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Creating 3rd Generation Web APIs with Hydra

Presentation of the paper "Creating 3rd Generation Web APIs with Hydra" at the 22nd Internation World Wide Web Conference (WWW2013) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Creating 3rd Generation Web APIs with Hydra

  1. 1. Creating 3rd GenerationWeb APIs with HydraMarkus LanthalerGraz University ofTechnology
  2. 2. Level 0:The Swamp of POXLevel 1: ResourcesLevel 2: HTTPVerbsLevel 3: Hypermedia Controls
  3. 3. Using Web APIs is still challenging
  4. 4. - Layered system
  5. 5. Result: tightly coupled & brittle systems
  6. 6. REST + Linked Data: a match made!?
  7. 7. Semaphobia!?
  8. 8. ResourceLinkFormClassOperationHydra
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  14. 14. {"@id": "#comments","@type": "hydra:Link","supportedOperations": [{"@id": "#create-comment","@type": "hydra:CreateResourceOperation","label": "Creates a new comment","method": "POST","expects": "#Comment","returns": "#Comment"}]}
  15. 15. {"@id": "#Comment","@type": "hydra:Class","supportedProperties": [{"property": "#text","required": true,"readonly": false,"writeonly": false}]}
  16. 16. Hydra Console
  17. 17. © 2013, Markus Lanthaler. Some Rights Reserved. You
  18. 18. Questions?Markus Lanthaler
  19. 19. Image Credits(1) (with permission)