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  1. 1. Introduction Online social lending service 1 2 3 4 5 Launched in 2005 Provide low rate loan Act as a middle man Destination site www.zopa.com Logo
  2. 2. Features Brick and mortar 1 2 3 4 Buyer oriented C2C buisness Auction ( commercial mechanism) Logo
  3. 3. • C2C buisness model • Register first • Same bank process • Zopa loans start at £1,000 to £15,000. • Affiliated revenue (commission based) • Payment insurance Logo
  4. 4. Zopa has a unique/different marketing strategy than the most of other online companies. • Zopa has putt effort on the “word-of-mouth” •Another important strategy is that Zopa uses Search-EngineMarketing as its main onlinemarketing activity but it needs certainimprovements Logo
  5. 5. Logo
  6. 6. SWOT analysis Strenght Weakness • Low rates • No interest and credits • Reduced labour cost • Commision based • Risk of defaulters • Lack of marketing Logo
  7. 7. SWOT analysis Oppertunities Threats • Craze of social connectivity •Large no. Of borrowers •Untapped market •Social media •Less depositors •Aquisition threat Logo
  8. 8. • Free formers Duvall is quoted as saying: "it's a group that's growing really quickly. I think in the 10 or 15 years time most people will work this way. It's happening right across the developing world. We've been doing some research in the US and we think there are some 30 or 40 million people Not good Quality there with these attitudes and behaviours". Jetsport Fruittare Good Quality ChocBar Doughnut Low Price Logo
  9. 9. James Alexander says: 'I spend a lot of time talking to members and have found enormous goodwill towards the idea, which is really like lending to family members or within a community'. But he also says that some of the lenders are simply entrepreneurs who have the funds, understand portfolio diversification and risk and are lending on Zopa alongside other investments. Not good Quality Good Quality Jetsport ChocBar Fruittare Doughnut Low Price Logo
  10. 10. Logo
  11. 11. History It allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. Firebox.com is an e-commerce store based in London that was created in 1998 as hotbox.co.uk. Logo
  12. 12. •If we see in e-business type then firebox.com is consumer to consumer (c2c) site where consumer (seller) sell his product to consumer (buyer), And vice versa. Firebox.com is a buyer oriented site in which buyer and seller meet with one another and later on the seller provide services for satisfaction of product and brand. Logo
  13. 13. Type of online intermiediaries Search engines Youtube “that help user to seek destination site ” Portals Facebook LO Logo
  14. 14. • Over the years we’ve learned to manage our customers database like any other key business asset - we invest in it and we nurture it to generate the best possible ROI. Logo
  15. 15. • The coolest thing you can buy has appointed its global fulfillment partner new phase of international growth. • The five years partnership launches in july 2013 dispatch thousands of products to firebox customer globally. 1500 unique products • Fire box achieve a more sophisticated e commerce fulfillment strategy to focus on its international growth. Logo
  16. 16. Marketing mix Product price Quality Image Branding Availability Payment method: paypal, visa, American express. Discount : Discount rates are given with the products Logo
  17. 17. Marketing Mix Place promotion • Firebox is now a multichannel retailer. It also introduce very sales promotion and it also give incentives to staff. Sales promotion Product promotion Marketing promotion Logo
  18. 18. • Dotcom started from 1995.and this is about those web site that allowed to sell things via internet. (Amazon.com)(ebay.com) is the example of dotcom. And dotcom boom comes during 1995 to 2000. Dotcom boom is also known as the dotcom bubble, internet bubble etc. In the 1990s bills. there are a lot of online companies but there were no cash coming into the pay. They had high stock prices but nothing backup products. And in the end of decade most of the companies failed and dotcom bust. And In this decade firebox opened but they had all kind of strategies with these strategies firebox.com work properly in uk, usa and other countries.. Logo
  19. 19. ? Any questions around this topic? Logo
  20. 20. Thank you Logo