare likely to be forums specific to this area of interest.All you would need to do is go to and input “ragdoll cat +forums” in the search to find some top groups. There were quite a few thatcame up with this search. Try it with yourself. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 11
  12. 12. Below is a snapshot of a Ragdoll Cats Forum that boasts allot of members. If yourtarget market is Ragdoll cats this is the place to be.Note: I am the proud owner of two lovely ragdoll cats!...See their picture here: ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 12
  13. 13. Deszi & LucyWhat are your clients telling you they need a solution to?The most profitable reports will be ones that are developed based on what yourmarket asked for and/or what they are telling you about their problems.By paying attention to what they were saying you will be able to narrow your focusand have a laser beam approach to developing a solution.This is probably one of the most overlooked areas in identifying what will sell!Warning! Don’t base your decision on what you will develop because ofwhat one or two people ask for. Make sure you can justify the time ittakes to write reports (and develop other information products) bygetting input from enough people.Additionally, make sure who you are getting input from is truly in yourtarget market.It’s likely your siblings, neighbours and/or parents are not your targetmarket. So be careful what kind of feedback they give you and you listento.Social NetworksWith the popularity of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and countless other socialnetworks you can find ample information about what people are looking for.One simply needs to pay attention to the conversations.You can also “prime the pump” by asking for input about a specific topic. Youwill be amazed at how generous people are with their input.The Media Can Reveal a Lot ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 13
  14. 14. There is so much information available by what is going on in the news.For example, as there is still allot going on with mortgage rates, foreclosures andrefinancing, this is a prime time for someone in the mortgage or real estateindustry to produce reports.Possible titles: • Buying your first home in a downturn economy • How to refinance your home and save thousands • Ten ways to save your home from being foreclosedAny one of these topics could be turned into a short report, very contentfilled that could sell for under $10. If enough of the right people (yourmarket with the need and desire for this information) knows about thereport, you will sell it.Speaking of mortgages: here is the “sales page” for an eBook that I put togetheron that very subject… you can see, the possibilities are endless!Your job is to pay attention to what is going on by bringing timely and valuableinformation to your readers.Where can you find information on what your market wants?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 14
  15. 15. You’re ready to begin!Now, once you’ve gotten your survey answers back, visited forums, listened towhat your market is saying and paid attention to current events - you are nowready to create your report.But before you begin writing the content of your report it is a good idea to thinkabout what you want to include in the report. You also want to think about yourtitle and subtitle.There are countless ways to do this with two of the most popular being “mindmapping” and “list writing”.Mind map your reportA mind map is a diagram used to help you organize your thoughts and ideasfor the report. Some people find mind mapping works great while othersprefer to write a list.A mind map can be hand generated or computer generated. It’s entirelybased on what works for you.1. Start with a central theme. Turn this into a working title.2. Create all the possible subtopics for that theme.3. Write one sentence for each subtopic.4. Organize in the order you want to explain things.5. Write a paragraph for each subtopic.6. Expand from there.Free MindGet organized and more effective - quickly and visually with this FREE “mindmapping” program. Learn how to use Free Mind - TutorialsHere is a screen shot from Free Mind ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 15
  16. 16. List methodSome people do better by listing all the elements they want to add in theirreport. Below is an example of how I could have written a list to create thereport you are reading.Topic/Title – How to develop money making reportsSubtopics• Who is the market?• Topic• Title• Subtitle• Write• Format• Landing page• Promotions• SellingNow you try itTopic - (What is the main thing you will be teaching with your report?)• Subtopic – What are other things pertinent to the topic?• Subtopic - What are other things pertinent to the topic?• Subtopic – What are other things pertinent to the topic?• Subtopic – What are other things pertinent to the topic?• Subtopic – What are other things pertinent to the topic?• Subtopic – What are other things pertinent to the topic?Write to a nicheRather than thinking everyone needs what you have, think in terms of aspecific group of people who have a very specific problem that would want ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 16
