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Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett

  1. 1. Only for the Bravest and Most Successful
  2. 2. WARNING: To the naysayers, opportunists, andobstructionists who stand in the way of driving change and progress in any organization Note: WE WILL BEAT YOU
  3. 3. 1824 or 2012 Somewhere in the Westor in a Company Near You.
  4. 4. Adapt, Change or Die
  5. 5. Driving ChangeChange for Change Sake is bad “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” – Winston Churchill
  6. 6. Agents of Change Leaders
  7. 7. Type of Change Agents Clock Changers & Lions
  8. 8. Clock Changers
  9. 9. Or. . . the other guys
  10. 10. Be a Clock Changer Be a leader
  11. 11. Noticeable Assets• Problem Solvers, not problem seekers• Change agents for the process• Cheerleaders who reinforce goals• Seam operators
  12. 12. Why People & Companies Fail to Drive Change Needed to Win The BIG Five
  13. 13. Reasons We Fail1. Fear Be a beginner
  14. 14. Reasons We Fail 2. TensionHealthy debate is good.
  15. 15. Reasons We Fail 3. RadicalTransparency Elephants are fun to kill
  16. 16. Reasons We Fail4. Risk No one is going to die
  17. 17. Reasons We Fail5. Promises Let’s do lunch
  18. 18. How its Suppose to Work
  19. 19. Make my Order
  20. 20. Give Up Some Cash
  21. 21. Delivered Fresh
  22. 22. I’m Not Lovin’ it!
  23. 23. Clowns Lie
  24. 24. What is a Promise? Mutual Conditions of Satisfaction
  25. 25. Basic Components• The Customer• The Performer• The Action Cycle & 4 Phases Pretty simple in theory
  26. 26. The John Madden View The Action Cycle Phase I Phase IIThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise Phase IV Phase III 26
  27. 27. The first step. . . Phase I The Action Cycle OFFER The Customer Promise The Performer PromiseIn the beginning… 27
  28. 28. The Second Step. . .Phase II The Action Cycle AGREEMENTThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise 28
  29. 29. One More. . .Phase III The Action CycleThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise PERFORMANCE 29
  30. 30. Bringing it home. . .Phase IV The Action CycleThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise DELIVERY & ACCEPTANCE 30
  31. 31. Connected by YOUR promises What are your promises to the Company? 31
  32. 32. Ask YourselfWhy are you in this game? Who are you? Your 118What shall you look like?
  33. 33. Brand Horses. . . cows andpromises delivered
  34. 34. Do it RightStand for something Online or offline Principles only mean something when they are inconvenient
  35. 35. Think Big, Act BIGGER• Drive Change Everyday - More than Film• Size does not matter - Main Street vs. Wall Street• Ready, Fire, Aim• Change is painful but. . .
  36. 36. Cause Tension• Don’t settle• Create competition• Stir it up• Why?
  37. 37. Rules to Remember• Mood• Rule of thirds• Change the questions• Make it better in the new place
  38. 38. Try some new things After all, . . .
  39. 39. Walk the Talk• Objective: Drive Sales (repeat best seller) with great content and marketing• Engage fans/content• Drive Earned Media & Buzz• Represents the brand • New, different, cutting edge- content and methods
  40. 40. The othersUgly, not so smart
  41. 41. MeSmart and branded
  42. 42. Everyone needs an enemy• Battle Brings out their best• Educate and lead• Anticipate problems before they arrive – Quantify and qualify – Compare – Decide
  43. 43. Be a dog soldier.