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Youth Bliss


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An ebook written to guide young people in life.

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Youth Bliss

  1. 1. YOUTH BLISSWritten by David Lanre MessanD A V I D L A N R E M E S S A N The Innovation Strat-Artist
  2. 2. I am dedicating this mini ebooklet to my father, Anthony Addi Messan for goingthrough thick and thin with and for me at the toughest point of my life and forunearthing the desire to write this book. Love you PAPA as I fondly call him. YOUTH BLISS Written by David Lanre Messan
  3. 3. It is an exciting experience being a youth. This stage of life is filled with grandeur dreams, activities, and fun and of course challenges. This time usually turns out to be the most sensitive part of growth andmaturity. As a young person, I found out that every youth want some form of bliss asregards their pursuits and purpose and most of the time are stuck in between knowing what to do about attaining this bliss and making the most use of the time to achieve significant things.This little piece might not be that detailed butcan sure play a role in understanding steps totake when dreaming as a youth. Check it out. YOUTH BLISS Written by David Lanre Messan
  4. 4. YOUTH BLISS Your God First –T here is a supreme being that can better help you understand your being and why you matter to other beings. He unfolds the treasure inyou without making you feel the pressure. He opens your eyes to takea good glimpse of your significance in tomorrow today. For a life that is worth living, He deserves a first consult and this you must do if youwant to be true to yourself and the world. Find Him, He will grant you spiritual intelligence. 1
  5. 5. YOUTH BLISS On Your Track – T he beginning of the journey must start with all you need. The Idea is that God equips you with all you need to start. Lets find out…Here…You connect with purpose, you do what you love, you got the right attitude, youdevelop your skills, you get knowledge and you set great and achievable goalsmaybe SMART goals, oh yeah real SMART GOALS…you must do this. You get hold of your Strengths, Your Weaknesses, Your Opportunities and YourThreats….You are really going to be on track because it sets you on the path of discovery 2
  6. 6. YOUTH BLISS Understand It All – y ourself, your passion, your dream, your God, your terrain, your skills, your actions, what you do etc. Lack of understanding can perishanyone within a second. As a youth, you have got to spend time understanding who you are and everything that makes you who you are. Just like they say, discovery is the mother of recovery, you must discover everything aboutyourself; practice for 10, 000 hours to make you an expert in the things you do.Ability to understand it all gives you the capacity to envision great things and gaining the confidence to make them happen. Understanding enables you to have wisdom to live beyond what is and what is not. 3
  7. 7. YOUTH BLISS Take One – i n steps, choices, thoughts (compartmentalize). Dont get crowded with your intentions less you will find yourself in the midst of confusion. Plan your life by setting real goals and break them down intodo-able tasks so that your excesses can be accommodated and your single- mindedness can be controlled. So, learn to take one step at a time; do one thing at a time; Make one commitment at a time.Understand that life is only complicated when we invite complexity into it.As such, we should learn to apply the lens principle which only focuses on one object at a time. 4
  8. 8. YOUTH BLISS House Your Essence – P rotect your heart from failing…this can make you fall… avoid the temptations, the distractions, the compromises, thestrong forces, the emotions… emotional intelligence must become your watch word to scale through. 5
  9. 9. YOUTH BLISS Be Strong, Be Balanced – L earn to overcome challenges from inside. When you fail, point your middle finger on your chest where the heartbeat is, you will realize it beats faster…what that means is to move faster than the time of its occurrence by first looking inward at what caused it…move, move, move… activate your recovery mode, draw strength from within, maintain a balance on the outside, the faster you move the quicker you catch up with a solution as nocondition has the right to be permanent in your life. The rate of change outside is equals to the rate of change inside. Let your life be YOU..let it reflect purpose, strength… be strong mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, financially,academically, spiritually…always draw strength from within…let the three (body, soul and spirit)interweave and make you function with the power of one…you will be so unbeatable, indomitable. 6
  10. 10. YOUTH BLISS Learn, Love, Lead and Live –E xpand your horizon, take responsibility for your own growth, your own actions. let your heart reach out, live today as if you cant see tomorrowcoming. Will out your passion to leadership, it is usually done with love,that way you learn to live from the eyes of legacy…an iota of it will never be left out because legacy carry with it a life of it own. 7
  11. 11. YOUTH BLISS Innovate at all times – C hange is a way of life, we innovate through insight to activate it. Embrace change, caress it, kiss it, hold it, remold it, pass it on. It is notmeant to be stagnant but vibrant as our future; our life depends on thisindestructible atom called change, but innovation keeps it alive…that isits energy, its fuel. So, if you innovate, you create a process that leads to change…it is usually priceless, demanded and wanted…you simply become a champion, you get the highest reward for it. Wont you start innovating now? Activate your sixth sense, innovate your skill sense, celebrate your essence. 8
  12. 12. YOUTH BLISS Socialize, Synergize and Step in the game – I ncrease your worth because they say your network determines your net worth, create self value, connect with real people, speak their desires, get into their minds, their lives and fulfill their dreams, help them live their passion. Dress to win, do not dress to kill…express style, dont overhaul it. Express a positive outlook on life. What you can do, what you can offer is what people are after, give it a name, attach a value, place a price tag in all fairness, sell it, sell it to as many people as you reach but it is not a tango neither is it a competition as you cant fool all of the people all the time…just play the game in the safest and fairest mode, catch fun, play, dance, crack jokes, say I AMSORRY, say please, say excuse me for a moment, share a drink, make a toast, do business, learn, support, reciprocate respect and honor, show humility, talkabout it if you can, listen more…its all going to make your life count to you and someone out there when you socialize, synergize and step in the game…that game is life…it means so much when we honestly live it that way too. 9
  13. 13. YOUTH BLISS Succeed through service –E verything you achieve will make real sense and fulfilling whenyou consider humanity by committing to the society. One thing you will surely be forever remembered for – your service tohumanity. When you look out of your window, you will see who to serve – some youth want to go to school but they got no sponsor; some youth want to eat but they have no food; some are sick but no drugs; some youth want to see a movie but got no TV. The youth doctor can help the youth patient. The rich youth can help the poor youth…all in the quest to help…Consider the two sides of life The society calls for a country with responsible youth who are driven by values and not what theycan eat now. Patriotism beckons on you as a viable YOUTH; will you display your citizenship? That is an idea of what you can feel and commit towards. Success is not the key to happinessrather happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will think of the people, the country and the many good you can make out of it. You can only be successful whenyou serve with a heart as genuine as that of Fela Durotoye, Paul Adefarasin, TY Bello and the likes. 10
  14. 14. I AM DLM David Lanre Messan. Innovation Rules! D A V I D L A N R E M E S S A N The Innovation Strat-Artist Tel: +2348035776246 |+2348057125280 |+2347043571577Email: | lanremessan@yahoo.comf Lanremessan @ideastrategist in david lanre messan
  15. 15. D A V I D L A N R E M E S S A N The Innovation Strat-Artist YOUTH BLISS Written byDavid Lanre Messan