  17. 17. your reports. These are referred to as niche markets.Niche markets are core groups of people within a larger target audience.They will have similar characteristics, but are even more defined.Let’s say your general market is dog owners. Within that market you havedog owners who are interested in breeding. You have dog owners interestedin specific breeds. Owners who have concerns about fleas and ticks.3 completely different markets and topics• Dogs - How to pick the right dog for your lifestyle• Horses - How to fit a saddle on your horse• Women - How to women over the age of 50 can lose weight fast, easyand without dietingMany people only go to the surface level of defining a market. The deeperyou go, the more of a solution you can provide.However, you need to know there are enough people within a secondaryniche to make it worth your while to develop a report.What is your area of expertise?Write based on your area of expertise. What successes have you had thatyou have the “right” to teach people about?What are you good at? What do others come to you for advice about? Whatdo you know well?You have to write subject matter that potential buyers will be interested in.There’s no reason to create a report that no one is going to buy. That is whydoing your research before you begin writing is so essential.The beauty of information products is that people rarely buy just oneinformation product on a particular subject. Think about your own buyinghabits. When you have an interest in something don’t you get as muchinformation as you possibly can on the topic?When I was researching healthy eating I not only bought books from mylocal book store, I bought several reports online within a very short period oftime. I wanted as much information as I could get my hands on.Whether its animal care, health, midlife, child rearing, or gardening, mostpeople will buy several resources. Your job is to identify the market, whatkeeps them awake at night and provide a solution by way of a report. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 17
  18. 18. And….to market to them. More on marketing later in this report.Write what you have an interest inTo really optimize your development time you will be well served to writeabout something you have an interest in. Many people develop productsbased on monetary reasons only. The fact is, you are going to work harderdeveloping products you have no interest in rather than those you reallyenjoy writing about.When you are developing the content, the subject matter should match yourexpertise. In other words, why spend time on something you have toresearch extensively and have no real passion about.Again, you will find the process a lot easier (and more enjoyable) if you arewriting on something you have an interest in and a passion for.Titles that sellYour title is one of the most important parts of your report. You don’t wantto take this aspect of your report development lightly. The title and subtitlecan make or break the success of your report. People often make theirbuying decisions on how “catchy” a title is.Keep your title specific to your market. Rather than, “Everything you want toknow about dogs,” try “The selection and care of __________ dogs.” Youcould fill it in with just about any breed.Granted, you may target owners of all types of dog breeds, but chances areeach report you write will address a specific area.Think of it this way; if you put everything in your first report you’ll missopportunities for other reports for the same market.Some great words that have worked for me are:• How to __________• Secrets of ___________• 101 Ways to ____________SubtitlesIn many cases, a subtitle will give more strength to the title. However, if youhave a really great title that is very descriptive you may not need a subtitle.The title is usually 3 – 7 words. The subtitle can be much longer. The ideabehind the subtitle is to convey benefits. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 18
  19. 19. One of my most highly received reports has beenFinancial Planner Finally Reveals Closely Held Secrets On How To Quickly and Easily Build A Thriving Business By Using Teleconference Calls Marketing YOU - Your Products And Services - Through TeleseminarsYou can download it free of charge here at: http://TalkAndMakeMoney.comHost a teleconference callHosting a teleconference call is simple, fun AND profitable!It’s a great way to connect with other like minded individuals and gives you awealth of information to work with… • One of the easiest ways to get out a report is: • Host a teleconference call • Have the call “transcribed” • Edit the transcription • Format the transcription • Create a PDF • Market and sellTeleconferencing ServicesI personally use both BV FreeConferencing and Instant TeleseminarCheck each out and determine for yourself which one you want to start with…BV FreeConferencing is a free and robust conference calling service: This “on-demand” conference calling service allows for a 250-person conference callcapacity. It also includes instant conference call access, no conference callingfees, full membership—not a trial, manage calls online—Included Free: FreeConference Call RecordingInstant Teleseminar is by far the worlds simplest most powerful system toexplode your website profits!Once your teleconference call has ended you will need to get it “transcribed”.I use OnlineAndOntime Virtual Transcription Services. I have used this service foryears and give it my full endorsement.As a matter of fact, you can get going quickly by just speaking into your computermicrophone and having your talk recorded with Audacity ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 19
