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TFE Start-Smart Group Meeting Program


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The TFE Start-Smart Business Mentoring Program is for individuals who need guidance with starting and growing a new business. The Program focuses on company creation, business launch, and business growth strategy. The Start-Smart Mentoring program follows the TFE propriety 13-Step Entrepreneurial Journey. Learn more at

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TFE Start-Smart Group Meeting Program

  1. 1.  Only 45 Total Spots Available  Choice of Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Evening Classes  Class Size Limited to 15 Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business… Interactive Online Classroom Sessions What is the TFE Start-Smart Mentoring™ TFE Start-Smart Mentoring™ is a 10- week, Online Group Mentor- ing Program about company creation, business launch, and business growth strategy! It’s a virtual, online classroom environment where aspiring entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts come together one evening a week to learn how to successfully turn their entrepreneurial dreams into viable business realities… Why enroll in the TFE Start-Smart Mentoring Program™ Education: Learn the “how-to” details for building a successful, profitable, and scalable business enterprise! Experience: Receive personal guidance from a professional business mentor with real-world experience in company creation, business launch, business growth strategy, and exit/succession planning! Power: Realize the synergy derived from being part of a small group of like-minded individuals who are band together for a sole purpose! Confidence: Eliminate any doubts that you have about your lack of ability to start and grow your own successful business! Cost: Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional offline business classes, self-study courses, and over-priced online coaching programs! Research indicates… Research in both educational and business settings alike – around the world - indicates that students, employees, and CEOs are more likely to succeed when they have a mentor. Fortune 500 CEOs were asked the question, “What factor contributed most to your success?” Many of these CEOs listed that having an effective mentor was a key factor in their success. Your TFE Online Mentor will be with you every step of the way… TFE Online Mentors have decades of “hands-on” experiences in the small-to-medium-sized business arena in a variety of roles: employees, business owners, investors, consultants, educators, authors, trainers, and mentors. By integrating our educational and entrepreneurial career experiences, we developed high-impact content, created a superior delivery platform, and perfected a comprehensive training curriculum. We are confident you will find the TFE Start-Smart Mentoring Program™ a superior business start-up training and development program. You get our personal attention… Fifteen (15) person teams allow plenty of time for individual interaction with your TFE Online Mentor! Limiting team size provides an environment that is large enough to realize the benefits of group synergy, yet small enough to encourage individual participation! Don’t delay… Enroll Today at Trademark of Legacy Associates, Inc. in Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202 USA We help you take the guesswork out of the process! Training Business Start Up Mentoring Coaching Tutoring Guiding If you are you serious about starting your own business, then this is a must attend. Business Start Up Assistance Program!