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Building a Solid Content Strategy


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Building a Solid Content Strategy

  1. 1. Building a SolidContent Strategy Presented by Cara Friedman #likeable  
  2. 2. Have A Question?•  Tweet questions to @LikeableMedia or using the hashtag #likeable•  Ask questions on our Facebook page at•  Use the chat bar in GoToWebinar to ask questions! #likeable
  3. 3. What’s Inside•  Why Invest In Your Social Media?•  Elements of a Content Strategy•  Case Studies #likeable
  4. 4. Meet Likeable? #likeable
  5. 5. Meet Likeable? #likeable
  6. 6. Why Invest In Your Social Media? #likeable
  7. 7. Why Invest In Your Social Media?•  Raise awareness, increase retention, and drive leads•  Control, moderate, and get involved•  Identify the positive and turn around the negative•  Gain knowledge and insight through social media•  Allow your brand to exercise the two meanings of likeable #likeable
  8. 8. Elements of aContent Strategy #likeable  
  9. 9. Elements of a Content Strategy•  Timing•  Tone•  Consistency•  Engaging•  Relevant #likeable
  10. 10. Timing•  WHEN you post is just as important as WHAT you post•  Your audience is not active all hours of the day•  You want your content to be seen by the maximum amount of people #likeable
  11. 11. Timing•  Do not overwhelm your audience with content•  Post once a day on Facebook, so you dont take Newsfeed real estate away from users’ friends•  Use analytics to determine best times to engage •  11am and 3pm have been proven to see high reach #likeable
  12. 12. Timing•  Tweet no more than once an hour•  Tweets move so fast through the Twitterverse•  It is safe to tweet throughout the day•  Space your posts appropriately #likeable
  13. 13. Tone•  Tone can be determined with a simple question: •  Do you know who you are talking to?•  Tone is often referred to as the voice of the brand #likeable
  14. 14. Tone•  Your tone should differentiate your brand from competitors•  Your target demographic sets the basis for the overall tone of your content•  The tone should be established, and consistent throughout your content strategy #likeable
  15. 15. Tone•  Should your tone be different on different networks? •  Content – YES •  Tone – NO•  Any person on any network should be able to recognize your brand #likeable
  16. 16. Consistency•  Successful content is consistent•  People need a reason to continuously visit your page•  Consistency on different networks vary #likeable
  17. 17. Consistency•  Establish a schedule for all content. •  This is most effective when you know what times your audience is active•  You want your message to be the same throughout •  Make sure all your content is in line with your voice #likeable
  18. 18. Engaging•  Content drives fan engagement, page growth and traffic•  Excellent content is: •  Relevant to your brand and community’s interests •  Fresh and unique •  Expressed in different forms •  Available consistently for your community #likeable
  19. 19. EngagingEngaging content:•  Is relatable: Fans want to play!•  Is visual: Infographics/photos/videos•  Has a call to action: LIKE or Comment or Share or Tag, etc.•  Is creative: be unique!•  Is concise: Keep it simple, stupid! #likeable
  20. 20. Relevant•  Cut through the clutter•  People interact with different forms of media with different content every day •  Presents a challenge for the audience and for brands•  Add value to the conversation •  Social conversation audit #likeable
  21. 21. RelevantPosition the brand as a trusted resource•  Use owned media channels as a resource to share information•  Allows direct communication with your audience #likeable
  22. 22. RelevantConsumers want firsthand knowledge aboutyour brand:•  Release dates, product enhancements, service changes, etc.Relevant content is authentic and morebelievable•  Being authentic is a consumer expectation #likeable
  23. 23. RelevantListen to your customers!• Ask them what they want to know• Leverage the data you receive to buildstrategy in the future• See what’s worked before (most likes,shares, comments)• Reuse most successful posts in new ways #likeable
  24. 24. No Content Get it?
  25. 25. No Content •  Don’t let your page be a ghost town •  You have to give to get •  Post often •  Provide value •  Always think Shareable!
  26. 26. Case Studies* #likeable   *The following case studies are Likeable Media clients.  
  27. 27. Pendaflex #likeable
  28. 28. Entenmann’s #likeable
  29. 29. Corkcicle #likeable
  30. 30. Extra Space #likeable
  31. 31. Hpnotiq #likeable
  32. 32. Things Remembered #likeable
  33. 33. The Pampered Chef #likeable
  34. 34. Need Help?•  Likeable creates custom social media trainings for your organization•  For more information on social media training email Cara at•  Email TODAY and get a Bonus E-Guide for Likeable Social Media #likeable
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