Job history
Job history
Interest in Business
Building apps
Stress Free Games
Business = ?
= Business
MLA Citations1.    Eastman, Jacqueline Kilsheimer, and Iyer, Rajesh, and Eastman, Kevin L. “Business Students’ Perceptions...
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  • Hello and good evening everyone.    Hope everyone had a wonderful day.   For those who don't know me well… you will.  Welcome all to LILYPEDIA.  My name is Lily Phitsamay and I was born to a laotian household. Everyone in my family was born in Laos except for me.  I was born in Thailand.  Shortly after my birth we moved to hawaii and then to California. 
  • I am the youngest of six kids and also the black sheep.  I have two brothers and three sisters. Big family I know.  To top that off my brothers and sisters decided to procreate and I now have eight nieces and nephews and three in the oven.  I love them all very much and mostly of all I love spoiling them.  So you can imagine…my family gatherings get crazy.
  • That's a dose of my family now for a quick history on my pass jobs.  I had various jobs some embrassing to point out but if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.  I worked in chuck e cheese during high school.  Shortly after, I got a job in the hotel industry working as a front office agent.  See lots of interesting things.    Six years later I graduated.  Yes it took me 6 years to get my undergrad.
  • I had some distracted here and there.   Anyhow, after graduation and got a job installing computer system for an automotive company, which required me to travel a lot.  Three years into it I got bored with traveling so left.  Now, I have a wonderful job that allows me to work from home in my pajamas. 
  • My model is to work hard, play hard and enjoy life!!!When I’m not working my 9-5 job or running my business I love to do various things.  I am actively involved in different events at the Lao Temple in Modesto.  So I am a practicing Buddhist and I try to instill Buddha’s teaching in my everyday live.  Obviously I have a lot to learn, but I don’t give up easily. I meditate on a daily basis because enjoy stress and getting gray hairs.   
  • I also love to shop via online or at the malls and also during the winter months I enjoy snowboarding and I love manage and invest in the stock market. 
  • I love to snowboard I’ve been snowboarding
  • My interest connects with why I entered the multimedia program.  Im interested in cloud computing.  One example is  A lot of businesses are moving towards cloud computing. Im interested in various business opportunities and really to make a move and invest.  I see apps and games being my next business venture and I want to capitalism on that as soon as possible.  I want to be well diverisified in my business venture like I am with my stock portfolio.  I’m interested in services and products businesses. 
  • Currently I run a screen printing company called Phits Images.  We have the phitting print for any occasion.  Were very reasonable and competitive so if you need screen printing large or small please let me know .  Also if you looking to make extra cash Phits Images is here to help so talk to me after class.  You can visit Phits Images at and youre also on facebook so like us.
  • The other business I’m involved with is corporate kindergarten.  Interesting name right? Corporate kindergarten is an e-learning web base company catering to learning. If you or your company is interested in saving money on training contact Corporate and like us on faceback.
  • Im also interested in building and learning more code.  Eventually I would love to have or collaborate in a business opportunity within the building applications.  We all live crazy lives and were all really busy so I stay connected we have to be mobile.  Mobility is a great business opportunity and building the right app for mobility is going to be the next big ticket or cash cow.
  • Im also interested in games.  I love playing mindless games where I don’t have to think.  I love playing temple run, dubble, bejeweled, and angry bird.  These are all very addictive because they allow people to win.  So this is another business venture I would love to into.  I believe mindless, kiddie games are very marketable and lucrative and worth exploring.  Business and multimedia go together especially if you want build a business empire. 
  • Where will bussiness go wth multimedia
  • Where will bussiness go wth multimedia
  • How will multimedia increase your pocket book?
  • How will multimedia increase your pocket book?
  • Will Corporate Kindergarten evolve as companies adapt a new mythology to training?
  • Will Corporate Kindergarten evolve as companies adapt a new mythology to training?
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    14. 14. MLA Citations1. Eastman, Jacqueline Kilsheimer, and Iyer, Rajesh, and Eastman, Kevin L. “Business Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Satisfactionwith Interactive Technology: An Exploratory Study” 86 (2011) 36-43.2. Macris, Aristomenis M. “Enhancing enterprise resource planning users’ understanding through ontology-based training”27(2010) 1450-1459.3. Bhuvaneswari, M., and Seethalakshmi, P. “Application based utility adaptation with prioritized weight assignment strategy for minimizingdelay in multimedia” 3 (2011) 1672-16804. Lee, Jae Kang, and Lee, Jong Ha, and Sohn, So Young. “Designing a business model for the content service of portable multimedia players”36 (2009) 6735-6739.5. Blackmore, Chris, and Tantam, Digby, and Deurzen, Emmy van. “Evaluation of e-learning outcome: experience from an online psychotherapy education program” 23 (2008) 185-2016. Kawulich, Barbara B. “Learning from Action evaluation of the use of multimedia case studies in management information systems courses” 12 (2011) 57-697. Sheppard, Jennifer. “The Rhetorical Work of Multimedia Production Practices: It’s More than Just Technical Skills” 26 (2009) 122-1318. Guo, T., and Carrasco, R. A., and Woo, W. L. “Differentiated cooperative multiple access for multimedia communication over fading wireless networks” 3 (2009) 1005-10159. Stanwick, Peter A. “Using Multimedia Content to Present Business Ethics: An Empirical Study” 11(2010) 38-4610. Mbarika, Victor, and Bagarukayo, Emily, and Shipps, Belinda P., and Hingorani, Vineeta, and Stokes, Sandra, and Kourouma, Mathieu, and Sankar, Chetan S. “A Multi-Experimental Study on the Use of Multimedia Instructional Materials to Teach Technical Subjects” 11 (2010) 24-37