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  • CODY
  • CODYBy enhancing the show’s online presence and by featuring and promoting its existing assets, the show will flourish.
  • LINASocial Media is not being used to it’s fullest potential and feels predictableThere is a disconnect from the established Chicago Tribune and newer, trendier programs like Chicago Live!
  • LINA
  • LINABoth own smartphones and use them for gathering news and cultural information. Both active online and interested in engaging with social media.
  • ROBINFind some way to create attendance to the live show.
  • ALLISONIntegrate 2nd strategy more.
  • ROBINTumblr is a continually growing and evolving public blogging site that supports and encourages communication between blogger and reader Open to public votes on what they want to kogan to write aboutMessaging incorporated with tactics“you may be wondering why we’re recommending a new idea when facebook already exists”
  • Tumblr is a constantly growing and evolving online community. It allows for two-way communication and offers the opportunity to peruse around, looking for posts that match your interests and discovering new blogs that appeal to certain audiences.Richer contentObama on TumblrMore up and coming rather than jumping on the bandwagon
  • Tips on Chicago from the point of view of a Chicago legendOpinion pieces that engage readers in a two way dialogue- examples, more descriptive. Something a little edgy. Video clips of Chicago Live! shows
  • ALLISONTwitter- what exists now if you look for Rick Kogan on twitter you are given a list of other people’s opinions about Rick Kogan, nothing stated by Rick himselfshitkogansays twitter handle opportunity to engage the online community againFacebook/Wikipedia/IMDB- all existing pages that, with a little tweaking- such as adding pictures and updated information, could serve Rick Kogan much better by making him more accessible and making people able to learn more about him much more quickly and much more easily
  • CODYPresence on the Trib website with something as small as a direct click through link to the Chicago Live page or to the Podcast page (which could support multiple trib nation/tribune shows)
  • CODYPromotional tactics as well. Back stage passes, tickets, whatever.Find some stats to back this business up.Add something about the tribune. Is there any value to the idea of having- cultural information that I could use. Weekend planner? See the Tribune? Incorporate reviews from Chicago Tribune. Snapshot of stuff to do. Five/three restaurants. Cultural aspect of the tribune. Trib app brings your news, Chicago live app brings your culture. More relevant. News you can use. Help you plan your life.
  • CODYWeekly poll on my chicago live site of the top ten tribune stories of the week based off of audience feedback.
  • ALLISONLink back to yourself, if your youtube channel links to your website and to rick kogan’swikipedia/tumblr/facebook this will increase your chances of all coming together at the top of a google searchImage descriptions- search engines can search text not a specific image so make sure key words support your imagesUpdated content keeps a website fresh in the minds of its readers and in the minds of the search enginesSocial media platforms are in the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, this includes search enginges. Twitter, facebook, and tumblr frequently pop up near the top of searchesLinking with others websites that target similar audiences is a great way to get your name buzzed around and moved up on searches
  • ALLISONHave you done any research on how people are searching for chicago live on google?
  • LINASee if groupon in costly?
  • ALLISONSummarize, Awareness & acceptance strategies. just update this slide.