  20. 20. This FREE to download “standard in the industry” and “open source” programallows you to record and then “clean up” or manipulate your audio files. You can’tlive without it!Formatting your reportFor someone very new to developing information products a simple processis write your report in a Word document, format, add clipart and/or picturesas needed, convert into a PDF file.When you want to use images in your report – try out http://iStockPhoto.com Will allow you to use their “royalty free” materials forFREE (or a modest amount). Search from over 3 million photographs, vectorillustrations, video footage and Flash files.For those who don’t have Microsoft “Word” installed on their computer Open Officeis a great FREE “online” alternative!And while Adobe Acrobat is a great resource for turning your file into a PDFdocument it does come at a cost…While your getting started use is a FREE online document conversion to .pdf format! I use this onlineservice constantly…and in fact, make this report with it!Website Hosting of your reportYou will need to rent some “cyberspace real estate” with which “host” your websiteand your report…Here are 2 of my favourites from personal experience:Kiosk HostingMy personal Web Hosting company of choice…HostGatorAnother excellent Web Hosting company…Delivery of the report to the buyerOnce your report is formatted you will need to upload it to your website. (If ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 20
  21. 21. you don’t know how to do this talk to your web designer.)Website design is not difficult these days! All you need is a good WYSIWYG (whatyou see is what you get) HTML editor.Personally, I use Nvu which is a FREE “open source” program. If you need somehelp to get going there are great tutorials at: Nvu TutorialsNow, create a hyperlink to your report. This is what your buyer will click todownload the report after they make the purchase.On the sales page you need to have an “order now” or “buy now” button. ThisNEEDS to be connected to your shopping cart.Below is by far the most tested “buy button” in Internet history.It is known as “The Belcher Button”…Split tests show “close rates” increased by 35 to 320% over ANY other buy buttonused. Every element of the button has been tested individually in over 10,000closed transactions.Here is my tested & proven buy button… “The Belcher Button”The button is 100% free for you to use. Just go grab it here at, moving on… ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 21
  22. 22. When someone buys they are taken to a download page.Automate the delivery process as much as possible…To make sure that they get the report right away you can also set up a follow upmessage in your autoresponder with the link inside to the PDF report. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 22
  23. 23. Anyone serious about making money online uses what is known as a “sequentialautoresponder” service.There are some very good providers out there however, my personalautoresponder service provider of choice is AweberTo find out more just to to Aweber You can also learn more about emailmarketing with Email Marketing TutorialsLanding PagesA landing page, also referred to as a squeeze page, is a web page that islinked to or landed on directly from a hyperlink in an e-mail campaign, blogentry or related website. This will be the page where you tell people aboutyour report.In the purest sense a landing page is what will have your sales copy and/oroffer that encourages potential buyers of your report to become actualbuyers.To see what a landing page looks like for one of my teleseminars go to: Do You Need a Landing Page?The main reason you need a landing page is so that you can “talk” to yourcustomer.Keep in mind, especially with a page that is selling something, you cannot be atyour site to have an actual conversation with people and answer all their questionsin a real time scenario. You must anticipate as many of the questions and concernsyour potential buyer may have.Landing pages are also designed specifically to capture visitors from an ad orother targeted marketing strategies. It is used to influence a specific actionfrom visitors to your site.Try to use audio and video as well! These mediums engage the viewer and“personalises” your site as well as allowing your viewers to see and hear you!This builds on the “know, like and trust” factor – before they make the “buyingdecision”… is one of my sites where I have a “WelcomeVideo”… ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 23
