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Be like God By DLM


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An ebook highlighting the creative side of entrepreneurship and how to maximize the opportunities of ideas drawn from an omnipotent source

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Technology
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Be like God By DLM

  1. 1. Be like TMGod Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated byDavid Lanre Messan
  2. 2. Script LinesWelcome to an audio book Presentation with David Lanre Messan,the premier Innovation Strategist in Africa. He talks to you aboutHow to be like God and create wealth from nothing. Be ready tochange your life and live like a king that God has made you. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan The Innovation Strat - Artist 1
  3. 3. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre MessanHave you ever wondered why some And the earth was without form andpeople easily come up with initiatives void, and darkness covered the face ofand perhaps,… you dont? Ever the deep…”wondered why or how the people ofthe West like America and Canada, The word VOID shows emptiness andcreated mind boggling inventions like nothingness……..the airplane and continuously Commingled with this emptiness wasinnovated until they succeeded in thick, deep darkness;transforming it into a space shuttle, ….. darkness that could be felt andputting a mere mortal on the moon touched. So,…. how do we createwith no oxygen to breathe? wealth from nothing, when there is no money or resources,…..when we knowHave you ever wondered how so easily no one and dont have friends or familynew innovations and inventions in in high places,….when we have limitedbusiness and technology are produced skill-set to achieve what we want toon a daily basis by the Germans or the achieve,Chinese and we seem somehow slow to ….when we have no university degreedo the same? to make a way for us in the corporate world or even if it is available, nothingHave you ever wondered how young can really be saved from our monthlypeople, even teenagers in places like income,….even when we try to saveAmerica invent dazzling resources, something, the amount is infinitesimalproducts and gadgets and all we in comparison to our great dreams?mostly do is buy into them? Before youbegin to wonder too long and hard,remember that the universe wascreated out of nothing but an idea in thesubconscious of one we The answer is Be Like………..God. He created all we see by a constant thought process, out of nothing andHe started with an idea of the from nowhere. But first, he had an ideapossibility of beauty and everything and turned it into a dream.good around him. He brooded for along while over what he had conceived Having a dream transports you out ofand He planned on how he was going the frustrations of the present into theto achieve it. We see the story of possibilities of the future. Having acreation saying, “In the beginning, God dream gives you a greatcreated the heaven and the earth. 2
  4. 4. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothingreason to wake up every day because ifyou do not have one you are pursuing,sleeping becomes very interesting and God breathe the same creative spiritchallenges seem so insurmountable that moved upon the face of the waterswhen they come because there is no into you and the Bible says manhope, no dream…just darkness and became a living soul. Only very fewemptiness….so get a dream, create an men come anywhere close toidea… exhausting the resources dwelling within them…that have beenYou need not ask, “How do I start?” deposited by God. There are deep wells of strength in allI am here to show you how. of us that have never been used.Some people have created ideas already Wealth… therefore can only be createdand are working on it right now but through deep thought processes,they are encountering obstacles making meditation, prayer, planning andmany people mock them and scorn particularly, the will to achieve whattheir efforts. you have conceived.It may take time; people may mock you,spite you and laugh at you but just What you conceive is simply your idea,…………….BE LIKE GOD. multiplied by an effort driven value –You may ask, “How can I become like your effort here, comprises of yourGod?” To be like God, we need to act energy and a consistent push of yourlike God and understand what he did in idea in form of product to as manythe circumstances in which he found people as possible.himself,….like in the many challengingcircumstances we also find ourselves, A consistent persistence in this attitudeas individuals and would-be business and way of life will bring about apeople…. definite winning streak, creating wealth for you beyond your wildest imaginations.But first of all, we must understand thepower deposited within us. As humans, Entrepreneurship is a tool forwe are empowered to be just like God. Creating Wealth from Nothing People living in this part of the worldWe were created as spirit beings, living often consider it a challenge to becomein a body and possessing a soul and this financially successful because of thesoul holds the great forces of our mind, peculiarity of our socio- economicour will and our emotions. environment. 3
