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Detailed analysis of horror trailer


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Detailed analysis of horror trailer

  1. 1. Detailed Analysis Of Trailer Camerawork: The camerawork used in this trailer is all purposely used to create tension and to entertain the audience. The intention of a horror film trailer is to make the audience feel suspense and to make them feel involved within the film. At the beginning of the trailer an establishing shot is used to show the audience where the action from the film is going to happen. The establishing shot in ‘Sinisters’ trailer shows the House where the action is happening. This is typical for a horror trailer because the trailer is made to show the audience what is going to happen and so that they feel intrigued to see the movie. Several zooms are used throughout the trailer to show that something bad is going to happen. This is very common for a horror trailer because the entertainment from a horror comes through bad events. The zooms used in this trailer are used when the audiences are being introduced to the house. This once again shows the audience that bad events will take place in that house. A wide shot is used in the trailer to show the darkness and size of the attic. This shot is used in the trailer to create further suspense and to keep the audience wondering what is in the attic. Wide shots are commonly used because they show lots of empty space and this once again keeps the audience guessing and creates suspense. EE Establishing Shot Wi Wide Shot
  2. 2. Sound:Sound: In the trailer non- diegetic sound is used throughout to create suspense and tension. An example of the non-diegetic sound is when the father enters the attic; there is an eerie sound to suggest that the attic is a dangerous place. This non-diegetic sound is used because the film wants the viewer to be on edge and feel frightened. The sound warns the viewer that something bad is going to happen and it lures them in. Another example of non-diegetic sound is when the father see’s the antagonist. The sound is very loud and it’s unexpected so that the viewer is frightened and they feel more tension. This sound is specifically used to scare the viewer and to really make the feel involved in the film. Diegetic sound is used within the trailer also and an effective use of this was when the father is screaming. The scream is very loud and signifies that he is very scared of the antagonist. This use of sound makes the viewer feel the man’s fear and shares his experience.
  3. 3. Mise En Scene:One area of mise en scene which is used in the trailer is the use of props. In the trailer the little girl is holding an axe. This prop signifies violence and pain. It is common for horror film trailers to show props which signify violence because violence is a big aspect of horror films as horror films represent horror. The axe in this trailer shows the viewer that the little girl holding it is violent and possessed as earlier on in the trailer she wasn’t shown to be violent. Another use of mise en scene used in the trailer is the low key lighting used in the attic. The low key lighting signifies danger and bad events. This makes the viewer feel tense as they can sense something bad. Another example of mise en scene in the trailer is the make-up used on the antagonist. The make-up used gives the antagonist a very pale face which makes him look gothic and this signifies horror. The make-up also makes the antagonist stand out so that the viewer can easily recognise it.
  4. 4. Editing: The editing throughout most of the ‘Sinister’ trailer is quite fast and the cutting between scenes is also very fast paced. This fast paced editing is purposely used to create suspense and to create drama. The fast paced editing keeps the viewer on edge because they’re seeing so many things in a short space of time. The viewer is then wondering what is going to happen next and they feel anxious to find out. This fast paced editing is commonly used in horror movie trailers because the film producers want the viewer to feel the suspense and to feel on edge. Another piece of editing used in the trailer is a shot reverse shot between the male figure and the antagonist. This is commonly shown in horror movie film trailers because this editing shows the contrast between the emotions shown by the opposite characters. This is effective because it shows the fear of the male figure and the anger presented by the antagonist. When watching the trailer the shot reverse shot also shows the viewer clearly what the antagonist looks like and this is also done to create fear for the viewer.
  5. 5. Conventions Of Genre: The genre for the film trailer that I am analysing is horror and from watching the film trailer I have noticed several things which make the trailer conventional for the horror genre. For example the use of weapons in the trailer. An axe is shown in the trailer and the axe represents violence and aggression. This is conventional for the horror genre because the horror genre typically represents violence. In most conventional horror movies weapons are used to hurt people and so therefore the axe being used in this trailer is conventional. Another reason why the trailer is conventional is the storyline which has evil and bad events. It is conventional for a horror film trailer to show how bad things happen to either a person or people because horror films are made to scare the viewer and this is done by showing them fellow humans being punished and abused. This trailer is therefore conventional because it shows how a man is personally targeted by evil and he suffers throughout the trailer. Another example of how this trailer is conventional for the horror genre is the antagonist. The antagonist in this movie trailer does not appear to be a normal human being and this is conventional for the horror genre because the antagonist can therefore not be killed if it is a spirit form of life. This makes the film scarier because the viewer is aware that there is not likely to be a happy ending as the antagonist cannot be killed.
  6. 6. Conventions Of Format:The horror trailer is conventional for a trailer because it does what is expected from a film trailer. For example it doesn’t give away the ending through the trailer. The intention for a trailer is to persuade people to watch the movie and if the trailer gives away the ending then the viewer will not feel the need to watch the full movie. Another reason why it is conventional for a trailer is because it keeps the viewer guessing. For example after watching the trailer the viewer is questioning whether the antagonist is killed or captured because the trailer doesn’t give this away. By doing this the viewer will feel the need to watch the full movie because they want to know what happens.