Codes and conventions of a magazine double page


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Codes and conventions of a magazine double page

  1. 1. Codes andConventions of aMagazine Double Page Spread
  2. 2. One main image: sometimes The headline is thecan take up one page of the largest text on the pageDPS, it can also take up the and will often ‘bleed’whole two pages and the text across the page divide.will then be placed overimage. Headline is usually a commonlyAll images will used punbe striking to from thegrab the readers singer/band.attention. It will also be one line. The headline will not Smaller side images tell the reader what brake the text up. the article is about, it is These will make the striking to grab the article more attractive audiences attention. for the reader to read.
  3. 3. Direct address from theband/singer. The stand first is the introduction to the article. - Explains what the article is about. - Name of artist/band will be bold or a different colour to stand out from the rest of the text. - Always positioned underneath the headline. Drop capital is often used at the Breaking up the page of text by start of the article so the reader will inserting quotes or pictures will know where to start. make the article more - Other techniques are also used e.g. attractive to the reader. capitals, bold or different colour on the first few words or first line.
  4. 4. Layout is in columns, usually 3-4 The first paragraph to the articlecolumns per page. is the most important as it must- Layout link the two page together to grab the readers attentioncreate a coherent DPS. immediately.The article will be informaland personality of thejournalist should comethrough to the reader. First person is often used.There is a simple andconsistent colour schemeused throughout the article.