  5. 5. Be like TMGodCreating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan Simply solve a problem. God created you to solve a problem.But then, looking from the other side, Why did you buy a car? It solved ayou will realize our socio-economic transportation problem. Why do youproblems are actually the watch the news each evening onopportunities we need to make it. All television? It solves an informationwe need is to convert opportunities problem.into value – adding ideas. There andthen, will the journey of Why did God create you? He createdentrepreneurship begin! you to solve human problemsIn the words of Albert Einstein, “Trynot to become a man of success, but Mechanics solve car problems •Dentists solve tooth problemrather try to become a man of value.” •Lawyers solve legal problemsWhen you create value that satisfy •Mothers solve emotional problemssomeones needs or desires and the •Accountants solve tax problemsperson is willing to pay for such value Ministers solve human problemsover and over again, you are on yourway to becoming an entrepreneur and God is the solution to mankind andcreating wealth. Entrepreneurship is you are like God. Four simple words liesimply defined as a system or process behind every successful product,that creates value which solves service or personal incentive and theyproblems. I will define the keywords to are building a better world. Gods solebroaden your perspective on aim was for beauty, peace, fruitfulnessentrepreneurship. and the sheer betterment of all of humanity. Create – this is imagination in bringing something new into existence Therefore, you are created to be a Value – it is something of importance that solution to somebody… You just have fulfills desires or provides a need to ask; who is that person? Where is Solve – It is the process involved in that person? What does that person making something easier or providing a need? How do I create and deliver need what that person needs? And multiply Problem – It is a situation that demands what you have to offer by how many solution people you want to reach and how far you want to go, this equates to System/Process – It is an organized dynamic pattern or structure WEALTH. 4
  6. 6. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothing How then do we Create Wealth From Nothing? The answer……………Have – an – idea. details. You certainly cant produce better ideas when you are bitter aboutYour idea is what fuels past failures.entrepreneurship and it begins withcreating the Idea, converting the idea Remember……….yesterdays failure isto a value adding business and in the tomb – so bury it but tomorrowsmaking the business generate the success is in the womb – so nurture it.wealth. We all need to get out of the pains of yesterday and step into the gains ofThe first process is CREATING THE tomorrow. Nobody goes forwardIDEA and you can create ideas from a looking backward and your best dayslot of circumstances. Many people are before you not behind. Yourcomplain to me about their inability to prophecy is more powerful than yourgenerate sound, productive ideas and I them….. So once again………take a chance atBut in reality, there are no shortages of your future and forget your failures.ideas and opportunities but there is a Some of these circumstances we mustshortage of people who can identify be open to include the following;them…………People with a seventh sense combined • E x p e r i e n c e s a n dwith the courage and vision to do opportunitiessomething about it. While some others Your experiences are pointers to whathave embarked on certain ideas and you can create or ideas you can choselost money or gained many negative to develop. We have seen many peopleexperiences, travelling overseas and return with almost similar brands with what theySome others have money and saw there.resources but no viable idea to investin….why? Your pain, rebellion and disgust of a particular situation can be a pointer toAre their minds dead? I dont think an idea you can begin to work on rightso… but they need to learn how to be, now. For example, Otunba Ghadaffi,think and create…like God. the Shit Merchant saw the need for outdoor toilet facilities which wasWell…….where there is life there is lacking at large gatherings and hishope. So… stop crying and wipe your answer to that need was the DMTtears. Learn the lessons and discard the while the young business man 5
  7. 7. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan every year in the fashion industry and you can also make it happen for you.Owoeye Azazi noticed that this sameidea could be better enhanced to cater • Needsfor VIP needs at large gatherings and You can come up with ideas because ofimported a first-class air-conditioned a personal need or one you think needsoutdoor toilet service which he to be met. For example, Larry Izamojespotted abroad, creating Posh Potties the founder of Brilla fm, saw the needtoilet services. Ideas are everywhere, for a sports only radio station, startingwhat are your experiences and off in his house. He has developed theopportunities? Your next idea could most focused media house in Nigeriacome from there. today. Also, the Murray Bruce clan saw the need to revamp the cinema culture which once thrived in the 70s. The• Fun time and Adventures Silverbird Galleria was a total selloutWhat you love to do during your when it was launched because peopleleisure can be the beginning of a needed to satisfy their cravings forlifelong