  24. 24. How much copy do I need?The less the investment the shorter the copy. Your higher priced products(several hundred or several thousand dollars) the longer the copy.For a low priced report the copy would likely be no more than two or threepages of information if you were to print it out.Sales copy for high end items can be 30, 35, 40 pages plus.Why Are Some Landing Pages So Long?There is a great deal of debate by those who are not familiar with the powerof long sales letters as to their effectiveness. The fact is, long pages dowork; that is, if they are well written.Again, the purpose of a sales page is to answer the many questions that thepotential buyer has. That is why many sales landing pages are so long forhigher priced items.Elements of an effective squeeze page are: • A catchy title or headline • A way for visitors to determine if the message on the page is for them • Video • Benefits-driven bullet points • Some type of an offer • Buy now button • Payment optionsDo not give your visitors more than two choices when they arrive at yourlanding page! The most effective squeeze pages are those where your onlyoption is to purchase or leave.Check out Mini Site Secrets Tutorial as a bonus 2 mini site “templates” areincluded to get you going…Please note: a landing page is different than your blog or website. On yourblog or website you may have several options for visitors.See my landing page at http://SuccessOnTheFly.comPromotional Messages Should Have Some UrgencyPromotional messages that lead people to your landing page must not only becompelling, you may also need to create urgency.Urgency is created through: ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 24
  25. 25. • Limited time offer • Limited price offer • Limited number of spotsWith the right market, urgency works very well and is very ethical.You can add something special when people make their purchase by aspecific date. For example, when they buy within 48 hours of you sendingout the promotional message they receive an MP3 file with the report. In thecase of some of my reports, I will add in a live bonus teleseminar with thereport purchase.Do what you can to get people to take action the first time they visit yourlanding page. Chances are if they leave the page they won’t return.Sales page copywritingDeveloping a well written sales page is a determining factor of whether ornot your report will sell. The following information will help you to have thebest copy you can to persuade someone to purchase your report.Know and believe in your productThis is essential to good copywriting. You have to know your product andyou have to believe in it. In this case, the product is your report.There are those who will say it is not necessary to believe in what you’reselling, but if you want to be viewed as someone who sells with integritythen you must believe in what you are selling. This comes across in yourcopy.Warning! Before you launch your promotions be sure to test thelinks, the shopping cart and the autoresponder message.Know who your ideal client is and write to that personProfile your ideal client. Their age, educational level, hobbies, interests,profession, etc. The more you can identify who your ideal client is, the easieryour copywriting become.Instead of trying to write to a mass of people, write to your ideal client. Useyour client’s language patterns. What are their buzz words? What phrasesmight they use.As I mentioned earlier, surveys are a great way to find out what your marketwants. They are also a great way to notice the language patterns they use.In a survey, add a few open ended questions. This will give you ideas forwhat needs to go in your copy. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 25
  26. 26. Convey benefitsIt is very important that your reader know what the benefits of your reportare. Otherwise they won’t justify the purchase.Benefits can be developed by identify what problem your report solves. Inthe sales copy that was on the landing page for the report you are reading Ilisted several benefits you would receive by getting the report.Here are a few of them: • Learn how to develop HOT topics that people eagerly pay for • Learn how to ferret out great content for an unlimited number of reports • Find out how to set up a replicable system to create ongoing revenues • Learn how to get a report to market even if you dont like to write ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 26
  27. 27. • Learn how you can begin making money within 24 hours even if you dont have your own report to sell. • Your buyer may be interested in something that will make them money, save time, increase the quality of their personal and/or professional life and make them feel good. • Your job is to find out what they want and write you copy with benefits specific to their interest.Address objectionsAs you write keep in mind that your sales copy needs to address the buyer’sobjections. You are not going to be able to address their objections so yoursales copy must.Some of the most common objections will be time, money, don’t know you,will your report solve their problem.The best way to write is to do so as if you are speaking to a friend. Don’t tryto get overly fancy, just tell it like it is. Who can your report help and howwill it help?Having either audio or video on your sales page even goes farther in helping withthe sales process…HeadingsYour heading has to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Make theheading stand out and convey a benefit.SubheadingsMost people will initially scan your sales copy. If there are key points that“jump out” at them, they are more likely to go back and read your copy inmore detail.Break up copy with color, typeface size and subheads. However, don’t put somany different visuals on the page that it becomes confusing to the reader. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 27
