The Woman in Black - Trailer Analysis


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The Woman in Black - Trailer Analysis

  1. 1. Released: February 10th 2012Synopsis: young lawyer travels toa remote village where hediscovers the vengeful ghosts of ascorned women is terrorizing thelocals.Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, JanetMcteer and Ciaran HindsGenre: Horror-ThrillerSubgenre: ParanormalDirector: James Watkins (EdenLake, The Descent Pt.2)Budget: $15 Million
  2. 2. •
  3. 3. • Music: Marco Beltrami• The trailer starts of with the main character Daniel Radcliffe saton a train, the audience first here the diegetic sound of thesteam train. This makes it clear that the film is going to be set inolden Victorian times, It also establishes that the character isgoing somewhere far away as the rural surroundings suggest.As the trailer gets more tense and fastpace non-diegetic sound is added so itfits in with the events and editing of thetrailer. Its almost an screeching sound,this makes It very uncomfortable for theaudience but makes them aware of theclimax of the trailer. Screamingemphasizes the horror aspect of thetrailer also.
  4. 4. • Editing: Jon Harris• The trailer fits quite nicely with the music, it startsof quite slow paced giving a chance to explain thenarrative of the film.• As there is a new scene it fades out black, I thinkthe reinforces the whole mood of the advert, asmore tense the trailer gets the more different cutsare made, get more fast paced to make theaudience feel scared and nervous.
  5. 5. • The trailer doesn’t give too much away in terms, butin most horror adverts tend to do the same. We getintroduced to the main character, he is riding a steamtrain and is wearing a black waistcoat. This isimmediately give the audience of the time and placethe film is set in. The audience are then introducedan old creepy house, its dusty and misused.• A set designer must of took a lot of time to make theprops and sets look extremely aged. Its quite chillingfor the audience as they are still quite unaware whyhe is there and why it looks so dated.• It is slowly building tension, throughout the trailerthere are some quick snippets of some verydisturbing images, we see the actual woman in blackmultiple times, and young children which makes thetrailer seem much more twisted because of thecontrast between the three innocent children, to thedark frightening ‘Woman in Black’, from our sharedcultural knowledge of horror films, children andinvolved frequently, it almost contradicts theaudience expectations, to make them feeluncomfortable.
  6. 6. • There is a lot of attention to detail with the propsin the advert, the old dolls and the spinningpicture let the audience get more established ofwhat era the film is set in. There are a lot ofhorror related props also, like a rocking chair,dolls and old dusty furniture.
  7. 7. • The first shot is an establishing shot of the train moving away, italmost suggests the main character is getting away from hishometown into the unknown. The next shot is an anotherestablishing shot of an old abandoned house, which is nowdeserted and run down, there are trees surrounding the shot italmost suggests that the house is quite hidden inside a woods, allthis connotes mystery and neglect.• Then there is an high angle shot of the main character entering thehouse it almost gives the impression to the audience that the viewof the camera is the view of someone watching him.
  8. 8. I think throughout the advertthey stick to typical dark andmisty effects, the graphics of thetitle tells the audienceimmediately what type of filmthey would expect to see if theywent to see it. The screen printfrom the advert connotesmystery and fear. The text standsout, we know that this is the titlebecause it’s the bigger than allthe other texts.The foggy, rustic effectsreinforces ideologies of an old,Victorian trailer. Its important forthe audience to get a feel forwhat the film will be like.
  9. 9. • We have already come up with our film concept andtheme, but woman in black has inspired us with sometheme aspects, editing and music. We have decided tocreate a found footage film, with paranormalattributes.• We found the Woman in Black trailer was great atcreating suspense and had a good dynamic betweenthe introducing narrative stage and the extremelytense stage. We can take some inspiration from thetrailer by some of the props and paranormal elementsthey use.
  10. 10. • As Woman in Black was a big blockbuster, theyhad money for big stars such as DanielRadcliffe. We want to do the opposite as ourfilm is going to be a high rating certificate wewant the film to seem as realistic as possiblefor our audience, so as it would seem therewould be unknown actor/actresses in theadvert to keep the film very unexpected andreal.
