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Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages Product Demo [webcast]


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We're making significant improvements to your current Career Page to make it easier to manage, tell your authentic company story, and attract the best candidates to your organization.
In the coming weeks, we'll automatically move over your existing content for you. Check out this presentation to learn about exciting new features, so you're successful as soon as the move happens.
Learn more about the Next Generation of Career Pages:

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Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages Product Demo [webcast]

  1. 1. NEXT GENERATION LinkedIn Career Pages Introducing
  2. 2. Agenda Main new features & benefits Introducing the new product More resources How LinkedIn transformed their Career Pages Migration specifics
  3. 3. ● Reach more of the right talent Introducing the Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages Customer research led to four main themes you’ll see in the new design ● Tell an authentic story ● Drive quality applicants ● Measure impact
  4. 4. Perks and benefits 54 % 66 % Culture and values 50 % Mission and vision We work for companies, not jobs. What candidates want to know most about your company
  5. 5. Next Gen LinkedIn Career Pages deliver results Helps you attract great talent with an authentic, personalized look at your culture & jobs Job Views +175% +60% Page Views per Visitor
  6. 6. Features & Benefits Next Generation LinkedIn Career Pages
  7. 7. 1. Reach the right talent New “visual tabs” and dropdown navigation drive organic traffic and discovery Admins can set Targeted Audience Views to private, or public (appears in dropdown) Careers tab replaced with Life and Jobs tabs* * For Search & Staffing customers, “Life” tab will be called “What We Do”
  8. 8. 2. Tell an authentic story Life tab is a rich canvas for companies to tell an authentic story Featured Leaders Employee Photos Employee Articles Life tab: fully customizable page
  9. 9. 3. Drive quality applicants Jobs tab offers every candidate personalized recommendations and insight Jobs tab is automatically personalized to every page viewer (no Admin setup work!) Personalized Job Recommendations Job Search bar Automated Company Insights Meet the Team (company employees similar to viewer)
  10. 10. 4. Measure key results Expanded in-product analytics dash makes it easy to see results and strategic insights Visitor Demographic Insights Recruiting Pipeline Impact
  11. 11. Migration Specifics Next Generation LinkedIn Career Pages
  12. 12. These content assets will migrate over automatically: ● Hero Image ● Custom Modules (2) ● Employee Testimonials (not shown in image) You can then add new content to these modules: ● Video in the Hero ● Company Leaders ● Photo Gallery ● Employee Perspectives In-product guidance and other resources will be there to help! Snapshot of how content will be migrated to Next Gen LCP Existing content automatically slots into new design, no customer action needed
  13. 13. September 20th, 2016 (estimated): ● Starting then, you’ll have a window of time to explore & set up new features privately October 3rd, 2016 (estimated): ● Next Gen pages start ramping (becoming visible) to LinkedIn users ● Ramp happens over estimated 2-4 weeks Where we go from here Member ramp timeline
  14. 14. Extreme Makeover: How LinkedIn Transformed their Career Pages
  15. 15. Goals for LinkedIn’s Career Pages: ● A single destination that shows off employee value proposition. ● Recruit priority talent segments with personalized experiences. ● Balance personalization with a consistent story about the culture, mission, vision, people, and benefits. LinkedIn’s Extreme Career Pages Makeover An inside look into their content strategy and new Career Pages
  16. 16. … After!
  17. 17. Personalized career journeys Public audience views create an inclusive experience ● Have the experts weigh in. LinkedIn’s employer brand team asked recruiters for each job function to recommend leaders and help write custom modules. ● Always opportunities to apply. In each custom module, LinkedIn included links to open jobs to lead candidates on their job search journey. Targeted audience views for key job functions Custom modules for targeted audience Featured leaders in targeted job function Hero image shows company dynamic & employee experience Links to apply to jobs ● Prioritize key recruiting segments. LinkedIn created targeted audience views for priority job functions, and then customized each view with unique content.
  18. 18. Cohesive employer brand story Copy and visuals communicate company mission and values Hero image has consistent branding Custom modules on company culture and diversity appear in every targeted view ● Identify your strategy. Since custom modules are so flexible, think about your goals and how these custom modules can help you achieve your goals. ● Balance customization with consistency. LinkedIn chose to use 2 out of the 3 custom modules to communicate company culture. They appear in every targeted audience view. Links to videos and blog posts re-inforce culture and values ● Visuals that align with the brand. LinkedIn’s hero image for each targeted audience view has consistent photography style & branding.
  19. 19. Curate employee content Encourage employees to tell their story What work life is really like Position your employees as thought leaders ● Call for content. Ask employees to share their work life. LinkedIn partnered with internal comms to send emails, post articles on the company intranet, and make announcements during all-hands. ● Personalization at scale. Make each targeted audience view more colorful with employee photos and articles specific to each audience.
  20. 20. Measure success instantly How LinkedIn plans to measure employer brand How candidates engage with your page ● Use data to prioritize talent. LinkedIn plans to use the visitor growth and demographics to prioritize their key talent segments - which segments to retire, or new segments to focus on, etc. See the types of talent you attract Measure visitor growth and frequency ● Optimize employer brand strategy. LinkedIn will use the talent brand analytics to understand candidate behavior, competitor engagement, identify strengths and weakness, and turn shortcomings into strengths.
  21. 21. Learn more: Check out examples of companies who are doing it right: