Execute that Goal! By DLM


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The ebook basically prepares anyone to build implementation capacity for dreams and goals.

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Execute that Goal! By DLM

  1. 1. Hello there!I am DLM! Innovation Rules! Oh My God! (I am Squirming, chuckling and actingnow) My name is David Lanre Messan but I really, really, really love to be calledDLM – it makes me wanna innovate ‘cos that is what my whole life is about. It ismy purpose. It is my call. I execute my goals on it. I am an Innovation Strat-Artist –I create strategies for personal and business success; I speak; I write; I sing; and Imodel…crazy right? Well, it is my life and all these make me happy and I wannamake the next man happy with it too…You get me right?Whooosh, I am already saying much here. Let’s score GOALS now but whosegonna SCORE it – YOU, surely will. But your jersey number must read EXECUTION!Looool, I gotcha!!! Truthfully, I may not know you by face but I am so excited tobe a part of you all. In fact, I doff my hat for all of you listening to this audiopackage at this moment as a sign of respect.Getting Serious!!! (I am saying this with a “God like” voice)“Vision without execution is hallucination.” It’s true. As countless people haveproved, knowing what you want to do and where you want your life to go may beless than half the battle.We set goals so we can live the kind of life we want but more often than not,some of us end up not achieving these goals and become frustrated with life. Tobe candid with you, your inability to achieve your goal is no one’s fault but YOURS.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 2|P ag e
  2. 2. Yours because, your execution strategy is either not well calculated or not wellimplemented. Not well calculated because, you fail to plan, organize, prioritizeand not well implemented because you fail to engage the right communal forces,like following one course until successful, choosing not to keep track of your lastaction, as such, you can’t decipher your very next move which may be the mostessential step to your breakthrough.Everything becomes so complicated and you just conclude that life isn’t fair at alland then you presume that one grandma or grandpa don dey do you…funnyright?Well that is what we are all about here, to get the armored tank set in order tounleash an attack on complacency which I describe as goal massacre tricks. Thiswill enable us empower ourselves with Execution tactics for achieving our goals.But how?That is exactly what we will be dealing with on this audio recording and I canassure you that we will only deal with EXECUTION…HOW TO KILL IT!Keeping It Lively and Lifted!Getting things done, moving from vision (goals) to reality, making your abstractthoughts become tangible things, making your paperwork become a living world –EXECUTION IS THE WORD!I will tell you a story: I discovered myself at age 9, When I was 18, I already knewwhat I wanted to become; my kind of career, my kind of wife, my kind of family,EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 3|P ag e
  3. 3. my kind of dressing and so on. I was so clear about these goals that I wroteeverything out word for word on paper putting dates to all of them. Butsomething happened! For a whole 365 days I did nothing about what I had writtendown despite the fact that I had internalized it so much that everyone knew who Iwas gonna be… for me it was like I was already living my dream ‘cos trulyeveryone calls me by the things I have told them about my dreams, yet in reality, Ican’t seem to get hold of any or even a bit of the stories I was telling them untilONE DAY I looked into my Physics Textbook that I had used in school and saw thefirst law of motion by Isaac Newton highlighted as, “ Every Object Continues in itsstates of rest until an external force acts on it” I can never forget it anymore – thislaw got into my spirit, pumping up my adrenaline and igniting something in mecalled ACTION.We can liken ACTION to EXECUTION, and that is to say nothing will ever, I meanwill ever ever ever happen to your well mapped out goals if you don’t ACT onthem. They will apparently continue in their state of rest until you do somethingreally pragmatic about them…..Awwwwwwwww…it is so special to execute…Youhave got to KILL (Spell it) K-I-L-L the goal! By KILL, I mean Keep It Lively and Lifted.Just as a man desirous of eating meat has to clean an animal before he canpartake of its protein rich diet, so must you KILL your GOALS so you can live yourdesired life by Keeping It Lively and Lifted!It is your right to achieve. Let me just do you a quick denotative and connotativeanalysis of what I mean by KILL (Keeping It (your goals) Lively and Lifted)EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 4|P ag e
  4. 4. The first letter is obviously KKeep – to keep your goals is like making a PROMISE to your future and fixing anAPPOINTMENT with the components of your future and ensuring that you makethe appointment. So, when you keep your goals, it is like you doing what you havepromised to do (your goals) and going where you agreed that you will go (yourfuture). That is a bit clear right? Wouldn’t want to go into details, only wanted togive you a little bit of detail on KILL! WHOOOOOOSH! So, what you can’t keepcan’t be leaped or lifted.Now we look at the second letter in KILLIt – The IT in the word KILL represents your GOALS as in (Keeping It (your goals)Lively and Lifted). Your goal is simply your word which you must keep. Enoughdetails have been said in previous lessons about GOALS so, I am done here.lolThe third letter in KILL is LLively – Your goal has to be full of life and energy, that means your goals need tobe SMART, you know what that means right? Ok, Specific, Measurable,Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Your goals also need to be concrete in sucha way that you can push it, whatever happens even when you have limited or noresources to available; you can be flexible with it and most especially YOU need tobe active and enthusiastic with your goals…too much details again, that is crazyand this is not what I want to talk about..Ok, ok, that is enough!EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 5|P ag e
  5. 5. The last but not the least letter in KILL is LLifted –the number one reason you set the goals is for you to move from whereyou are to where you really want to be. IF YOUR GOALS CAN’T LIFT YOU THEN ITALL BECOMES SHIT. So, you mustn’t forget to take hold of your goals and movethem until it raises YOU to a higher level or position.So, when I say KILL the Goal, you now know what to do, you have got to simplyKeep It Lively and LiftedNow, let’s go and deal with what is important – Executing That Goal!The power to execute your GOALS is in the ability to JUST DO IT! Everything wewill be sharing this week is packed full in this Nike Payoff – JUST DO IT. Are youready? I can see you say YES! Ok, let’s go!!!I once ran into this aphorism and it sure interests me. Read as thus;If you doubt yourself and say you can’t do it. Buy a Nike Shoe and read theslogan. It says: JUST DO ITJUST DO IT is an acronym for what you need to do to execute your goals and I giveyou a breakdown on how it will run in these five days we got:Justify Your GoalsUse Benchmarks of other GoalsSeek Communal SupportTackle the Small things firstEXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 6|P ag e
  6. 6. Deadline Your GoalsOrganize Your ResourcesInnovate Your GoalsTake Progress Record on Your Goals-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Justify Your Goals: Before you execute those goals, it is important you sit backand think about why exactly you would want to put your energy into writing downgoals that do not fit into your purpose. You don’t set goals because you feel it isprobably a New Year and everyone else is setting new goals or writing down theirNew Year resolutions, and all you could do is join the bandwagon. You have got tobe cool, calm and collected on the inside, finding out your innate abilities andpassions upon which you consistently set goals that would transport you into yourLife desires. So, learn to justify your goals by first connecting it to your purpose,passions and talents which all cumulatively make up your future. Justifying yourgoals is like a structure upon which you nurture your future…you heard?Justifying your goals help you to understand the journey ahead and also helps youto know the right kind of goals you need to set to get into where you envision.Most importantly, justifying your goals help you understand how goals work andhow you can use them to tap into new opportunities and favours which inherentlyis a pedestal to securing your future in reality beyond just dreams.When you set justifiable goals that are in coherence with your purpose and vision,it helps you to do the following:EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 7|P ag e
  7. 7. - It increases your Productivity: you begin to prioritize and get off distractions while doing things real quick because in the first place, you are being spurred by something – Your Passion which is the reason why you set the goals in the first place. - It instills a powerful Confidence in You: The elation you get from achieving the little goals along the way only serve to make you feel more confidence in yourself and your abilities. So, when your productivity amount to little achievement, your confidence grows maximally. - It helps you develop laser-like Focus: When you have confidence that you will achieve your goals, you begin to Follow One Course until Successful and that means FOCUS. - It helps you to map out crystal clear Plans: A man who understands self, never gets lost in his life journey because even before he starts the journey he would have gathered enough to cover the race. This reflects in what we call PLAN – seeing the end from the beginning with time and resource allocation to each segment of moves. To find out if you are on track with setting justifiable goals, ask yourself the question: Am I in synchrony with what my life is meant for? If your answer is YES, then you can progress into the other JUST DO IT tips for Executing that goal but if NO, please, go back and find out who you are and what exactly your life is meant for? That would help you a lot.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 8|P ag e
  8. 8. First things first. Maybe, you can contact God in prayers for some revelations or a coach for some guidance. Just my candid advice!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Use Benchmarks of other Goals: When you have set and justify your goals, alsoseek for the advice of people in your life to find out what their goals are like. Youcan also meet a mentor or someone whom you look up to brainstorm with you ontheir goals as well as help you set the right kind of goal for yourself and for yourlife. Also, seek for strategies on how they have executed their last goal trenches;know what made the goal execution easy and what made it difficult. This will helpyou set your own milestones and overheads. This also helps you to refine yourgoals just in case there are areas that seem unclear. All these processes arepertinent to making the execution of your goals more pragmatic and achievable.Using bench marks help you to do the following: - It makes you equal to the task of making your goals happen - It empowers and positions you for action - It prepares you ahead of experienced challenges and opportunities - It gives you a psychological strength and the mental fitness to tackle unforeseen contingencies during the implementation of your goals - It is a motivation and calculation springboard for youEXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 9|P ag e
  9. 9. Seek Communal Support: It is such an amazing fact that no one is an island hence,you can’t execute your goal alone as you have got to Involve the Right People InThe Right Decisions arenas to enable your goals reach an activation stage throughto their celebration stage. I will give you an example of how a musical producercum artist got his goals achieved.His name is Emmashyne Chinonso Chijioke (as shown on Facebook), He has goalshe has set for years but did not have the right people around him to help him dothe right things to achieve the right results for him. He became stagnant yet heknew that all he needed was the right people to get things done. One day, DLMvisited a friend in his studio and he just noticed that Emmashyne paid raptattention to every of his conversation with this friend. After the meeting with hisfriend, he approached DLM, introduced himself and asked for his help. DLMcalmly asked him what he needed the help in and he said, “I know my business, Ihave some unique ideas and I am talented but I can’t put them up in proposals.”Wow, DLM (now that is my humble self!), was so amazed that I offered to helphim. In two months, he told me about his business and his concepts and myselfand my team put up a commercially relevant proposal for Emmashyne and thishas won him 10 million Naira grant from the Federal Government of Nigeria torun his business, and the FG sponsored him to attend a course at the Pan AfricanUniversity to study Youth Enterprise Innovation. Today, his goals of starting hisown innovatively driven company has become a reality through an outsourcing ofhis weakness by seeking communal support. It was not just about me anymore, Iinvolved my team, the government got involved and the academic lecturers orEXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 10 | P a g e
  10. 10. facilitators of The Pan African University also got involved in making the dream ofEmmashyne come true. Thanks to Communal Support but more thanks toEmmashyne for seeking it.So, you obviously would need people with higher knowledge, skill, strength andother human and material resources to get your goals going. It may even bepeople who are at the same level with you who can lend a hand to making yourgoal a reality. So, better begin to talk to people starting with your friends on yourgoals and ensure that your talk is action driven in terms of achieving the goal insight. Don’t just talk; make the person do something that will yield some form ofresult for the goal and the entire vision process.Tackle the Small things first: You have got to set goals and start living them onthe spot even if it is to call someone and share the goal with the person andengage the person to do something small in relation to the goal. In executingyour goals, some things need not be ignored like the small things that reallymattered. Things like apportioning effort time to each segment of the goals set.Your effort time is simply a time allotted plan in smaller tasks which makes up thebig goal.Like if you want to write a book:After gathering your thoughts from inspiration or research for the book, You needto know how many topics or chapters will make up the book and determine howlong you intend to stay on each topic or chapter of the book,Who is going to proofread for you and how long it will take,EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 11 | P a g e
  11. 11. When you are going to the press,When you are going to conclude with publishing,When you are going to talk to the media stores,When the books will get to the stores,How you are going to buzz about the book to make salesThese are obvious small things that make up the big picture, but breaking thepicture in time controlled structured small plans is what makes it to take flightand become real.A friend used to say: Preparation and Planning Prevents PoorPerformance…prepare for the small things so as to achieve the big things andperform well.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Deadline Your Goals: When you fix deadline for each goal you set, it puts you in aframework of consciousness that posits that you act really fast as you willmentally be aware that if you don’t do something about the goal, it sure willaffect other goals or tasks on ground. As such, it is important, you affix deadlineto every goal you set so as to enable you have strong adrenaline to make ithappen. When you don’t fix deadlines, you begin to procrastinate, allowingyourself to place the goal in the distant future, in the land of "somewhere" and"somehow." You begin to leave your goals to fate, and fate rarely has a way ofgiving you anything without you putting something in first.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 12 | P a g e
  12. 12. Now, very quickly, all the goals you have set so far should be given deadline.I once set a goal in 2006 to win The LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Award in 2008. Ialready knew that I have to make impact in the lives of people in Nigeria to beable to earn that, so I started an initiative which began from my community andgrew it through communities in Nigeria. In 2007, my work was not yet strong so Ihad to double my energy level because I knew that 2008 is already in sight and if Idon’t do anything fast or procrastinate on my project activities, I may not likelyclinch the award. I finally won the award still in 2008 and it was highly merited.What basically motivated me was the deadline I set if not, I would have thoughtthat winning it in 2009 was okay or even 2010 or even 2011 simply because Ididn’t have a deadline to the goal.So, it is imperative you deadline your goal, this helps you speed up into achievingit just in case you are slacking-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Organize Your Resources: You need ingredients to cook a delicious Egusi soup ifyou have to balance and eat steaming hot Eba, but in cooking the Egusi soup, ifyou don’t have all the ingredients ready, you might be risking the good taste ofthe Egusi soup. So is the case of making your goals happen as it is important yougather and get ready all the resources needed to make the goal happen andorganize them in a priority listing format. Your resources are like your goal ruddertoo as you can only drive the goals when you have the resources as such yourtime is a resource; your materials are such as the things you practically need toEXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 13 | P a g e
  13. 13. make possible your goals are also resources. Take for example, if you would wantto build a modern hut for your grandma who would not want to stay in the city,how would you organize your resources? Let me help you. - You would need a land - You would need molded clay blocks - You would need raft roofPick up a paper and pen, now fill up the rest of the spaces,1 .………………………….. 2……………………………………3……………………………………Use the same format to organize resources for your own goals. Is it a promise youare going to do it? Yes! Awwwwwww. Thank you so muchOrganizing your resources is not just enough, you have to also organize yourself tomake it happen based on your tasks and goals and in doing that, you can adoptthese must dos:1. Recognize and organize tasks you do each week.2. Expect Excellence! An assurance of achieving results.3. Create your must work week schedules.4. Commit to your must work week by acting on themIf you notice, I did not say “Should work week”, I said, “Must work week”….thatmeans until our Shoulds become Musts, NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO OUR GOALS.You have to stay organized to attain the grandeur dreams of your life – in factEXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 14 | P a g e
  14. 14. that is the only way you properly execute your goals and achieve your LifeDesires.Remember that the way you use your time and resources is the way you live yourlife. So, you have got to gather your physical and mental resources to executingyour goals.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Innovate Your Goals: Execution is an integral part of Innovation. In bringing yourideas to life, you need goals, and in making the goals happen, you need an actionplan, in achieving your action plan, you need execution as such you are innovatingon your goals. To innovate on your goals, you act on them until they are achievedbecause at the end of it all, results are what matters. There has to be tangibility toyour dreams and goals. Included in this is the Ability to Manage Change. We allknow that change is inevitable. However, despite their best efforts, many peoplecan’t seem to translate that knowledge into positive action. That’s a dangerousshortcoming. Embracing the spirit of innovation and change can help you reachnew levels of success, while being rigid and unwilling to change can cause serious,perhaps irreparable harm. So, as you execute your goals, also ensure that youtake cognizance of the changing times and how it affects your goals. The key thingis for you to adjust to change and not still lose focus on achieving your goals. Anexample is the last strike that held in Nigeria, the sudden change halted manyplans, for some people that’s the end of it while to some people that is thebeginning of it. Innovation should make you focus on the outcomes of your goalsand its realistic execution process.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 15 | P a g e
