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TalkFile_신앙과 경제(ENG2.pdf

  1. 1.  Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10, Chapter 4, Section 4, 28 “The time will come when there will no longer be a need for this policy, when there is no longer any distinction between developed and developing [countries]. Knowledge belongs to the entire universe; it can never belong to just one [country]. That is why since the 1980s I have been promoting the sharing [and equalization] of technology, knowledge, material and financial resources. Currently I am promoting equality in education and technology. These days many developing nations are building technological research facilities in Germany. They are competing against one another to manufacture even individual small parts. …”  Continued on next page
  2. 2.  Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10, Chapter 4, Section 4, 28 “What they need to do is to standardize their quality and sizes and then, having secured supplies of raw materials, invest time into manufacturing them. Yet because they are competing, they are also suffering tremendous losses. We now need to reconsider the international economic system and its entrenched divisions. [Because of this, this world must become a unified world].” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches Book 340, p84, spoken on Dec. 24, 2000)
  3. 3. “All of the times I went to the Pantanal and fished and went up the mountains there was to form this type of connection of heart with nature. I have come forth until now centering on God’s Will of having to connect this to the final destination, and conducting the restoration of history of indemnity and the economy, with a heart of loving God, loving humankind and loving creation.” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches Book 302, p239, spoken on June 14, 1999)
  4. 4. The Jewish people are multicultural based on religious and cultural concepts and Jewish regulations. They inherit the Halakha and Jewish traditions. (Korea, Japan, Africa, South America) Through Jewish customs, they are educated and realize their identity.
  5. 5.  Reserve Ratio: 10% ◆ Actual amount in banks  Remaining 90%: 1. Can be “given out” as loans 2. Banks gain this amount back from customers 3. 90% of this amount can be given out as loans 4. This process (steps 1 – 3) is repeated  Theoretical maximum: 𝐼𝑛𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑎𝑙 𝐴𝑚𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡 (1 − 𝑅𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜)
  6. 6.  Example: $10 billion deposit ◆ Reserve fund: (0.1)($10) = $1 billion ◆ Loans: (0.9)($10) = $9 billion  Loans: 1. $9 billion “given out” 2. $9 billion is gained 3. 90% of $9 ($8.1) billion can be given out as loans 4. This process (steps 1 – 3) is repeated  Theoretical maximum: $10 (1 − 0.9) = $10 (0.1) = $100 billion
  7. 7. “Because of this, consumer cooperatives are necessary. Material things are required for family life. Each of you, order a box of McCol… How much is a box? They’re cheap, right? Buy a box for someone, and keep going back and forth to collect finished boxes and cans until they finish drinking all of them, while asking, ‘Did you finish?’ You need to put in such efforts. It’s the same with newspapers, right? These are all necessary. We need McCol. Then we need consumer cooperatives, and we then need newspapers. You know how cheap consumer cooperative goods are? ”  Continued on next page
  8. 8. “These are the three great [business] items. I plan on making an economic base centering on these three great items. I’m telling you to go on a break-through run centering on the three- position foundation regions that were set. These regions will become the base from each dong [administrative division]. I now appoint you for these duties. Do you understand? In groups of three, each of you take charge of one item. There are three people, so one of you will be in charge of McCol, one in newspapers, and what is the other one? Consumer cooperatives! ” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches Book 210, p386)
  9. 9. “In the history of the Unification Church, we did not place importance on goods and material things until 1970. I’m telling you that we had to do this game of placing importance on people. We went through such a history. While we were overcoming this in 1970, we were able to expand this foundation, in which the children, us, could become one with our parent, God. It was then that we became concerned with material things. The Unification Church established its economic foundation after 1970…” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches, Book 166, page 285)
  10. 10. “It is the Jewish people who ended Jesus, but these are the very same people who are dominating the world. The world has entered the realm of the Jewish sphere. Marx was also Jewish, Roosevelt is also Jewish, and the current heads of administrative departments are all Jewish. Yes, they are thinking of unifying the world centering on Judaism until the very end.” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches, Book 397, page 55)
  11. 11. Emphasis on Donation, Charity and Good Deeds – Tzedakah
  12. 12. Jewish Ghettos First ever pawnshop: 500 years ago, North Venice
  13. 13.  Money to pay interest does not exist ◆ Money to be repaid > Money in circulation  Result: Inflation 1. New money is produced to hide this deficit 2. Mathematical result: insolvency and bankruptcy
  14. 14.  A game of “musical chairs” ◆ Relinquishment of personal property for deficit ◆ Repaying a deficit that does not legally exist ◆ The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer ◆ Fosters selfishness, financial corruption and crime
  15. 15.  US giving out loans: ◆ South America, Africa, Asia ◆ Reclaim funds all at once  Result: Insolvency 1. IMF like a savior 2. Offers loans on certain conditions
  16. 16.  IMF (International Monetary Fund) ◆ Principal + interest ◆ Battle of company acquisition by developed countries  Result: 1. Developing countries -> economic slave countries 2. Increase in starvation 3. Gap in technology widening 4. Unable to escape from economic hardship and poverty
  17. 17. “We will not be able to lead the world in the future unless we establish an economic foundation centering on the Unification Church that can move America and the world. You must therefore understand that in my position we must conceive a new powerful method and train you in this field. It’s not that we have any factories in America, nor any financial sponsors. It is the same as being broke, with nothing to wear. In the case we have nothing to wear, we must cultivate cotton and train ourselves in order to be able to make clothing from it. We must become strengthened by having overcoming the cold and heat.”  Continued on next page
  18. 18. “Astronomical economic power is a prerequisite to save this country and world. If we are to take responsibility for such a task, we must be willing to make any sacrifice for the establishment of a base that will contribute towards this and get the ball rolling. From such an extreme perspective, in America we can research from various angles on the issue of how we are to acquire this economic power that is indispensable in moving and developing the Unification Church around the world in the future. These economic activities you are doing···. We must carry out a movement in which we each take responsibility for this in the scope of our every day lives.” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches Book 73, p22)
  19. 19. They began with laundromats, food stores and cleaners. They gradually came to own the local buildings and began their dominance in real estate.
