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The Woman In Black Analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Woman In Black Analysis

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Text- 0:00 to 0:02 secondsThe first scenes are of titles they are promoting the companies involved so that theaudience can look for these companies if they have enjoyed the text (media) and wantto have a something to look for when researching into similar media. There is smoky ormisty behind the text that moves across the screen this is keeping to the mood andgenre.
  3. 3. Camera- 0:05 to 0:06 seconds SoundThis establishing shot is showing the setting for the film and There is somewhere the horror is going to happen. This shot is also showing diegetic sound forthat the character is possibly not form the area and will be the train in thisvulnerable to the surroundings as he won’t have a clear scene forunderstanding of them. verisimilitude.
  4. 4. Camera Sound-0:07 to 0:09 seconds There is non-diegetic, contrapuntal music inThis close up is and effective shot it is a hearpe playing and it is peacefulit is showing that the character is instrument but it being played with darktired or fed up thus vulnerable. scenes and enigmatic scenery. The musicThe mirrored face is also eerie. may be contrapuntal but It works well because it makes the scenes creepy which is good in the genre of horror.
  5. 5. Camera-0:10 to 0:11 secondsThis establishing shot shows the building that the character will be staying in. Theaudience will pick up on the aesthetics and will judge the building on theconventional, stereo-typical, perception of buildings like this one. Which will be it’s oldand therefore will have history which would point towards the house being haunted. Thetrees surrounding the house would give dark areas, blind spots in the day and at nightthus making the setting enigmatic. The audience will pick all of this up and may feeluneasy and weary about the main characters safety.
  6. 6. Camera- 0:11 secondsThis over the shoulder shot shows that the main character is talking to anenigmatic character on the train, the main character looks worried. Thisshows to the audience that the main character is already having doubts andthis will give the audience doubts about the safety of the protagonistcharacters.
  7. 7. Camera- 0:12 secondsThis over the shoulder shot shows that the character looks alittle bit smug that he has scared the main character. This willmake the audience question about what this enigmaticcharacter knows about the building or setting.
  8. 8. Camera-0:14 to 0:17 secondsThese establishing shots are showing how far out the building is andjourney it takes to get to it. It is in an area where if you needed helpnobody would be around to help this will be picked up by theaudience and the characters will know how vulnerable the maincharacter is. There also has to be a reason that it is the only propertyfor miles and this will get the audience thinking about that.
  9. 9. Camera-0:18 to 0:20 secondsThe close up of the cross emphasises the cross, the audience will wonder why. Thenthe close up on the main characters face shows worry. Finally the wide angle shotbreaks the 180 degree rule and will freak the audience out it also makes sure thatthe cross is in the scene again to emphasis it This is weird because the audiencehavent been told about the cross and will be wondering why it is beingemphasised.
  10. 10. Camera-0:21 secondsThis wide angle mid shot shows that main character seeing the building for the firsttime. We have already seen the house but this scene makes sure we know that themain character is arriving. Also the gates of the house have either been rusted off thehinges thus adding history and age making the building more enigmatic. Or they havebeen forced of the hinges meaning something powerful is present. Either way theaudience may pick up on this and it will make them feel worried for the main character.
  11. 11. Camera-0:24 to 0:25 secondsThis high angle, long shot is the first time that the audience and the maincharacter have seen the inside of the building. The angle of the shot gives thefeeling of something watching the main character entering the house. Also itgives of the sense of the main character being vulnerable and as if he is beinglooked down on. The audience will sense this as they are also looking down atthe main character and they can feel the sense of power as they do. This willmean they will worry about the safety of this character. This shot is showingthe audience the age of the building and the history in one shot. The interiorin dusty and the furniture etc. Is antique old and untouched. This all gives ofan enigmatic feeling because the building has therefore had plenty of time toreceive history and the arenaceous interior means that it hasn’t been touchedor lived in for a while and the audience will then wonder why it hasn’t beenlived in and what has kept people from buying this beautiful building.
  12. 12. Camera Sound-0:30 seconds The non-diegetic sound is a lowThis mid shot shows the shadows and the pitch sound building up to achiaroscuro lighting gives the audience a sense into higher one to cause tension ashow something could jump out on the character the character walks though theand the eerie shot is the first scene where the dark enigmatic house.audience will feel scared about what could surprisethem.
  13. 13. Camera-0:33 to 0:36 secondsThe first scene is a mid shot of the main character spinning a zoetrope which is a device forgiving an illusion of motion, consisting of a slitted drum that, when whirled, shows asuccession of images placed opposite the slits within the drum as one moving image. Theseoriginated in 1865-70 and where popular at this time in history. So this small prop shows theage of the building. The next two scenes which are the close up’s show that the maincharacter is intrigued by the device and is going to look into it.
