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Google earth preso


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A primer to get those interested in using Google Earth as a teaching tool.

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Google earth preso

  1. 1. Google EarthGlobal Collaboration, Exploration, and Innovation
  2. 2. Download Google Earthfrom Self Service (under Geography)
  3. 3. Why Google Earth?Cultural Explorations Geography Architecture Spatial Awareness Historical Tours Rich Media Foreign Language Tours Historical Analysis Visual Biographies Authentic Math
  4. 4. GoalsUnderstand .kmz filesHow to use Advance SearchCreate a Tour in Google EarthCreate a folder, placemark, imageoverlay, text, and narrate a tour.
  5. 5. Advance SearchUse the advance search feature in google to find pre-existing .kmz google earth Files
  6. 6. Resources●Explore Google Earth●Google Earth Gallery●Google Earth GCT●Google Earth for Educators●Lit Trips●26 Ways to Use Google Earth●How to Teach with Google Earth●Math & Google Earth
  7. 7. Interface at a Glance
  8. 8. Search Search for locations... Your home address Famous Monuments Natural Wonders MuseumsUndisclosed locations in North Korea
  9. 9. .KMZ & .KML Files●.kml= Keyhole Markup Language (zipped)●File types are associated with specificprograms and apps like .doc, .pdf, .mov, etc..●.kmz and .kml files are accepted by GoogleEarth●Tip: Use advance search to search for .kmzFiles
  10. 10. Making a .kmz File Making your own .kmz file is easy and useful. These will be your projects that your students use.Practice making your own files for students to navigate and then consider teaching students how to make them for projects.
  11. 11. Making a .kmz File●“Right Click” or "ADD"is your friend●In “Places” click right button and “add” a“folder”●Right click again and “add” a “placemark”●Right Click>Save Place As
  12. 12. Image Overlay●Create an image overlay for your .kmz file●right click > Add > Image Overlay●Resize image overlay by dragging corners●Choose image●Insert text●Save & Repeat
  13. 13. Create a Tour"Right Click" or "Add" "Tour" Click Record Click Mic Should turn blue Narrate your Tour and save it
  14. 14. Opening .kmz files from the WebMany of the computers are incorrectly opening .kmzfiles in PhotoshopIf you have this issue complete the following steps:1) right click on .kmz file you downloaded2) click "get info"3)Under "open with" select Google Earth4) Click Change All and select continue to make sure allfuture documents are opened accordingly
  15. 15. Global Collaboration,Exploration and Innovation