  15. 15. Basically, in executing or innovating your goals, you need to breakdown yourentire goal and task list into the following: - Action List – This should be tasks you immediately want to execute. Using your Must Work Weekly Manual, enlist all the tasks and activities relating to the single big goal and ensure that you KILL it. Do you remember KILL? Yes, you definitely do! - Next Action List – While you are working on your Action List, you should have prepared your next tasks ready so that as you execute current Action List, there are the next tasks on ground to be executed. This keeps you in track and helps you maintain pace as regards Goal Execution. - Waiting On List – For many reasons, as you execute your goals, there would be some goals that you have taken to a certain stage and now it is out of your control that you have to wait a while before you carry on again. For example, If you want to travel to the United States of America and have to get your International Passport done, after applying at the National Passport Office, you would need to wait for a couple of days before you can possess your passport. In that case, you shift the task to your Waiting-On List until you get feedback on its result.At any given time, every goal should have at least one task on either the “NextAction” list or the “Waiting On” list.At least once per week you’ll want to do a Weekly Review. (I do mine on Sundaysat 9pm.) During this review, you’ll want to:EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 16 | P a g e
  16. 16. Review your Next Action list to check off items that were already done and move items you’re waiting on to your “Waiting On” list. Review each goal’s Action list to check off completed items and look for or identify new items to add to your Next Action list Review your Waiting On list for items that have already been received (like a passport) or to follow-up on items that you’re still waiting onThe weekly review is key. By checking in on your progress each week, you ensurethat none of your goals fall by the wayside, and that — even if you’re waiting onmore time or money to complete a particular goal — you’re working towardcompletion.Also, when you set goals, you should be thinking about the different ways thatyou can achieve them. You want to be able to execute your goal from as manyangles and directions as possible. This will do two things: First, you will haveoptions if your original plan doesnt work, and secondly, by varying your executionprocess, you will be consistently engaged as in the case of having a Plan A and aPlan B.Finally on this, ensure you buy yourself a hardcover Goal Book, that is where yourecord the goals and do the classification process of Action List, Next Action Listand Waiting on List. This sure helps and put you at Ten over Ten…Shikena!!!Take Progress Record on Your Goals: As you execute your goals, you would needto stop and think carefully about the way in which a particular situation isdeveloping in order to decide what to do next.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 17 | P a g e
  17. 17. You have set goals, created a plan of action, and have taken the first step inachieving them, here comes the hard part—following through with them. An easyway to do this is to monitor and evaluate your goals. Keeping track of yourprogress will give you a chance to see where you are doing well, and where youarent and be able to adjust accordingly.We can use a Racing approach to track progress: The first mile or two sets thetone for your effort. Going out too fast sets you up for failure. If you go out a bittoo slow, you have adequate time to make up for it. So it’s better to err on theside of caution. Don’t line up too far back in the pack. You’ll save time getting tothe starting line and weaving through slower runners. Look at the first mile as awarm-up. Run it at goal pace or slightly slower.I am sure that makes some sense to you.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 18 | P a g e
  18. 18. My Final Words:Key words on executing your goal: KILL it! (Keeping It (your goals) Lively andLifted). And JUST DO IT!You have to know this:Until you know the problem, you can’t fix it.Until you know the formula for success, you can’t repeat it.Remember: "You cant get where youre going if you dont know where you wantto be. If you dont know where you want to be, no roadmap will get you there."Now, Go and Execute That Goal!DLM is a fast rising Innovation Strat- Artist in the first classic ideas and InnovationsCompany in Africa.EXECUTE THAT GOAL by DAVID LANRE MESSAN 19 | P a g e