business. It could be anything American styled outdoorfrom dancing, writing, cooking to entertainment.exercising and healthy living. It is allaround you, all you need do is make a • Problems: There are political,business of your pleasure time. Almost social, spiritual, economic, financialall Nigerians that own night clubs have problems thing in common – they love nightlife. So are you shocked at their Linus Okorie created Guardians of Thebusiness choices? They would rather Nation International, GOTNI to satisfywork at night and sleep during the day. a need for a less corrupt and oppressive political system. Ndidi Nwuneli saw aWeird, to you maybe,… but not to social porousity in Nigerias leadershipthem. and accountability and created LEAP Africa to cater for these by influencing• Critical Thinking and creative the youth through positive programthinking Your creativity can generate delivery system. The hustler sellingan idea of a lifetime, so how creative CDs on a mobile truck believes heare you? Your critical and creative would make more money if he movesthinking may allow you come up with around more while our financial need isa product people dont even know they helping us explore many possibilities toneed until they see it. This happened in attaining wealth. So what is your need?succession in recent times with Appleincorporateds I-products. It happens 6
  8. 8. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothing• Conversations bankers and more. Great businessDuring simple or stimulating people know that acquiring andconversations, ideas can pop into our keeping people is a leaders mostheads concerning things we ought to important task. A business cannotdo but most times, we put it off. Become increase its productivity but people can.more attentive to your conversations The asset that truly appreciates withinand those of others and watch the ideas an organization is can pull out from them. The growth potential of your idea is• Talent directly related to the potential andYour talent is an easy way to launch strength of its supporters, partners,yourself into an entrepreneurial customers, workers, advisers, investorsjourney as we can see it working and and bankers. A company cannot growgradually growing in the Nigeria today without until people grow within.with artistes, actors, actresses, dancers,photographers, make-up artistes,comedians etc thriving by pursuing The third process is CONVERTINGtheir talents. THE IDEA TO A VALUE ADDING BUSINESS by driving the business with• Challenges strategic skills such as:Your challenges can push you so hardto the wall that you are willing to look • Prayerfor profitable ideas until you find one. Separation makes for mental resourcefulness, fertility and prowess. So set yourself apart from the crowd.The Second Processis converting the idea to a Value Adding Business •Convert the idea created to a product • Plan and set goals or service that fits a researched market A plan is nothing; planning is •Create a business plan for the idea everything. Planning is the •Attach a measurable monetary value to product or service arrangement of facts to achieve your set •Market the product or service to a objectives and before you start a target market business, strategic planning is first required. Remember that every well- built house started with a definite planFor any idea to succeed you must in the form of blueprints and one goodinvolve People as supporters, partners, idea with an organized plan can jettisoncustomers, workers, advisers, investors,
  9. 9. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan motivated by desire and willing to work hard for what they want. If you have a dream, pursue it. If you have ananyone into financial success. So begin idea, bring it to reality. Dont let it goto plan on how to make your idea a and dont give it up without a fight.success but a genuine planner, planswithin available resources. • Discipline Self discipline is the ability to make• Vision yourself do what you should do, whenA vision is a glimpse of the end, a view you should do it whether you feel like itof your purpose in life; what you see or not.yourself become; simply put, a living • Commitmentpicture of your future. There is one A major key to success in life and toquality that one must possess to win attaining that which you deeply desireand that is definiteness of purpose, it is is to be completely released and throwthe knowledge of what one wants and a all there is of yourself into your idea.burning desire to possess it. Oprah The quality of a persons life isWinfrey said “Create the highest, determined more by their commitmentgrandest vision possible for your life to excellence than by any other factor,because you become what you no matter what the externalbelieve.” circumstances. Be committed to your dream.• Good leadership Quality ServiceLeadership is the organizing and It does not matter what size of businesscoordinating of resources, energies and you have, if you will give it a servicerelationships in a productive context orientation far above anticipated gains,for an intended result. Some people you will hit unimaginable results. If youthink leadership skills should only be want to increase the quality andlearnt by governors or presidents but quantity of your rewards, you mustno it should be embraced by all. Each increase the quality and quantity ofone of us will be a leader at some point your contribution. Your contribution isin our lives whether we lead a family, a your service and you must holdgroup of friends, a larger group or a yourself responsible for a highermajor segment of society, each of us standard than anybody else expects ofwill act in ways to influence others. You you. Never excuse yourself.must also gain this skill for the dailyenhancement of your business goals. • Management Acquire management skills from• Hard work individuals that have either done theWealth is acquired by those who are same thing or something similar, they
  10. 10. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothinghave lessons that you can learn fromand take your idea to the next level.• Integrity purpose. Develop a mad burningTrue integrity is making good choices passion to birth your dream andconsistently, keeping agreements with achieve the success you desire.yourself, persisting through the toughtimes and being 100% accountable for As the business begins to earn profits,your results. invest back into the business idea, there are unlimited opportunities• Creativity waiting to be tapped so dont squanderYou must develop creative thinking your newly acquired resources inskills because creative thinking is what acquiring new toys.generates ideas and the more you knowhow to generate creative ideas, the Pay your tithe which is ten percent ofmore successes you record. Forget fable your earnings to ensure others benefitwives tales and celebrity gossip going from Gods blessings in your life, savearound town, forget too much and ten percent of profit and expandunnecessary football score arguments business reasonably to more marketon who will win the premier league segmentsgoing around town, its certainly notgoing to be you so think of what to do to You must become financially savvy,bring your ideas to life and put more by spending wisely and create anmoney into your pocket. Be less curious effective budget for all of yourabout people and more curious about projects. Keep the accounts tidy byideas. maintaining a consistent cash flow. Continuously identify more• Optimism opportunities and strategies to driveYour mind is the comptroller general of your business idea.your destiny. Investing high optimismin it will bring your ideas to reality.• Dynamism The Truth:You must be dynamic. Dynamism is the You need knowledge to create wealth!ability to remain full of energy and new When you see a man who walks on theideas. It enables you remain flexible streets with so much inelegance, whowill still producing the best results in lives his life in fear of the future, whoorder to reach your goals. gets worried about minor challenges, then two things could be responsible. It• Obsession is either he has an empty pocket or heBe obsessed with your dreams, the has an empty head.secret of success is constancy of
  11. 11. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan Therefore, in order to create wealth you must be knowledgeable about everything going on in the world asIf you see a man who goes with so they will inspire the growth of yourmuch confidence while he walks or business in unimaginable ways.drives along the street, who is notdisturbed when he suffers losses, who PEOPLE WHO CREATED WEALTHis not easily frightened by awful FROM NOTHINGsituations and who lives his life withso much ease, then two things could The Proverbs 31 Woman: The life ofbe responsible for his behavior. It is the Proverbs 31 woman encapsulateseither he has a lot of money stored up the whole idea of his bank account or he has so much Her culture of self discipline and herknowledge stored up in his mind. ability to contravene certain cultural norms gave her an edge over womenLike Bill Gates, the seed to your of her day. Many things are writtensuccess and wealth may be locked about her industriousness but oneaway in a scientific manual you feel thing points to this topic, which is,less than interested to open, it may be “She seeks wool, and flax and workslocked away in biographies of willingly with her hands”, this isbusiness greats or established entrepreneurship, and she startedcorporations. Success in a particular from nothing. She didnt go aboutbusiness depends for one thing upon seeking employment; she wanted to beyour possessing in a well-developed her own boss. She already had skill sostate the faculties required in that she went about seeking raw materialsbusiness. Commitment to personal in order to make linen. She is activeand continuous improvement is key and has an open mind to the thingsto reaching your potential and to happening in the world. She is anbeing successful. Each day you can astute investor seeking avenues tobecome a bit better than you were grow the income of her family likeyesterday. starting various businesses. She works through the night, she is not idle andIf you employed study, thinking and she was called blessed by all meaning,planning time daily, you could she became wealthy. Please readdevelop and use the power that could Proverbs 31:10-31.change the course of your destiny. Itputs you one step closer to your Fred Smith was 27 when he foundedpotential and you will also find that FedEx. His idea occurred to him whenwhat you get as the result of your he wrote a term paper for angrowth is not nearly as important as economics class in which he outlinedwhat you become along the way.
  12. 12. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothingan idea for a transportation companythat will guarantee an overnightdelivery of small, time-sensitive goods, slowly began to build one of Americasreplacement parts and medical supplies most successful major US cities. Although theProfessor was not impressed awarding Toyosi Akerele, a young enigmaticthe paper a D, smith was certain he was entrepreneur very passionate about youthon to something though it took him a development started the company, RISEwhile before he could turn his ideas to poised to empower young people throughreality. Today, FedEx is a $32 billion a magazine and have grown into aglobal transportation and logistics strategic youth development and Printingcompany serving over 220 countries and company serving up to 1 million youth interritories. 15 Nigerian cities and several top corporations and institutions raking inColonel Harland Sanders, millions of naira every year. What she hadfounder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, got was just an idea…she thought like God,really fired up and started regardless of started with an idea from nothing andwhat he had. Sanders had money God came through for her, making herproblems like everyone else when he grow in leaps and bounds. What are youwas first building Kentucky Fried waiting for?Chicken: left almost broke after his firstrestaurant was sold at an auction, You can maximize Real OpportunitiesSanders had nothing but his check of You can build a mega business and create$105 per month from social security. He wealth from these, right now…….was not born into a rich family. He spent •SMS Marketingmuch of his youth living and working •Face book Marketingout on his own, trying to support himself •Information Salesand stay off the streets but he didnt let •Laundry •Investment Clubthat stand in the way of his future •Seminar Productionsuccess. In fact, his experiences as a •Event planningyoung boy taught him how to make do •Ad Letter publishing •Make Up Artistwith what he had available to him and it •Idea developmentwere precisely that attitude that was ableto lift KFC off the ground. Just Think! Of which suits you and Act Now!His success proves that it does not take a If you dont like any, create your own.large initial investment to launch abusiness. By making do with what he It is right in you, in your mind and inhad – a car, a garage, his wife to assist your thoughts. So make it happen.and a meager social security check – he 7
  13. 13. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan grammar, so I developed my ability to help people proofread their work eitherAfter you have conceived the idea business or personal scripts and madethen you must take steps to some good money out of it? An opportunity to work as a proofreaderachieving your dreams. There is from home gives you a chance to worksomething that you have that is from home. Advertising for this can becalled Real Opportunity which difficult but seek out those who mightcan help you create wealth – find actually be able to use your services andit! advertise directly to them.• Whoever you are, start Public speaking If youre the type ofwith what you have, where you person who can get the attention of aare, whatever it is – just start. Soon, room easily, public speaking might beyou will overcome the first for you. Take advantage of every publicobstacle. speaking opportunity you can and youll be surprised at the opportunities that• Set goals on what you make themselves available for you. Myintend to start and how you plan ability to communicate effectively hasto grow. You will reach your goal brought about the most outstandingwhen your passion and desire results for me in all of my pursuits in life, garnering me speaking engagements inbecome so strong as to rise out of churches, business seminars andyour body like steam from a pot of trainings across the boiling water. After thispresentation and you have not Writer I realized very early that I am adecided to start now – Go get a JOB by good writer and I used it to mywhich you know what that means-you advantage, writing great poems andremain Just Over Broke. articles. For the poetry, I formed a club called Breeze mind poetry and dance clubThese are some simple ways which I which indirectly brought me money. Ashave used to create wealth from a writer, one of my write up won me thenothing. By coming up with ideas that 2006 World Bank 100 best authors awardI didnt really need money to start, I and consequently fetching me a goodmade my very first one million naira. income to launch my business e-book CD, which made me my first one million naira.Proofreading Personally, I have very Publicity My natural communicationstrong English skills and exceptional power endeared me towards media
  14. 14. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothingoriented platforms. I began askingpeople and companies for theirbusinesses which included poster Business Plan Writer One of mypasting, handbill sharing, submitting passions is to help people structure anbusiness introduction letters and event effective plan to help drive theirpromotions. All these led me to go into businesses, so I learnt the art of businessthe sms marketing business. plan writing first to support myself as aSMS Marketing I started an sms young entrepreneur who was chasedmarketing business by walking up the a out of the Lagos Chamber of Commercecompany called kull in office because I went to make inquiriesOgba and asked if I could market their on how to write a business plan as I wassms product, they agreed. I did that about to embark on a publicityeffectively and then gathered enough business, I called City Bells, they toldmoney to start my own, which I called me to go to school instead of, this brought me shadows – I was just 19. But becomingmoney also as a young business man. like God is in our ability to chase the impossible – thanks to the internet, I found andE-book Marketing I in partnership with and I learnt how to craft aa friend, created a 30 in 1 business e- most convincing business plan and Ibook by downloading free resource help others do the same and get paid for it. Idea Creation Today My majormaterials from the internet. It was a business which doubles as myhuge sell-out, making me a young company is to think, create and executemillionaire overnight. ideas and strategies for people,Training I started by promoting other businesses, institutions andpeoples workshops and seminars and governments. This alone has made usafterwards I became a trainer myself, consult for more than 30 smallby a constant self development process. businesses and over 100 individualsI was able to package and create my across Nigeria since 2007.own workshops. The cheapest fee Ireceive as a trainer today is N150, There is an idea in you that is connected000:00.Proposal Writing I personally to your skill, talents and ability. All youtrained myself in proposal writing and have to do is to wake that idea up….justover the years, I have been able to makeover two million naira writing like the genie in the lamp…..your ideaproposals for various clients which can bring you any amount of wealthinclude individuals, small businesses you want…and governments.
