Towards a RESTful Service Ecosystem

© Louise Docker ,[object Object],Towards a RESTful Service Ecosystem,[object Object],Perspectives and Challenges,[object Object],Markus Lanthaler | Christian Gütl,[object Object],Graz University of Technology,[object Object]
© Matteo!,[object Object],How much time do you spent reformatting data?,[object Object]
The Web has liberated information from its physical containers,[object Object],©Alexandre Duret-Lutz,[object Object]
Average information worker wastes 3.8 hours/week reformatting data,[object Object],© Irina Slutsky,[object Object]
The Problem,[object Object],Agenda,[object Object],[object Object]
SOA: A first attempt
REST – the better alternative?
Towards a RESTful Service Ecosystem
Service Interface Description
Semantic Annotation
Service Discovery and Composition© Luis de Bethencourt,[object Object]
The Problem,[object Object],The Web still resembles its physical predecessors… just as the first cars did,[object Object]
The Problem,[object Object],SOA: A first attempt,[object Object],SOA: first attempt to streamline business processes,[object Object],© Jurvetson,[object Object]
SOA: A First Attempt,[object Object],SOAP + WSDL + UDDI,[object Object],© Capture Queen,[object Object]
SOA: A First Attempt,[object Object],	SOAP ≈ RPC		not Web-friendly,[object Object],© jvs11,[object Object]
SOA: A First Attempt,[object Object],REST – The Better Alternative?,[object Object],REST (Representational State Transfer)specifically developed for the Web,[object Object],© longhorndave,[object Object]
REST – The Better Alternative?,[object Object],SOAP,[object Object],REST,[object Object],© Michael Glasgow,[object Object]
REST – The Better Alternative?,[object Object],Service Interface Description,[object Object],REST typically has  just ahuman-readable documentation,[object Object]
Service Interface Description,[object Object],Most interesting approaches are hRESTS and WADL,[object Object],WRDL,[object Object],NSDL,[object Object],SMEX-D,[object Object],Resedel,[object Object],RSWS,[object Object],WDL,[object Object],	WADL:	closely related to WSDL,[object Object],hRESTS:	microformats for HTML doc.,[object Object],© Clever Cupcakes,[object Object]
Service Interface Description,[object Object],Semantic Annotation,[object Object],Syntactic description is not enough,[object Object],Semantic annotation ofdata and service behavior,[object Object],© aka Kath,[object Object]
Possible to create matching semantic stacks for SOAP and REST,[object Object],Semantic Annotation,[object Object],Ontology, e.g. WSMO-Lite,[object Object],annotations point to,[object Object],Semantic annotation,[object Object],SAWSDL,[object Object],MicroWSMO,[object Object],SA-REST,[object Object],SBWS,[object Object],extends,[object Object],extends,[object Object],extends,[object Object],Service interface description,[object Object],WSDL,[object Object],hRESTS,[object Object],WADL,[object Object]
Service Discovery and Composition,[object Object],Centralized?,[object Object],Discovery,[object Object],Decentralized?,[object Object],© Kai Markus Schreiber,[object Object]
We are working on a holistic frameworkcombines knowledge of the crowd and computer processing,[object Object],© Dave Jay,[object Object]
Thank you,[object Object],© 2010, Markus Lanthaler. Some Rights Reserved.,[object Object], ,[object Object]
Feedback/Questions?,[object Object],Markus LanthalerGraz University of Technology,[object Object],,[object Object]
Bonus Slides,[object Object]
Service Interface Description,[object Object],,[object Object]
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Towards a RESTful Service Ecosystem