  14. 14. Camera-0:37 to 0:40 secondsThe first shot of the zoetrope is a close up and it shows that the images Soundcreate the illusion of someone taking their head off this is creepy and the When the faceaudience will be freaked out and this is good. Horrors can be creepy and appears there is aget away with it because creepy is scary. This is scary enough on it’s own sharp non-diegeticbut then in the next part of the scene a face appears in the zoetrope as if crashing/screechinsomeone is on the other side and this scares the main character and will g sound to scarescare the audience as well. You can tell the main character is scaredbecause he jumps back and this is shown by the mid shot. Then a Point Of the audience.View shot shows the main character looking at the device. This shot alsogets the audience involved in the enigmatic feeling this object is giving thecharacter.
  15. 15. Camera-0:40 secondsThis shot cuts in between the flickers of the zoetrope and its showing to the audience thatthe main character is freaked out. This give the audience hope that maybe he will get outof the house and not go back because he doesn’t like it.
  16. 16. Camera-0:42 secondsThis two shot is showing that maybe the main character has gone to seek information orhelp about the house. The alcohol prop shows that the female character is worried for themain character because conventionally if someone is in worry they will receive alcoholfrom their host out of concern. Also the proxemics of the characters shows that thefemale character is worried and cares for the male character therefore the audienceshould be worried for the main character as the female character is scared.
  17. 17. Camera-0:44 secondsThis Close up shows the main character is thinking hard about something maybewhether he should stay at the house. But more importantly there is a woman dressed inblack. She is out of focus and this gives a good effect because the audience can’t seeher face which makes her enigmatic. In the scene she turns around in a creepy manner.The audience know that the film is called ‘The Woman In Black’ this will play upon thecharacteristics of this enigmatic character. The audience will worry about the woman inblack and wonder what she is doing there. Which is good because they will keepwatching the trailer out of ponder.
  18. 18. Camera-0:45 secondsThis is a mid shot and in this scene the main character turns around as if he has heardsomething and has been frightened and the audience will wonder why. Also the spiderwebs and the environment of the room gives the audience more of a insight into thesorts of places around the house and how creepy they are. This all shows the age andadds disturbance to the building.
  19. 19. Camera Sound-0:46 seconds The diegetic sound of theThis wide angle shot, is of a crow and crows crow screeching isare an indexical sign of death and the amplified so that it scaresaudience will pick up on this additionally it is the audience.weird that the crow is in the house it addsenigma to the building.
  20. 20. Camera-0:47 to 0:48 secondsThe first shot is a mid shot of the three characters. The shot shows a womanscreaming and crying this is showing that something nightmarish is going on for thischaracter. It strikes fear into the audience as all the character in the shot are upset orterrified. The wide angle shot of the smoke and fire shows that something terriblegoing on and that there is now chance of death this will worry the audience. The twoshot shows that the characters are worried this will mean that something horrendoushas been confirmed.
  21. 21. Text- 0:53 seconds SoundThis piece of text is effective mainly There is a sharp non-diegetic soundbecause of the transition it fades out when the text comes up I think itbut as if it is corroding it resembles the could be to emphasis the text butgenre and mood. to also keep the mood and not let the text take the tension away.
  22. 22. Camera-0:53 secondsThis close up shot shows a little girls foot crushing a dolls head. This is showing thatmaybe the girl isnt in the right mind.
  23. 23. Camera-0:53 to 0:55 secondsThe first shot which is a mid shot of the three girls, shows blank expressions on theirfaces this shows that they maybe aren’t themselves, the audience will worry aboutthe girls. The close up of one of the girls hands shows that they are opening thewindow. The third wide angled shot shows the three girls and the shape of the roofsignifies that they are on the top floor. This will worry the audience because it looks asif the girls are about to jump. But before we find out the scene cuts this is effectivebecause then the audience want to go and watch the film to find out whether theydid or not.
  24. 24. Camera Sound-0:56 seconds The villager is saying that theIn this over the shoulder shot the audience will be main character should haveable to see that the locals are blaming the main left. This backs up thecharacter for the horrendous goings on. Obviously expression on his face.they know something about the house and areblaming the main character for it.
  25. 25. Camera-0:57 secondsThis mid shot shows the three girls that were about to jump from the window and theyare out in the rain with a woman figure this is creepy and the girls are acting differentto what normal little girls. They seem fearless and this is creepy because it is the totalopposite to what the audience will expect from them.
  26. 26. Camera Sound-0:58 seconds There is diegeticIn these wide angle shots the audience can see lightning sounds to givethat the enigmatic figure is emerging from the mud the scene verisimilitude.this is creepy. It has appeared near the cross, theaudience is seeing the cross again and this time it isentwined with something scary the audience willknow that the cross isnt for good but somethingevil is in its presence.
  27. 27. Camera-0:59 secondsIn this low angled mid shot you can see the character is scared he is trying to lockhimself away from the horrors. The low angle will show that he is taking charge of thesituation and that he is a strong willed character. The audience may pick up on thisand it will give them hope.
  28. 28. Camera-1:00 secondsThis high angle long shot is here to show the foot prints of the enigmatic characterthat has appeared from the mud. It shows that it has entered the house even thoughthe door was shut this is creepy one because the character is now in the house andtwo because it has entered uninvited.
