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Update of line live over the past year


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Published in: Technology
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Update of line live over the past year

  1. 1. Update of LINE LIVE over the past year LIVE Team Yappo
  2. 2. Last year
  3. 3. Server Version: 2.6.100 to 3.2.x Service Country: +1 New Components: 3+ New Major Features: LINE, AD, PC(HTML5 Player, Broadcasting) Twitter Login And more more updates… Updates
  4. 4. - Ranking System - PC Broadcasting
 - RabbitMQ - In LINE app - Service Metrics - VisualVM - SSL Agenda
  5. 5. Ranking System
  6. 6. Structure summary Elasticsearch MySQL Redis Worker Indexer Ranking Generator API Show Ranking Broadcast New broadcast Get cache Fetch new data Load data Search Set cache
  7. 7. Aggregations Parent-Child Mapping Search Template We use
  8. 8. PC Broadcasting
  9. 9. RabbitMQ DataLabs Notification BOT RabbitMQ Sender One of use case is the Notification recommendation BOT Import Batch LIVE API LINE Messaging API Get meta data Download data Send message Enqueue Dequeue Python pika Java Spring
  10. 10. LIVE Viewer in LINE talk room High traffic more than LINE LIVE app Take care of two applications by the server LINE 7.10.0 Server Version 3.0.0
  11. 11. High traffic
  12. 12. Two applications LIVE Servers LINE LIVE Player Module LIVE Video Player Function
  13. 13. Service metrics LIVE app LIVE API Message Norikra Prometheus Exporter Prometheus Grafana Node.js LINE app LINE Notify Fluentd Fetch results Pull metrics Query Screen capture by headless browser
  14. 14. Issue detect VisualVM
  15. 15. CPU Sampling VisualVM
  16. 16. Fixed! VisualVM
  17. 17. SSL TBD
  18. 18. - We had many updates - We got big traffics Summary
  19. 19. - We had many updates - We got big traffics - We want co-workers Summary
  20. 20. Thank you