  28. 28. Keep paragraphs shortAvoid having huge blocks of copy. Short paragraphs work very well for salescopy for a report.Use words that SellSome words tend to influence your reader or listener more than others. Testwords in your copy to determine which have the greatest pull.Below is a list of words that you can pick and choose from for your copy.AbsolutelyAmazingApprovedAttractiveAuthenticBargain ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 28
  29. 29. BeautifulBetterBigColorfulColossalCompleteConfidentialDirectDiscountEasilyEndorsedEnormousExcellentExcitingExclusiveExpertFamousFascinatingFortuneFullFreeGenuineGiftGiganticGreatestGuaranteedHelpfulHighestHugeImmediatelyImprovedInformativeInstructiveInterestingKeysLargestLatestLiberalLifetimeLimitedLowestMagicMiracleMoneyNotedOddOutstanding ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 29
  30. 30. PerfectPersonalizedPopularPowerPowerfulPracticalProfessionalProfitableProvenQualityQuicklyRareReducedRefundableRemarkableReliableRevealingRevolutionaryScarceSecretsSecuritySelectedSensationalSimplifiedSizableSpecialStartlingStrangeStrongSturdySuccessfulSuperiorSurpriseTerrificTestedTodayTremendousUnconditionalUniqueUnlimitedUnparalleledUnsurpassedUnusualUsefulValuableWealthWeird ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 30
  31. 31. WonderfulYouAdd testimonials to your sales copyOne of the most effective methods for you to enhance your credibility andtrust with prospective clients is with strong testimonies. Money-makinglanding pages will be enhanced by utilizing effective testimonials.Authentic client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. There arenumerous benefits in using positive client feedback including: • You will establish your credibility quickly. • You can set yourself apart from your competition. • You can quickly and easily show results other clients obtained when they worked with you.A testimonial consists of a written or spoken statement about the experiencesomeone has had with you, your product or service or your company. Keeptestimonials specific to the subject matter of your report.Potential customers are most likely to believe testimonials from trustworthyclients than they are to believe you tooting your own horn. It is not unheardof for a new client to make a buying decision based upon a testimonial.Two types of testimonialsResults drivenFeel goodThree primary parts to a well-developed testimonialSituationSolutionResult(s)Below is a “screen shot” of some of the testimonials on my mortgage eBook site: ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 31
  32. 32. If I am promoting a report on building an opt-in subscriber list the first examplebelow is more effective than the second.Example One“I increased my opt-in database by 300% in lessthan a month with Mark Huber’s step-by-step listbuilding method.”Example Two“Mark Huber is really fun to work with.”Promoting your reportThere are numerous ways to promote your report. What you are actuallygoing to promote is the landing page telling people about the report.In order to achieve optimum results you should utilize a number of methods.Remember, there are countless ways to market and promote that cost youabsolutely nothing. • Opt-in subscriber list • Email Signature File • Media release ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 32
  33. 33. • Articles in your ezine • Advertisements • Solo • Classifieds • Advertisement swaps • Other Ezine publisher • On various websites • Social networks • Forums • Blogging • AffiliatesThose who are extremely successful at generating great revenues from low-priced reports do a lot of marketing. The more you market the better youare likely to do.It is not likely you will reach everyone who is a potential buyer with one ortwo messages. You need to send out several messages utilizing as manyavenues as possible.Again, the more you know who your market is, where they tend to “hangout” and what motivates them, the easier your marketing becomes.Options for paymentThere are simple options you can provide for payment. A merchant accountand/or PayPal. You can also post your report on a directory like Clickbankand others can sell it for you. Regardless of what method you choose, youdo have to promote the report.What is Clickbank?ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 12,000 digital productvendors and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.There is a small fee to join Clickbank. Once you do you can post youreProducts for affiliates to sell.There is no guarantee that you will make any money through Clickbank.However, it is a nice option for someone just starting out in the world ofeBased products and a very nice option for seasoned Internet marketers.No matter how great your report is, your job is to let resellers know it exists.With over 12,000 vendors it is not likely someone will simply happen uponyour product. So don’t think that all you have to do is create the product,post it and make lots of money. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 33
  34. 34. Regardless of how you intend to sell your reports you absolutely mustpromote this fact.Other ways to generate money from reportsSell reports developed from your own information. Create content byinterviewing experts.Sell other people’s reports and earn an affiliate commission.Set up an affiliate program for others to sell your report.The first two options are great for people who either can’t write very well orsimply don’t like to write.Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a world class writer to create moneymaking reports. What you do have to do is give a lot of great content.Become an affiliateOne of the easiest ways to become an affiliate is after you have bought areport find out if the person who wrote the report is offering affiliatecommissions for you to resell.On page 32 of this report there is information on how you can become aSuccessOnTheFly affiliate and earn 50% from this report.Sell two and you’ve earned your investment back. Sell ten and you haveearned over $80. It’s very simple if you know people who would be interested inthis topic.Regardless of what you decide to sell there has to be an interest in the topicby the people you will be promoting it to.Your own affiliate programIf you have a good shopping cart program you can easily set up your ownaffiliate program. Check to see if this option is available with the programyou have.If you don’t yet have a shopping cart, check out EasyWebAutomation(1shoppingcart) If you have your own blog/website and you want to accept creditcards online, you’re going to need a shopping cart. EasyWebAutomation(1shoppingcart) provides this as well as autoresponders, tracking software,merchant accounts and a lot more. The #1 Automation and Shopping CartSolution… ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 34
  35. 35. You can get a 30 day trial of EasyWebAutomation here at EasyWebAutomationIf you are looking for something more you will be very well served withNanacast.comAt you can create your own membership sites, premium rss feeds,and podcasts in minutes…Automate delivery of digital and physical products, services, premium rss orpodcasts, including on demand print and shipment…AndAutomate your own affiliate program, manage affiliate brokers, automate affiliatebonus offer delivery, customize promotions with coupons and more!In conclusionNow that you have read this report, the rest is up to you. Why wait to begin.Set a target date for the following:Identifying your marketSurveying your marketDeveloping a topic, title and outlineWrite the contentEditFormatPDFSet up your shopping cartCreate your landing pagePromoteEnjoy the fruits of your laborThank you for investing in this report. If you are serious about makingmoney reports you can. The key is to have a plan and take action on the plan.Here’s To Your Success! ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 35
  36. 36. Mark HuberPS: For more “step by step” instructions on how to write and make money pleasevisit: Mark Huber’s Million Dollar Rolodex! Your Business Building ResourcesCongratulations!You now have access to my private Million Dollar Rolodex!Take advantage of my years of Online experience dealing with vendor products and servicesthat can make or break you in the Online marketing world.I’ve spent a great deal of time and money on many things that didn’t work as promised. I spentthat money so you don’t have to. Let me point you in the right direction by giving you access tothe people, products and services listed in my personal Million Dollar Resource Rolodex.Please be aware that SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises and Mark Huber do not take anyresponsibility for the results that you experience using any of the listed vendors or theirproducts or services. Also please note that while some of the venders listed may compensateme for sending business their way, I only recommend them too you because of the successesthat I have experienced with them in my own personal businesses.P.S. If you are in need a particular service that is not listed here, let me know. Chances are Ican find you a recommended resource from someone in my network.P.P.S. If you see an *asterisk beside a particular vender it means that I have not yet used theirproduct or service but have heard good things about them from colleagues.The following tools and service providers will be of great assistance to you, your opportunityand your business… and increasing your income through writing money making reports.Free MindGet organized and more effective - quickly and visually with this FREE “mind mapping”program. ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 36