  29. 29. Camera-1:02 to 1:06 secondsThe first shot is a mid shot of the main character and a young boy theirproxemics suggest that they are father and son. This is nice but it will Soundworry the audience about the young boys safety. The seconds shot the The females voicemid shot of the main character ripping the wallpaper shows that there backs up that theis something behind it. The last shot shows what is written behind the young boy is hiswallpaper, it says “You Could Have Saved Him” seen as his son was in son.the scene before this one the audience will think that his son has beentaken. The writing is written in a red substance that resembles bloodthis will scare the audience as they are now thinking that the maincharacters son may be taken.
  30. 30. Camera Sound-1:08 to 1:09 seconds There is a scream as theThe close up of the match and candle shows that the boys face pops up it scarescharacter is lighting something for light. Then as he does the audience and isan over the shoulder shot appears, it lights up a boys effective.face its screaming and covered in mud this could be hisson. If so then creepy things are happening to thechildren around the house.
  31. 31. Camera-1:10 secondsIn these mid shots the main character is running from something this would meansomething has scared him so much that he has had to run and the audience will pick uponthe suspense and become tense. This is good for as horror genre because the audience isseeking the tension and scare.
  32. 32. Text-1:12 to 1:14 seconds SoundThe text in this is using star persona to promote The music becomes upbeat andthe film it doesn’t take anything from the trailer causes tension. The drums kick inbecause it lasts about 2 seconds fades into the and the scenes become faster andnext scene of Daniel Radcliffe. quicker.
  33. 33. Camera-1:11 to 1:14 secondsIn these close ups the audience can see that the main character is now distraught thissignifies that the young boy covered in mud was his son, and if it wasn’t the audience wouldquestion why he is so upset.
  34. 34. Camera-1:14 to 1:15 secondsThese photos show that there is some history and from the looks of them not goodhistory because in the photo with the three people the elders eyes are scratched out andthe woman peering out of the window is creepy. These photos are part of the explainingof what may be going on but the audience don’t receive any more and they will want towatch the film to find out more. Therefore the trailer will have been a success as theaudience want to watch the film.
  35. 35. Camera-1:19 secondsThis hand is creepy and it disappears suddenly it adds creepiness and makes sure the horrormood is kept throughout the trailer.
  36. 36. Text-1:20 to 1:24 secondsThese pieces of text cut in 3 scenes from each other this means the audience isanticipating the next word and they will pay more attention to the single words andthey will remember the text and think about it more than they would have if it was allon one page.
  37. 37. Camera-1:20 secondsThis high angle long shot shows tat the main character has now taken this personallyand is going into graves. So the audience will know that it is probable that his son wastaken and this causes drama and a another reason for the audience to watch the film.
  38. 38. Camera-1:23 secondsThese scenes show that there is a fire in the house this gives off two possibilities eitherthe antagonist has set the house alight to kill the protagonist main character or the maincharacter has set the house alight to harm the protagonist. It will get the viewerswondering what happened and they will want to watch the film and this will be greatbecause the trailer will have therefore worked.
  39. 39. Camera-1:24 to 1:25 secondsThe long shot shows that the character is now in an area with a restricted view of thesurroundings. The audience knows that this means something creepy or frighteningcould creep up on him and this will have them sitting on the edge of their seats. Thenthe mid shot shows the look con his face and he looks terrified the audience cant seewhat he can see so this will scare them more. I never show the audience exactly whathe is being scared by and this is really effective because it entices the audience tocome watch the film and find out.
  40. 40. Camera-1:26 secondsThe long shot of the chair rocking on it’s own is creepy and like I have said before creepy isgood for the genre of horror. The audience have been worked up all the way through thetrailer from the creepy moments and this is one of the best.
  41. 41. Camera-1:27 secondsThis mid shot is here because it captures the characters stance and also his facialexpressions these combined can be effective because it gives the audience an insight intowhat the character is feeling. You can see from the characters face that he is scared andworried, then add the stance he is on guard and ready for attack. The props play a vital roleas well. The candle reassures the fact that it is a dark chiaroscuro setting and the axe showsthat he is ready and armed and will strike if need be.
  42. 42. Text-1:28 to 1:31 secondsThe text gives the audience something to think about and search for if they haveenjoyed the trailer, they background is once again misty or foggy and it keeps to themood and genre. I have noticed that all the text is in white and it always worksbecause they backgrounds and transitions are all dark colours and it contrasts wellchiaroscuro lighting works well in the horror genre.
  43. 43. Camera Sound-1:32 to 1:34 seconds The sound quietens downThis scene of the over the shoulder as the main so that when the womancharacter reaches out to the hand print is at the screams it more of a scareend of the trailer to strike fear into people and to for the audience.make sure they remember it.
  44. 44. Text1:35 to 1:38 secondsThe date gives the audience to look forward to and it gives the film a chance tobecome known. Using a date for the release will cause a marketing buzz, there isalso a link for the internet at the bottom of the page so the viewers have websiteto research on.