  11. 11. • Throughout the trailer there is a nice mix betweendiegetic and non-diegetic sound, normally in horror itstarts of with diegetic sound when introducingcharacters/narrative and then as suspense builds up itis normally supported with non-diegetic sounds such amusic, sound effect etc. We are going to use thistechnique with our trailer. We want to start of with thefeel like it is a real found footage, so we will havepeople talking, maybe sounds of a train – like in TheWoman in Black trailer and maybe sounds of running.And then as the disequilibrium of the trailer begins,sound effects of ghosts might be used, and maybe asoundtrack which suits the moment of the trailer.
  12. 12. • We are going to challenge some of the conventions of a typical horrorfilm, it is going to be found footage which is quite rare. Our trailer isgoing to have some elements inspired from the Woman in Black butsome completely different.• Its going to be set in the present day, so the props, set and costumeswill be the opposite to The Woman in Black. As it is found footage, thelighting will be natural lighting or just a light/night vision from thecamera itself.
  13. 13. What I found woman in black did wellwas creating suspense within the shotsand editing, for example the shot to theright, although its not the main focus ofthe shot, its still terrifying. We want touse similar techniques for our trailer,although its found footage, maybe havesomeone filming something and thensomething runs behind in thebackground.Because our trailer will be foundfootage we are not really going to plancamera shots and angles, We assumethere will be lots of close ups and longshots. But we can’t really plan in or thefound footage feel won’t feel so real.
  14. 14. How is narrative portrayed in thetrailer?• First off It shows the main character on a train journey, it is a quickintroduction to where he is going, and why, without giving too much away.Throughout the trailer it shows shots of the area, the house, the villageand some of the rooms, its going to give the audience an awareness and asnippet of what the film will be like. We know instantly the era, by theclothes, steam trains, buildings and the old car. There are lots of differentcross-cuts within the trailer, to try and cram as much information aspossible, to make the audience want to see the film in the cinema.• There is a shot of a flashback with the main character hugging his son, theaudience can identify this is a flashback because its in slow motion, andcompletely different lighting compared to the rest of the trailer which hasquite a muggy dark feel to it. As an audience we have a shared knowledgeof how flashbacks are usually displayed. It is usually a completelyjuxtaposed shot compared to the one before.
  15. 15. • The target audience for The Woman in Black is quitediverse. First you have the Daniel Radcliffe, asuccessful star of the huge franchise of Harry Potter.So you have Daniel fans, and Harry Potter fanswanting to see him in another role.• There is also thrill seekers, people how loved to bescared and spooked on a night out in the cinema.• And finally as The Woman in Black was an adaptationof the famous play, fans of the play would beinterested to see how the film compares.• Our trailer we be quite the opposite, were not aimingit to be a big blockbuster, so we don’t need the bigstar, but we are involving more ‘unknown’ actors togive more of a realistic feel to the movie. Where TheWoman in Black was a lower rated film, maybe this issuggesting the more main stream and popular thefilm is, the less scary it would be. Maybe they werethinking that most of there audience was Harry Potterfans, which are mainly 13-18 years old, so making it a12A will make the film much more successful.
  16. 16. • It is based in the Edwardian era, and the way of life was completely different, Inthe trailer the representation of class plays a big part, the divide between thepeople in the town, wearing quite old ragged clothes, looks quiteunclean, compared to the main character coming from London With a clean blacksuit on, looking very presentable.– This is a clear indication of the differencebetween upper and lower class. The juxtaposition between the rich and the poor– House size, clothing and attitudes.• Another representation I got from the trailer, is the young parents in the film. Asthe whole village are scared for there children because of ‘The Woman in Black’ –so parental fear is represented in this film.• Also It was quite common for people to start a job at a successful age and itseemed this way in the film, he was a young dad about twenty years old, and wasa solicitor, who had a deadline he had a complete.