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Only You Can Be The Exception


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Becoming an exceptional person needs some tools, find them in this mini ebook

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Only You Can Be The Exception

  1. 1. OCANYOU NLY BE THEEXCEPTION Written by David Lanre Messan
  2. 2. The word Exception means: An action that is part of an ordinary operation; whenyou surpass the routine or standards; not conforming to the general rule.
  3. 3. Why You Must be Different? Your Life HABITS can steer you forward if they are positive enough.I became an exception through the following adoptable:
  4. 4. 1. KNOWING GOD – He was my first consult and I hadto talk to Him to direct my life affairs because Iknow He knows everything and only him can helpme succeed as well as comfort me in the times oftrouble – I mean challenges.2. I LIVED PRODUCTIVELY – ensuring that no daypasses without me learning something new and Idid this mostly by reading, researching and creatingideas to every problem I sense around me. Abilityis what youre capable of doing. Motivationdetermines what you do. Attitude determines howwell you do it.
  5. 5. 3. I MAINTAINED A STRONG FOCUS AND ENERGY: Iwas so clear on the kind of life I want to live – Apositive one –so, I designed it by creating a missionstatement and as I grew, it gradually changed to fitmy true personality, dreams and ambitions. The keywas a high octane spirit filled with focus and energy.4. ATTENTION TO SELF – I paid very close attention tomyself in order to find out my strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By doingthis, I made maximum use of what I know aboutmyself to grow, live and control my habits towardslife.
  6. 6. 5. RESPECT AND HUMILITY – I ensured every man – myelders, my parents, my friends etc earns good dose ofrespect from me and I approached life with a greatdeal of humility and this brought to me countlessopportunities.6. I ADOPTED THE FREE STRATEGY – By adding value tofellow men for free; my talents, my skills, my time, myideas, my knowledge, every single good virtue ofmine, I gave out for free and most of the time I getunrequested returns for it.
  7. 7. 7. TIME USE – I apportion time appropriately to mygoals and I prioritize my tasks and this helps me torecord measurable success in my activities.8. GOAL SETTING – I never stopped setting goalsevery day, every week, every month and every year.I tell myself my future by first writing it down ingoals and afterwards act on them. I always attainmy goals through strive and Gods favour.
  8. 8. 9. I KEEP TRYING – Even when I fail, I keep my headreal high up. That is to say even as determined,talented, skilled I am, I still record a few failures andit has helped me learn more – especially realizingmore reasons why I should not make such mistakesagain.10. LIFE WAS MY MOTTO – I used the LIFE strategy asmy destiny rudder. It is my wheel of hope, mysteering of action, my beam of service to humanity.LIFE; Love; Innovation; Fun; Enterprise. This is theonly reason why I live and would be fulfilled.
  9. 9. 11. THE MENTORSHIP STRATEGY – I started by having anemail mentor, John C. Maxwell who taught meleadership and life direction and afterwards I got othermentors whom I have learnt so much from.12. Be ON YOUR OWN (Be OYO) - A little privacy to thinkback and forth can help you put your life in order,especially when you have to think of your actions in thepast towards the present in order to further make yourfuture better. After all, it is your life and if your destinyis truly in your hands, you have to stop and ponder atsome point…this can only put your future right in yourface.
  10. 10. 13. VISION IS A NECESSITY: A living picture of yourfuture is just ok to keep you going. If you donthave one, better do now (It is what you seeyourself become) and if you got one, put it onpaper and hang it on the wall near your face. Thisis because; you will need to always see it to getthe right kind of motivation to activate it.14. PLANNING IS KEY TOO – Always make this a majorpart of your routine before the action.
  11. 11. 15. WALK THE TALK – Always act on whatever you say youare going to do. Keep your word! Act on the plan! Saywhat you mean and mean what you say! Integrity hasno family…You cant make it up…so always walk thetalk.16. HAVE PASSION – It is the kerosene of every burningfire; the gas of every cooker. If you dont have it, youcant love it and you cant claim it – I mean if you donthave passion, you cant have a real ambition, a realdream, real fulfillment. A little dose of passion willkeep growing until it sizes your dream and destiny.
  12. 12. 17. INNOVATION RULES! – It is the antidote to makingthe world a better place. Learn to improve onyesterday, make today better and create tomorroweven better, value and change driven. It is a simpleway to “bring ideas to life” and it begins bycreating the ideas from everything around us.18. BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING – Desperation does notpay and it always put one in a compromising state.Rather than be anxious, just keep keeping on. Godis the rewarder of all things including hardwork.
  13. 13. 19. HAVE FUN – Hardwork all through stresses the mind andweakens the body. So take time to have fun, relax andplay with some real friends. It usually puts one back ontrack and the end result is always productive.20. BE NICE – How about if you decide to help the needy –you just dont know how much that can save someoneslife. You are better off simply because God wants you tobetter somebodys life. By smiling, you put a smile onsomeones face too. Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be thechange you want to see in the world”. So, just do it!
  14. 14. 21. LEARN, RELEARN AND UNLEARN – Finally, never stoplearning, it is the fountain of knowledge. No one is toobig or small to learn. By a gentle walk, we see more ofthe tiny dots and stones hidden in the sands of theground; by humility, we learn to reach the top by acontinuous growth process; By a constant quest toknow more, we create knowledge for the othergeneration that stare at us in anticipation of what wegot to offer. And we create the future through the tinydots of knowledge and all these put together make usbetter people, making the world a better place.
  15. 15. To conclude this piece, I believe this would make some sense to you and serve as a lesson for you tomove a bit forward. Remember, a little here, a little there, we get closer to our mega dreams. Only youcan be the exception if you choose to be different in your thoughts, actions and attitudes. Only you can choose to either build your life or destroy it – and your habits either positive or negative will be responsible for it. So, I advise, you adopt only thehabits that will take you a little bit further until you attain your dream and find fulfillment. With you by my side, we will together change the world. I amDLM – the Innovation Strat-Artist. Innovation Rules!
  16. 16. I am DLM D avid Lanre Messan is a pioneering Innovation Strat-Artist in Africa, leading corporate, organizational and societal change through his many innovative concepts and strategies. A multiple award winner which include The Laspotech Masscomm Academy Award; The 100 Best Author Award in the 2006 World Bank International Essay Competition; LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Award; Brand Nigeria Top 100 Youth Award and a onetime 101 Young African Leader adoptee by the Business in Africa magazine and LEAP Africa, he has created and spearheaded massive revitalization and empowerment programmes cutting across many industries some of which include governments, telecommunications, banking, consulting, entertainment, sports and the youth market amongst a host of others.As a trainer, he has conducted seminars and workshops in a number of African nations, Nigeriainclusive and has worked as a communications consultant to the Lagos State Public Service StaffDevelopment Center.DLM has created several ideas among which is the award winning idea, GreenYaggy, a youth empowerment concept for young Nigerians abroad.He is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Lagos State Polytechnic, a presenter coursegraduate of the JCI University and the LEAP Africa facilitators training respectively and currentlystudying his masters degree in Innovation and Change Leadership offered by York St. John Universityin partnership with Robert Kennedy College based in Zurich.