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Outsourcing it security yes, it’s still your problem


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Outsourcing it security yes, it’s still your problem

  1. 1. Outsourcing IT Security: Yes, it’s still YOUR problem Jay Leek The views and opinions expressed within this presentation are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the position of my employer, nor are they intended to be taken as business, security, financial or legal advice.
  2. 2. A history of hi-tech and innovation • 1865: Founded • 1898: Finnish Rubber Works Ltd. • 1967: began electronics • 1992: Launch 1st GSM device • 1999: World’s #1 manufacturer of mobile devices • 2009: World’s 5th most valued brand with ~38% global market share
  3. 3. Our global footprint is a key strength for Nokia ensuring that we retain an international perspective Over 1000 Collaborators worldwide Device manufacturing in 9 countries Over 125,000 employees
  4. 4. Nokia sales Breakdown Over $70 Billion North America Latin America 4% Europe Greater China 10% 13% 37% 14% 22% Middle East & Africa Asia- Pacific
  5. 5. Ask the audience
  6. 6. Outsourcing is nothing new…
  7. 7. Maturity of IT Security Outsourcing
  8. 8. The question is not if, but when… Embrace it while you still have an option
  9. 9. Getting there will not be easy
  10. 10. Good days…
  11. 11. Normal days…
  12. 12. Challenging days…
  13. 13. The key is to not just take a plunge
  14. 14. Must select the right provider
  15. 15. Know who is in control
  16. 16. Owning risks
  17. 17. Architecting the right solution for YOUR company Architect: Antoni Gaudí Facts and stories Visitor tours
  18. 18. Flexibility
  19. 19. Manage your SLAs 30 minute guarantee? DISCLAIMER: Because safety is a priority, "You Got 30 Minutes™" is not a guarantee, but an estimate.
  20. 20. Balance
  21. 21. Establishing a partnership via collaboration governance
  22. 22. Example Your company Governance Executive Board Service Provider Model Strategic Business Level Tactical Management Board Operational Operational Management Board
  23. 23. Opportunity
  24. 24. Meet with your vendor regularly
  25. 25. You must consider them part of YOUR team to achieve success
  26. 26. Governance is not free
  27. 27. Getting the deal done
  28. 28. Take away: •Industry has changed •Threat landscape has evolved more quickly than most companies can manage •As IT Security professionals, we must evolve our mindset •Reward vs. Risk