  20. 20. “Therefore, if you look around the world, if I establish an economic foundation in Japan, a Unification Church representative can control the Japanese economy. If I establish an economic foundation in America, we can control the US economy, and if I establish an economic foundation in Germany, we can control the German economy. If we can have control over all of these economies, we will have the global economy in our grasp. As the Unification Church continues to spread through the world, we will be able to gain control over the global economy. I am establishing this economic foundation and control the global economy to enable all of the world’s people to live well.”  Continued on next page
  21. 21. “Thus, if we establish a foundation in America, I’m telling you that I’m planning on establishing a foundation just as strong in Germany. If we have such a foundation in Japan, America and Germany, we can move the global economy. Meanwhile, before countries make their own plans, I am currently devising a concrete global plan. If we cannot completely establish such a foundation in America by the 1980s, we will not be able to move the world. The threat of the communism is at a point in which the communist world could survive even if it were to first completely destroy the democratic world’s economic system. If we cannot do this, we will have to retreat even before we begin.” (A Compilation of True Father’s Speeches Book 96, p131)
  22. 22. Many occupational restrictions were placed on Jewish people, with the exception of only finances and banking. Therefore, they established their own credit through their global network, giving rise to a strong and united Finance Industry. For example, if a Jewish person entrusts money in Venice, it may be loaned to another Jew in Shanghai or Cairo.
  23. 23. “Well then, when will do the restoration of the economy? I’m referring to when we will restore creation. When will we restore creation? If we just reach the completion-level standard before the Fall of Adam and Eve, then we can recover creation. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) We restore creation at this restored state. The Unification Church can start doing this from the 1970s. Therefore, I now… . If I look at myself, I recover the archangel, and if I recovered Eve, next… . If I recovered the archangel and Eve before the Fall, I must then recover creation. We are entering a time of recovering creation.”  Continued on next page
  24. 24.  “What is the meaning behind religions telling us to ignore material things until now? This refers to how we cannot recover material things until the world Cain and Abel are recovered. It is a matter of recovering the archangel and Adam. Do you understand? (Yes) If you’re asking what we are to do next, we must recover creation through our own hands. Creation…. Who does creation belong to? Is creation something public or personal? (It is something public.) We must recover material things of the world. Therefore, the Unification Church from the 1970s, 1970 is entering the age of the restoration of economy. So people are saying how ‘Oh, Reverend Moon is also good at business.’ We will become the richest in the world. We must become the richest in the world. I am saying that we must become the richest in the world.” (‘천사장을 찾고 아담을 찾은 후에는 만물을 복귀해야’ /We must restore creation upon recovering the Archangel and Adam)
  25. 25. Levi Strauss, a Jewish German American, invented blue jeans
  26. 26. “Many people go about talking left and right about this person named Moon of the Unification church with his wealth, but that money didn’t just come out of nowhere. Even while being here, there were many days in which I would go Tongil Industries up to three times a day. It’s a matter of course that I would go everyday as well. I would return at around 12 am, and would go out before morning. What would I go out to do? I have to offer sincere devotion. To lay the bridge to heaven through this industrial foundation, I must offer more sincere devotion than anyone else who works in the industry. I must be at the forefront of heavenly fortune.”  Continued on next page
  27. 27. “While going through the Manguri pass, I told the spirits, ‘I know that you spirits are coming back and forth here, but common people do not know this. Although I embarked on this difficult course with my fists clenched and empty-handed, just wait 10, 20 and 30 years. We will have established an economic foundation in which this people will come to rely on us, and the world will come to rely on us without fail.’”  Continued on next page
  28. 28.  “This is why I went to America and went out on boats for six years for the seafood industry until now. I would order boats to go out even on days with typhoons. This was because otherwise I would not able to grab the attention of American youth for the sea. I would move the hearts of those around me by doing it myself silently until they would come out themselves. This is the type of game I would play. With the passage of time, after six years, even women would come up to me and say that they would become captains.  If we do well now, we are at a point in which the US seafood industry will fail if we don’t step in. With these vast and unlimited resources calling out to us, I will utilize this to form an economic foundation that can lead the world.” (‘방대한 수산자원을 세계를 요리할 경제기반으로 활용해야’ / We must utilize the vast resources of the sea to establish an economic foundation to lead the world)
  29. 29. “If you want to know what their dream is, it is to receive forgiveness for sins, as every Jewish people has committed sin… Therefore what they are doing now is they are pushing the tides against the Unification Church. They go about saying whether it be they are essence of Judaism, the descendants of Judaism, Moses’s direct descendants and whatnot, the 62 ancestors are basically the popes of Israel. That’s basically the same as the leader of New York church, which is what? (A rabbi) It is rabbi, but what is it called in Catholic church terms? (A bishop) It is the same as a bishop. In becoming a bishop, they take responsibility and negotiate with the church and whatnot and they return after they finish. ”  Continued on next page
  30. 30. “With this, they are completely supporting and cooperating with each other. They look at me and say that the messiah has come. They’re not saying that someone else is the messiah. These are the things I am doing.” (‘세계적인 경제기반을 마련해 가고 있는 통일교회’ / The Unification Church, preparing a global economic foundation)
  31. 31. The motor that moves Tongil Group forward is the church. Church: Mind (subject), Businesses: Body (object) The driving force of Israeli businesses are trust and cooperation Israel’s development came about through long- term future-oriented thinking They are leading the future society towards a unified world