  37. 37. Learn how to use Free Mind - TutorialsTeleconferencing ServicesEach of the following resources are well known and have a good reputations. Check each outand determine for yourself which one you want to go with…BV FreeConferencingA free and robust conference calling service: This “on-demand” conference calling serviceallows for a 250-person conference call capacity. It also includes instant conference call access,no conference calling fees, full membership—not a trial, manage calls online—Included Free:Free Conference Call RecordingInstant TeleseminarGet instant access to the worlds simplest most powerful system to explode website profits!IT is a complete turnkey marketing system for GROUP SALES EVENTS. IT attracts prospects,builds lists, and increases sales. You pick an event date and time, and IT does everything else!Get a 21-Day Trial for $1SkypeThis is telephone through your computer!EvocaRecord your Skype call with Evoca. You can even get it transcribed!Audio EditorAudacityThis FREE “standard in the industry” and “open source” program allows you to manipulateyour audio files. You can’t live without it!dBPowerAmp *This service will convert a fast playing or weird sounding audio file for free. Just “upload” yourmp3 file and “convert” it to: MP3 - 44.1khz – 16 bit – 128kbpsAllows you to edit your audio file for a cleaner sound – you can also add sound effects like introand exit music. Very versatile, the industry standard – and FREE.Transcription ServicesOnlineAndOntime Virtual Transcription Services. I have used this service for years and giveit my full * ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 37
  38. 38. Transcription rates are approx. $1.50 a minuteLead Capture Page Maker (A “Squeeze Page”)Mini Site Secrets Tutorial(As a Bonus: 2 mini site “templates” to get you going)Website DesignHTML EditorNvu“Open source” I personally use this constantlyNvu TutorialsGraphics EditorGimp“Open source” I personally use this constantlyGimp TutorialsFTP Software – (File Transfer Protocol)Filzillala FTPSequential Autoresponder ServiceAweberMy personal autoresponder service provider of choice…Email Marketing TutorialsWebsite HostingKiosk HostingMy personal Web Hosting company of choice…HostGator *Another excellent Web Hosting company… ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 38
  39. 39. Domain Name RegistrarName CheapPayment ProcessorPaypalMerchant AccountCharge Today.comSurvey ToolSurvey MonkeyMembership Site Maker – And MORE!Nanacast.comCreate your own membership sites, premium rss feeds, and podcasts in minutesAutomate delivery of digital and physical products, services, premium rss or podcasts,including on demand print and shipment!Automate your own affiliate program, manage affiliate brokers, automate affiliate bonus offerdelivery, customize promotions with coupons and more!Shopping CartEasyWebAutomation(1shoppingcart) If you have your own blog/website and you want to accept credit cards online,you’re going to need a shopping cart. EasyWebAutomation (1shoppingcart) provides this aswell as autoresponders, tracking software, merchant accounts and a lot more. The #1Automation and Shopping Cart Solution…Tracking & TestingAdtrackzGreat tool to monitor, test and track your sales copy and links.Social Networking ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 39
  40. 40. Ping.fmA free automated social networking posting serviceThis free service automatically updates ALL of YOUR social networking sites– alertingeveryone that there was new “content” available from you!They currently support over 30 social networking sites and are adding more on a regularbasis…Other ResourcesTalkShoe.comHave a meeting - public or private. Make a podcast. Or start your own talk show. Youautomatically get your RSS and iTunes feeds, so you can spread the word about your talkshow…all for FREE!PodcastsPodclass.comLearn OR share your knowledge. With your FREE membership, you can...create an onlinecourse, get paid for your knowledge, learn from other experts, connect with other members!RadioBlog Talk RadioHost your very own Internet talk radio show – for FREE!Other FavoritesOpen Office *Free alternative to Microsoft!Google Docs *Create “slide shows”, “online” calendars and a ton of other useful things – all for FREE!Neevia.comFree online document conversion to .pdf format (I use this constantly…and make this reportwith it!) ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 40
  41. 41. This firm is a “fulfillment house” for creating “physical” products of your audio or videorecordings – CD’s, DVDs, etc. – no minimum orders! Shipped directly to your clientsdoorstep! (Ask for “Charles”)Disc MoJo *Converts your digital information products into physical productshttp://99designs.comDesigners from around the globe will submit design concepts to compete for your business.“Royalty free” materials for you to use. Search from over 3 million photographs, vectorillustrations, video footage and Flash files.Royalty FREE musichttp://www.trakax.comhttp://www.royalty-free.tvhttp://www.premiumbeat.comhttp://downloadsoundeffects.comhttp://www.musictrackslibrary.com Finding An Expert Online – To Do What You Wanthttp://Guru.comhttp://eLance.comhttp://ScriptLance.comhttp://RentACoder.comhttp://GetAFreelancer.comhttp://Workaholics4Hire.comCelebritiesContact Any Celebrity * (great for endorsements) ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 41
  42. 42. Authors To InterviewRTIR.comMiscallaneousToll Free Numbers *Self PublishingAardvark Global *ISBN and BarcodesBack Up Your Hard Drive (automatically)Mozy *Help Desk SoftwareOS TicketTeleprompterRemember, the true power of leverage is to do the work once and get “paid” for it over andover…this is the power of your opportunity – and the services showcased above…For more resources and reviews feel free to visit us at ©2009 Copyright Mark Huber and SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved. Page 42
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