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LINE TODAY高效率的敏捷測試開發技巧


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The 8th session of LINE TAIWAN TECHPULSE 2018

Published in: Technology
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LINE TODAY高效率的敏捷測試開發技巧

  1. 1. DevOps Design Testing Discover
  2. 2. LINE TODAY APP News Movie Video Personalization
  3. 3. Shorter Release Cycle Testing is a Repetition Work Really Agile?
  4. 4. New Functional ity System Regressio n
  5. 5. Architectur e Code Change Scope
  6. 6. Code Coverage Continuous ImprovementCode Review
  7. 7. Unit Test Integration Test Build Pull Request Functional Test Notify Visualization Monitor Emulators Simulators DevicesCode Review Debug Build Platform
  8. 8. TESTING IN TASK LIFECYCLE In Progress Testing DoneStory
  9. 9. @Test fun testLoginSuccess() { //Given homePage.navigateToLoginPage() //When loginPage.inputEmail() loginPage.inputPassword() loginPage.clickSubmitButton() //Then loginPage.assertLoginSuccess() } Test Suite Layer Page Object Layer HomePag e LoginPage Acceptance Criteria
  10. 10. Development Start Smoke Testing Sanity Testing Regression Testing Regression Testing Task Complete QA Verify Task Complete QA Verify Task Complete QA Verify Task Complete QA Verify Start Start Release DevOps Development Start Before After Release Release
  11. 11. WRAP UP ● Control Change Scope ● Keep Testing ● DevOps ● Work Closely With Developers ● Less Repetitive Work & More Agile
  12. 12. WE ARE HIRING Service QA Automation Engineer Test Engineer
  13. 13. THANK YOU