  • LINA
  • CODY
  • Chicago live presentation

    1. 1. See WGN Radio like you’ve never heard it before Allison Brock LinaJuocepis Cody Peters Robin Yegelwel 1
    2. 2. The Key Issue The lack of awareness by target audiences on all technological platforms is causing the vibrant and energetic Chicago Live! show to be overlooked. This is important because Chicago Live! brings a cultural experience to the city you already know and love and teaches you about parts you may have not known about. 2
    3. 3. Formative Research Organizational Analysis:  Weak social media presence: ○ Only 454 Twitter Followers as compared to Colonel Tribune’s 821,557 ○ 1,612 Facebook “likes” vs. Tribune’s 39,818  Information on the Chicago Live!, from the website, facebook, or other online outlets, is only apparent to those who seek it out and is not proactively drawing in new viewers 3
    4. 4. Formative Research Strengths:  Interviews feature known Chicago Tribune personalities  Rick Kogan has some built in audience based on his radio show to promote Chicago Live Weaknesses:  Lack of accessible information between Chicago Tribune and Chicago Live!  The air time of the show does not promote listenership  The format of the show presents itself more towards a radio/podcast format rather than live audience. Opportunities:  Utilizing Chicago Tribune’s established fan base to build up Chicago Live! 4
    5. 5. Public Analysis The Neos  The Joneses  Ages:  Ages 35-54. ○ Males 30-34  Own smartphones ○ Female 21-34 ○ Check news, weather, use for texting.  Own smartphones: ○ Highest mobile presence on ○ E-mails, social networking, e-readers. news, tv shows.  Spend a lot of time online  Use their computers to on their computers to download music, movies gather news and stay and tv shows. connected. 20% ○ 32% chicagotribune.comBoth are technologically savvy and represent a slightlyyounger audience that will help promote the Tribune as an energized and current media source 5
    6. 6. Objectives Awareness  To create knowledge amongst 75% of the Chicago Tribune’s followers about the upcoming season of Chicago Live! by January 1, 2012  Enhance positive reader perception of Chicago Tribune’s relevance and credibility by 30% by reenergizing Chicago Tribune’s image with new and exciting programs like Chicago Live! Acceptance  To increase the number of people who view Chicago Live! as a top entertainment option by 25% by the end of the Chicago Live! season Action  To double the number of podcast downloads by the end of the Chicago Live! season  To reach 1,000 twitter followers by the end of the Chicago Live! season  Increase audience attendance by 33% by the of the Chicago Live! season 6
    7. 7. Strategies Promote Rick Kogan as  Utilize social media a local celebrity and outlets and online credible source of up to resources to promote a date information stronger technological presence and to expand active listener engagement with Chicago Live!Build up the online Chicago Live! community and enhanceRick Kogan’s online presence to keep listeners up to date and engaged in Chicago Live! on multiple platforms 7
    8. 8. Tactics-Rick Kogan& Social Media Develop a Tumblr page for Rick Kogan  Tumblr is an up-and-coming blogger site that offers a customizable platform to present dynamic and interactive posts that actively engage your audience.  The multimedia platform of tumblr allows easy posting of various types of media, this presents the opportunity to easily link viewers to podcast downloads 8
    9. 9. Why Tumblr? 11/2/11 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. Tactics-Rick Kogan& Social Media Strengthen Rick Kogan’s social media presence  Update Twitter &Facebook Build up existing informational sites  Expand Rick Kogan’sWikipedia Include links through all Rick Kogan sites to Podcast download pages 11
    12. 12. Tactics-Technological engagement  My Chicago Live!SmartPhone App ○ Smartphone access to Chicago Live anywhere, any time, at your convenience making it your trusted source  Search engine optimization ○ Making sure that Chicago Live! doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of other live Chicago events 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. My Chicago Live! Features  Easy podcast accessibility  Push notifications  Linked to Facebook and Twitter  Top news stories customized to user interests and preferences  Information about upcoming Chicago Live! Lineups 14
    15. 15. Search Engine Optimization Tips for enhancing your search engine:  Use keywords that target your audience  Link back to yourself  Image descriptions  Update Content  Engage with your social media platforms  Link to others 15
    16. 16. Search Engine Optimization 16
    17. 17. Tactics-Other TechnologicalEngagement Developing an independent YouTube channel for Chicago Live! where weekly videos of interviews and show clips Offer a Groupon for discounted Chicago Live! tickets to the show Offer free or reduced tickets to bloggers in exchange for a promotional post about the show 17
    18. 18. Objectives Strategies TacticsAcceptance: -Create Knowledge Increase -Search Engine OnlineListenerEngage -Optimization -Reenergizing Image ment -building on existing online platformsAwareness: -Chicago Live as a Promote Rick Kogan -Rick Kogan on topentertainment as a Chicago Celebrity Tumblr option -Enhancing excisting online Rick Kogan sitesAction: -DoublePodcast -Podcast accessibility downloads through all platforms -Up Twitter following Increase Online -Building engagement -Increase Live Listener Engagement in social media Audience -Groupon 18
    19. 19. Campaign ImplementationTwitter LaunchTumbrLaunch and Promotion Sales Groupon Tumblr Launch and Promotion Facebook Updates Begin Begin Promoting the App Across All Media Platforms YouTube Channel Development YouTube Channel Launch Application Launch 19
    20. 20. Evaluation Track the number of Podcast downloaded Measure of Twitter Followers Number of Facebook “likes” Measure of of Groupon’s& tickets purchased Utilizing existing partnership of tumblr with google analytics to track website views and interaction 20
    21. 21. Please let us know if you have any questions 21