  15. 15. Be like TM God Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan ungodly use but shall honour the Lord with thy substance. 8. Thou shalt not acquire wealth byBecome the Aladdin now by dishonest means; neither shalt thoucommanding the hidden treasures of oppress the poor with thy riches.your mind. 9. Thou shalt hold the power of knowledge in high regard and shaltRules govern the world, just as much as explore the power of inspiration.rules govern wealth creation, my 10. Thou shalt use thy wisdom and thycandid advice and suggestion is to wealth for the work of God and for thepassionately and deliberately hearken benefit of these ten commandments of wealthand they are…. Are You Ready To Be Like God?1. Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God Well …you can start becoming like Him right for it is He that giveth the power to get now. wealth. But first you must become this in your mind and2. Thou shalt trust in the Lord thy God it resides in your attitude. Attitude is the first with all thy heart, leaning not on your quality that marks the successful man. The own understanding. greatest discovery of our generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their3. Poverty is ungodly, therefore shalt attitudes of mind. thou revoke every resolution you have made to be poor. The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession4. Thou shalt abhor poverty and sin with of anything else to which he is justly entitled. passion and desire the blessings of the Nothing can stop the man with the right mental Lord. attitude from achieving his dreams and also, nothing can help the man with the wrong mental5. Thou shalt not engage thyself in attitude. idleness, but shall work with thine hands, the things that enhance wealth. If you have a positive attitude and are a positive thinker, who likes challenges and difficult6. Thou shalt do thy work with all situations, then you have half your success diligence so that thou mayest find achieved. And when your attitude, your strong favour before God and men. conviction, your positive definition, affirms your position as a god, then your attitude out distance7. Thou shalt not heap up wealth for
  16. 16. Be like TM Author - vated by David Lanre Messan God Creating wealth from nothingyour abilities and the impossible becomespossible. I am DLM – David Lanre Messan Find me on facebook by simply searching for David Lanre MessanIn conclusion, remember these; to create or go LIKE my fan pagewealth from nothing you must find a need or by the name The Innovationcreate an idea, convert it into a product or Strategist. Or visit my blog:service, market it to your phone contacts first, now, now, now, behold you are anentrepreneur ready to create wealth. David Lanre Messan is an Innovation Strategist fast rising in Africa.I will end with this quote by my friend, David Call him on these mobile linesCharima, A leadership consultant, He said, 07043571577, 08035776246 ornot everybody is a poor person but the only email him onpoor person in this world is the person lanremessan@yahoo.comwithout an idea.It is time to kick out poverty.My business is to help individuals,businesses and institutions think, create andexecute ideas and strategies.So contact me for your business,sponsorship, project and marketingproposals, also we create and package ideasand innovative strategies.
  17. 17. Be like TMGod Creating wealth from nothing Author - vated by David Lanre Messan
  18. 18. I David Lanre Messan is a pioneering Innovation Strat – Artistam in Africa, leading corporate, organizational and societalDM L change through his many innovative concepts and strategies using empowering, educative and entertaining instruments. He is currently the Chief Idea Strategist of Infinite Impact Company, an ideas, business innovation andmarketing company that thinks, creates and execute ideas for DMindividuals, businesses, institutions and governments. DLM has Lconsulted for several corporate clients some of which include theLagos State Public Service Staff Development Center, Odera School ofBusiness and Management and Universal Anchor Consulting Limited.DLM has several ideas, books, songs, poems and mad concepts soon tobe released. He also has several awards to his credit which includes100 Best Worldbank Authors of the 2006 International EssayCompetition, 101 Young African Leader select and the LEAPAfrica/Nokia Youth Leadership Award. Who even knows whether he isschooled? I leave you to guess! DLM has a burning desire to help OneMillion Young Nigerians Bring Their Ideas to Life before 2016. T A Peep akeThe BE LIKE GOD Audio Book is a product for theadvancement of entrepreneurship mastering for businesspeople and forward thinking career professionals with a visionto develop grand business ideas or to continuously generateideas for their already founded ideas inspired from a Godlikeperspective.The BE LIKE GOD Audio Book thrives on the notion that allideas come out of nothing, presumably, out of thin air just likeGod created the universe and everything in it, so each personcan see themselves as thus in order to generate the most uniqueideas, using them to build great careers or enterprises.You Can Be Like God! Just start with an IDEA. w w w w . d l m b o o k h u b . c o m